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My Madam And I-Episode71 - 74




My Madam And I-Episode71

I came back early from work the next day and barged in on Jacky and his girlfriend celebrating with lots of cash. They saw me and Jacky’s girlfriend made to cover it up, but he held her arm.

I looked at the large some of money on the table, bundles of the highest denomination scattered everywhere.

” where did you get this money from?!” I said, looking at the money astonishingly.

” hustle paid Bro “. Jacky replied, counting a bundle excitedly.

Jacky’s girlfriend, Julian ( real name ) threw some in the air exhilaratingly screaming and dancing. I stood watching in perplexity.

Jacky threw a bundle at me.

” boy, get yourself a nice outfit and stop wearing sh!t” he said laughed hysterically.

His girlfriend held him and they began making out in front of me. I had to excuse myself and walked out.

I called Ruth to know how she was doing. She told me that Amaka is around, meaning she wasn’t in the position to take calls during working hours.

Since Sandra’s silence and long travel, I have been getting emotionally connected to Ruth. She has always been there for me and my mum who loves her so much like a daughter.

I took a stroll down the street to a nearby lounge to chill. I got there, ordered for a bottle of beer and barbecue.

Few minutes of digging into my roasted meat and few sips from my glass of beer, one of the thugs I had a brawl with strolled in, in company of two other rugged looking guys. You remember the mall rascal, the one I killed in an uncomplicated building. I cut one that was found dead the next day. The one that was arrested was the one I saw.

They took a sit in front of me. In his position, he was facing me. I immediately stood up and went to clear my bill backing them all the way out.

I left the premises without looking back and straight to Jacky’s. He was bleeping away his girlfriend on top of the money. She can moan for Africa. I Immediately shut the door and sat outside pondering on what just happened.

About 30 minutes later I heard them chuckling. I went in. They sat on the couch nude, with his girlfriend smoking, sitting on his laps facing him.

” come on Bro!! ” I yelled and turned my face away.

He and his girlfriend laughed crazily at me.

” Bro, what’s new here? Is it her sexy body that intimidates you? Or the fact that my bleeping rod is bigger than yours? ” he said and exploded in another lungs tearing laughter with his girlfriend .

I made sure I avoided them, and took a sit at another chair.

” Mike! ” Jacky called giggling.

” what’s it? ” I answered still looking away.

” she’s suggesting party ” he said still giggling.

I looked at him surprised that he could suggest something like that.

” he’s shy” he said to his girlfriend. They both laughed hysterically.

” Mike! ” Julian called puffing a smoke from her nostril and mouth.

I looked towards her direction. She whispered something to Jacky who nodded and nudged her off his body. She stood up and started smiling and walking towards me in a sexy demeanor.

I flinched seeing her standing nude in front of me. Her youthfulness enhanced her captivity. She crossed her legs across mine and sat on my laps. She planted a mild kiss on my lips while Jacky smoked and watched excitedly. I wanted to stand stand but she crossed her hands round my neck and pulled me down still kissing my closed lips.

I later began to yield, and gradually opening my mouth returning the kiss. She pulled my head down and put my face on her chest. I didn’t know when I began to s--k as though it’s the sweetest thing I had ever tasted.

” baby, take off his clothes ” Jacky said.

She slowly took off my T-shirt. Then started kissing my necks and ears. Gently loosened my belt still kissing. I made to help, but she refrained my hand.

” let me take care of you ” she whispered in my ear.

She stood up, held the top of my trouser and pulled alongside my boxers. Then bent and put my bleeping rod in her mouth. I bit my lips and closed my eyes as she gave me one of the best. Licking my rod as though it was candy.

Then she mounted me, ridding and moaning.

” come on baby. Show him what you got ” Jacky screamed giggling.

I looked towards his direction, he was jerking off with a hand and smoking with another. Julian placed my face back on hers, looking into my eyes and continued kissing as she rode me.

I suddenly started feeling like climaxing, she stood up. Slapped me on the face severally. I looked at her wondering what she was up to, wielding off her hands.

” hahahahha! You’re bad baby ” Jacky said laughing excitedly, still jerking off.

Immediately my sensitivity reduced. She mounted me again whispering in my ear.

” come on baby, we are not done yet ”

We continued for a while until I started feeling like climaxing again. She immediately stood up, put my bleeping rod in her mouth and accepted the explosion.

” baby, am not done yet. Come to me ” Jacky yelled impatiently.

She went to him and resumed ridding his rod. I felt better after the sex, like I needed it but didn’t know. Julian is so professional for her age. I watched as he rode Jacky crazily, moving her slim waist in a very seductive motion.

Few minutes later Jacky was done. And she wasn’t. She came to me where I sat, bent in front of me and started s-----g my rod without my permission. Few minutes later it was ready for action. She took a doggy position placing her hands on the chair handrest beckoning me over. I went behind her and pounded. She moaned very loud. I continued pounding her.

” harder! harder!”. She suddenly screamed.

I increased my speed, she made to kneel sagging on the ground with her legs held tight together. I pulled her up to myself and increased my t----t. She tried to push me away but I held her too hard. She froze and a massive squirting liquid gushed out from her. I still continued. She screamed as though she was going to die, but I continued. Another round of water splattered on me, still I continued. Another gushed out again, she dropped on the chair and suddenly started jerking as another came out, then she collapsed.

I pulled her up and dropped her on the chair. Jacky ran to the fridge and got some cold water. We started pouring it on her face and she woke up.

” what was that, that came out of her? ” Jacky asked cuddling her.

” urine” I said.

she looked at me in horror.

” no wonder those girls won’t let you go. Do you want to kill my Julian?” he asked frowning and looking at his girlfriend that was silently resting on him. “. By the way, the sex was to thank you for the gun you provided us”.

I looked astonishingly at him.

” you went for a robbery? ” I asked angered.

” not robbery, we went to collect what the government owed us. Please let’s talk about it later, my baby is very weak ” he said.

Julian kept looking at me with dread and admiration on her face.



My Madam And I-Episode72

The next day, I took the gun from Jacky’s waderope while he was asleep and hid it under the refrigerator.

On my way to work I spotted the thug guy on bike coming from the adjacent street. I quickly turned away my face. He rode pass me without taking note.

I looked towards the direction he came from, and my instincts told me he lives around. From that moment I wasn’t comfortable staying at Jacky’s .

I had an appointment with Ruth later that evening. I was dressed in a stashed white sleeve shirt, opened to the chest exposing my gold cross chain that rested on my white inner T-shirt with a golden Rolex wristwatch to match . And a black denim jean that hung on a black timberland boot. I had cut my hair and shaven.

I waited patiently for Ruth at a rendezvous which was a garden at the center of the town. After 30 minutes of waiting, I saw a beautiful hottie walking towards me from a distance. I didnt recognized her at first because of the dim light of the place. When she came closer I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Ruth, she was looking ravishingly sexy in a black poker doted hugged mini gown that revealed in detail her curvy features. And a brown high heel boot. Her make up was light, her long wine coloured hair hung gracefully on both sides of her face.

” wow! This gown is so hot! I mean you are looking so hot! “. I screamed, looking lustfully at her.

She smiled, covering her face and said. ” thank you “.

” is this what you wore to work? ” I asked in alarm.

” no. I first went to change at home ” she replied.

” I was joking! But you’re coming home with me. I mean it! ”

She smiled and looked away.

” where are we going to ? ” she asked

” you will see” .

Prior to that time, I had already booked for a spot at a classy restaurant in town. And hired a cab. I planned on giving Ruth a treat in appreciation for all she had done for me, and also because my affection for her had grown.

I held her hand and led her towards where the hired cab was packed. She flinched when I made to open the door of a hummer jeep, but I reassured her with a smile.

” you’ve always loved this car” I whispered to her ear, as the car was driving to our destination.

She smiled and looked out of the window. I reached for her hand that rested beside me and squeezed it while we watched the movie on display.

Few minutes later we arrived the place. I discovered how her face glowed with hidden excitement. She had told me once how she would love to someday eat in the restaurant, and now her dream has come through.

I held her hands and led her in. The waiter on seeing me quickly ran to us with greetings and excorted us to our reserved table. I ordered for a secluded room for just the two of us.

We took our seats opposite each other ,while the waiter waited silently waited inbetween our table. We took our menu and perused through. Then ordered for our food and drinks.

While we where waiting for the fresh prepared food. The waiter brought a bottle of champagne in ice and two glasses. I opened it, and poured in for Ruth and myself.

The food came few minutes later. As we were digging into it, Ruth’s best songs played in the background. She looked startled at me, I just smiled and shrugged. Her eyes clouded in tears of joy. She left her sit and hugged me.

” you were taking note of all these little things ” she whispered as she sobbed.

I held her and said calmly.

” it’s OK. Finish your food”

She went back to her sit and kept blushing each time she caught my eyes.

We were done with the evening, and was ready to leave. At the parking lot, I carried her up and placed her on the bonnet of the car, while I climbed and sat beside her. The car engaged its engine, she jerked in fright, I held her hand and smiled. She then relaxed. The car began to drive slowly playing a song from one of her favorite musicians.

” I want to show you something ” I said.

I laid my back on the bonnet of the car. She was scared to join me, so I sat up and pulled her down. We laid side by side as the car drove gently down the narrow lane.

” what do you make out of the stars ” I said pointing in the sky.

She looked at the sky and back to me. I discovered she was not comfortable with my stunt, so I moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips. The driver acted as if he knows what I wanted, increased the volume of the song. We continued kissing while the car drove slowly and the music playing.

” I love you! ” she whispered.

I kissed her again without replying her words. Then we broke the kiss together and was looking at each others eyes. When we turned to look elsewhere, we discovered that passersby were taking pictures of us. Ruth laughed and held me. We both laughed heartily.

The driver got to the main road and stopped. I jumped down first and carried Ruth down. I opened the car for her to enter while I followed. On our way to drop Ruth off. She drew closer and began kissing me. We kissed all the way to her house .

” please let’s go in” she whispered.

” not today baby, candy is around”

“Should we book a hotel? I’ll pay” she sounded desperate.

” tomorrow baby. Today’s just for us to hang out. I promise you, tomorrow ”

She looked dissapointed, and quietly made to come down, then turned to me and said.

” I love you Mike ”

I didn’t say anything, I just smiled. She came down and I followed. I walked her to the gate and kissed her goodbye, but she refused to let go. I gently loosened her grip, smiled and started walking towards the car. She stood watching as though she was going to break down in tears . But I had told myself after sex with Jacky’s girlfriend to avoid sex at least a month. I meant to stand on that word.

We drove off to Jacky’s place and I got down from the car. Gave the driver a tip. We shook hands and he drove off.

When I entered the house, Jacky was sitting angrily at the couch. As soon as he saw me he stood up and confronted me.

” Mike! Where’s my gun?!”

” your gun?! ” I asked surprised.

” Mike! Where’s it?! ” he barked.

I moved away slowly from him to sit at a stool beside the couch.

” just in case you have forgotten, the gun belongs to me. The last time I checked, I was the one who gave it to you ” I said very gently.

He came closer to me. His face was desperate and raged.

” I missed a huge deal today because of you! Why did you do this to me Mike?! ”

” I didn’t know you were a robber… ”

” stop calling me that demeaning name!” he yelled. ” I told you, I am a civil right collector not a thief. And you have robbed me of my right today ” he said and left angrily into his room.

I stood up and sat comfortably on the couch, taking off my shirt. Julian walked into the sitting room, sat at a seat beside me.

” Mike. Where have you been since morning? ” she asked in a soft tone.

I looked at her and was surprised she wore a transparent short T-shirt. My bleeping rod responded immediately. But I assured myself that I won’t give in to sex for a month.

” I went out” I said, trying to avoid looking at her again and focused on the TV.

” I loved what you did yesterday, I thought I was going to die ” she said in a low tone looking towards Jacky’s room.

” oh! That. It was because we were two ” I said trying hard to distract myself.

She came closer to me and sat on the armrest of the chair and said almost whispering.

” can we have that again tonight? Jacky is high as f**k, he’s going to sleep like a dead man tonight ”

” Jacky’s stuff is bigger than mine, he did all the job , I just finished it” I said looking desperately at the TV.

She drew closer to me and said.

” yeah, that’s true. But my c--t has been craving for you. I don’t know why, my whole body wants you. I have not felt this way with any guy in my life ”

I turned to her and looked at her completely flabagasted. Her face was so innocent with a bold and charming eyes. Looking at her makes you lust after her, coupled with her seductive body.

” Julian! What the hell are you doing there?!” Jacky yelled from his room.

She quickly kissed me on the lips and simultaneously took my hands to her boobs, smiled before she replied jacky.

” sugar! Are you jealous? Your baby is coming ”

She stood up raised her top half way up for me to see the lower part of her round buttocks as she went to meet Jacky


My Madam And I-Episode73

Sandra held me aggressively on my shirt, drew me to herself and started kissing me. I couldn’t believe how much I missed her. We immediately started having sex. I was enjoying her silent moaning when Suddenly I woke up to discover Julian on top me riding my rod. I pushed her off me and stood up.

I slept that night with just my boxers on. I was so tired that I must have slept really deep and did not notice when someone pulled down my boxers and mounted on me. Very much unlike me.

” what are you doing?! ” I said in a rigid whisper.

She quickly grabbed my hand and pushed me back on the couch. I gently moved away from her taking her hands off me.

” stop this” I said.

” please Mike. I need it” .she pleaded walking close to me.

I moved backwards avoiding her hands from reaching me.

” Jacky is going to happily oblige you. Please put yourself together “.

She ran towards me, I pushed her and jumped over the couch .

” would you stop this! ” I said in a serious tone.

She paused. Looked at my bleeping rod that protruded from my boxers.

” wow, I enjoyed it. It fitted me just right ” she said, looking lustfully at my rod.

Suddenly, Jacky’s footsteps started approaching the sitting room. She ducked behind the couch while i rushed to the couch, took up my phone and pretended to be on a call.

” what’s that noise? ” Jacky asked standing at the door.

I looked up at him and pointed to my phone. He shook his head and made to leave, then suddenly asked.

” have you seen Julian?”

I dropped the phone and said.

” she should be in the toilet or something” .

He raised his eye brows and went back to his room.

Julian immediately stood up from where she hid , tiptoed to the toilet, flushed and then went to the room to meet Jacky.

The next day, I informed Jacky of my intention of returning back to my house. He only nodded. I noticed Julian felt bad about it and was looking at me in a remorseful way. As I was about leaving , Jacky said from behind me.

” where’s the gun? ”

I turned to him vexed and said

” what the hell is wrong with you?! ”

He stood up from the bed, walked up to me and said in a very cold tone.

” you are my friend, I don’t want to have problems with you. Please I need to borrow that gun. I have to be somewhere with it this evening”

I knew Jacky was desperate. His eyes told me so. I needed to apply caution, because I know who Jacky is. He’s not dangerous, but he is crazy. When provoked he can do what will hunt him for the rest of his life, hence the reason he smokes and do drugs.

” when I come back, we’ll talk about it” I said and made to leave.

He held my arm, pulled me back and said in an ominous tone.

” why do you think I gave you my precious jewel to bleep? ”

I was so surprised to hear this. I looked at him wondering what wouldn’t do to get what he wants .

” oh you don’t know? Here’s the reason; I gave her to you as payment for that gun. You can use it whenever you wish. But it’s mine now. If you want to be even with me, bring Sandra over or Ruth for me to bleep, then I can take it to mean you have paid me back “. His voice was getting colder and his eyes were now bloodshot.

I wouldn’t want to start a trouble with Jacky over a gun. But I knew how careless he could be. And I also know he’s the kind of guy who won’t sell out a friend, he would rather die a painful and agonizing death than betray a friend. His slogan : SNITCHERS SHOULD BE BURNT ALIVE. I finally concluded to let him have it.

” it’s under the fridge”.

He ran immediately to confirm, and when he saw it he screamed and rushed back to the room.

” miiike my man! I will take a bullet for you mehn! ” he said kissing my cheek.

I pushed him away, he continued his hysterical display of excitement dancing and singing. But Julian remained on the bed looking at me. I turned from her and walked away.

As I was walking down the street. Someone violently pulled me back. I was so provoked and wanted to unleash my fist on the persons face, but froze when I saw who it was. The thug guy.

He smiled at me and nodded.

” so you are enjoying yourself? I have been looking for you. Mark my words, your days are numbered” he said. Then pushed me so hard I staggered backwards, but regain my stand.

He looked at me ominously and walked away. Right there and then, I made up my mind not to go back to Jacky’s house from work. Perhaps he knows where I live. It’s time I put up with Ruth before I find a place of my own, I thought to myself.

I was at Ruth’s place later that evening. I had earlier called to let her know of my plans of putting up with her. She had assured me of letting candy of the know.

So that evening Candy was the one who opened the door after several knocks. She wore a pink T-shirt and a jogger. Her hair was braided backwards and she was void of makeup.

” hey candy ” I said.

She just muttered something that sounded like ” good evening “. And went back Inside. I followed her in and sat on the bed while she buried her head in her bible.

I put my headphone in my ear and was listening to FM. The news was about the a man named Zadu who is the leader of a group called Oman from the southern region of the country that has been neglected by the government. Their mission was simply seeking the right to be active in political affairs and other benefits entitled to every citizen .

Now Zadu has been threatening the government of a civil war for months already if they fail to oblige his people their right.

He was labeled a terrorist and hunted by the government, but he since then went on exile, and recently resurfaced with his threats. Since his sudden reappearance, no one has been able to locate him. Yet his words was always on the news.

We heard a bang on the door. Candy went to get it. I was still listening to the news when Ruth hurried in looking like someone who just escaped death. She rushed to the window and closed the curtains looking so petrified . I immediately removed the headphone from my ears and rushed to her.

” what’s it? ” I asked.

” they are killing people. They are killing people ” she said and started crying.

” killing who?! ” candy yelled impatiently.

” I don’t know who they are. I ran. Mike I ran…” she said amidst tears.

” will you calm down and explain? ” I gently said.

” right at the junction. At our junction ” she screamed and started running recklessly around the room.

Soon we heard gun shots. I ordered everyone to go down. Candy kept yelling ” Jesus! ” while Ruth screamed. I managed to move to the wall, stood up with my back on the wall. Stretched my hand to the switch and put off the lights. I slowly opened the window. Outside, about 6 vans were driving into the street shoot sporadically. Ruth made to stand, I yelled.

” get down! ”

A bullet pierced through the window and glass scattered everywhere. Ruth and Sandra started screaming very loud.

” keep quiet! Keep quiet! ” I shouted.

The guys outside unmounted their vans running into houses around them shooting. I bent over and said to the ladies.

” we have to get out of here!” and began crawling to the door.

Candy refused to move from where she was. Again bullets penetrated into the house and dug holes on the wall. The ladies screamed, I held Ruth’s hand and pulled her along, while she reached for candy.

We were at the corridor of the house, I stood up and they followed. We ran towards the exit and stood there. The sound of gun shots was now so loud with sparks of gun fire and smoke.

I quickly ran to the gate and padlocked it. A bullet landed on the wall close to Sandra and candy. They both screamed and ran inside. I immediately ran to them and held their hands.

” They will be here soon. We are going to pass through the fence ” . I said.

” am not going anywhere, am not leaving here ” Candy said crying.

” please, we have to go! Trust Mike please. I can’t leave…. ” Ruth was still talking when gunshots started raining on the gate and the walls of the house.

The ladies jumped, screamed and wanted to run inside, I held their hands very tight and dragged them to behind the house. The gunshots increased as they banged viciously at the gate.

I carried Ruth up, she held the fence and crossed through to the otherside. I picked Candy up but she refused to move she just held on to me. Suddenly the gate gave way, I heard the men shouting and shooting.

” what’s wrong with you, they are here now ” I said trying desperately to lift her.

But she still held on to me. Ruth on the other side kept calling my name.

” talk to your sister, she wants to get us killed ” I said to Ruth.

She began begging candy who now held on to the fence. I had to push her till she was up, and refused to jump down.

Three of the gun men came to where we were and started shooting, that was when Candy let out a loud scream and jumped. I bent my head and ran to the side of the house. They chased after me screaming. ” kill the rat! Kill the rat! ” . I quickly held on the edge of the fence and pulled myself up. They were almost close before I jumped over.


My Madam And I-Episode74

As soon as I was on the otherside, I ran towards Ruth and her sister. They were both frozen in fear that they squatted holding each other . The moment they saw me, Ruth stood up, I held her hand and she quickly grabbed Candys as we started running towards a random direction in the dark.

The gunshots increased same as the sound of shouting, crying and voices shouting the names of their loved ones.

The houses were arranged in parallel lines like an estate. People popped out from all directions, many had already sustained either bullet wounds or some kind of injury hampering their speed. No one cared about another all ran for their lives.

I held on to Ruth’s hand as she on Candys. A van came out in front of us and opened fire in our direction many fell. I ducked, dragging Ruth with me. Then quickly moved to an opposite street.

The men jumped down from the van shooting at anything moving. I saw a church at the left side of the street. We ran to the back, the church sliding window was locked, so I broke the glass. removed the lock from inside and opened the window wide . Then carried Candy in, followed by Ruth, before I joined in.

I took a quick look around, then headed for a door behind the alter, Ruth and her sister followed in close range. There was a closed door. I didn’t know what I was doing, all I wanted was to be in the clear from the war zone. So I gave the door a full force of my weight, it gave way and I staggered in. The place looked like an office, I ushered Ruth and Candy in and closed the door.

Gunshots,screaming and crying was the noise outside . I sat on the table while Ruth cuddled her sister sitting on the floor, at one edge of the room.

” it’s going to be fine ” I tried to encourage the frightened sisters.

Ruth looked at me and nodded, while Candy buried her face in her sister’s chest.

The door of the church shook, I stood up abruptly, alarmed. The girls held on to each other closely. I motioned them to keep quiet that was coming. So I snuck out to see what it was. A bang came on the adjacent door of the church. Then i saw a figure standing at the spot I broke in.

” the window is broken”. A voice said from outside.

I quickly ran back into the office, turning in circles looking confused and lost of plans, the office was a dead end. Ruth immediately stood up , and asked.

” what’s going on? ”

I looked at her with no words for her. Suddenly, someone said.

” someone is here? ”

We paused, looked at each other in fear. Candy immediately started crying, muttering.

“we are going to die! We are going to die “.

I knew it was over for us. So I kissed Ruth and asked her to hide under the table. She immediately did as I instructed taking candy with her.

I had already accepted my fate. But I refuse to go like a coward. I had to take at least one with me. So I quickly looked for a weapon around the room, saw a mop stick, broke the wig away and carried the wood.

A voice said.

” be careful, someone is there ”

I snuck out of the room resting my back on the wall as I slowly moved to the main hall, just to distract whoever was out there from knowing others were with me. I sighted three guys. One of them started coming towards me, I arranged my stick for battle waiting for him to get close before I attack. He came closer and i landed the stick on his face, he screamed and moved backwards. The rest seeing what had happened ran for the window and struggled to escape. I followed the guy up with a kick on his chest, he fell and rolled on the floor. I landed several sticks on his back and side, he tried to escape I bounced on him and was about to stab him with the sharp edge of the stick then suddenly stopped myself, and asked.

” who are you?! ”

” please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me ” he begged, looking at me with horror in his eyes .

” I said identify yourself! ” I shouted threatening to stab him.

” please, I am my mothers only child, please don’t kill me ” he said peeing on himself.

I felt the hot urine and stood up from him. It was then I realized perhaps he was also looking for where to take refuge. But I had to be sure.

” who are you? ” I asked mildly.

He took a good look at me and discovered I wasn’t one of the terrorist.

” please am looking for where to hide” he said.

I then searched him and when I was convinced. I asked him in to the office.

” Ruth it’s me” I said as I entered the room.

She came out, followed by Candy, she looked so happy to see me and was about running towards me when she saw the guy with me and froze. I smiled and said.

” he’s with me”.

” I know him” she said. ” he’s my neighbor ”

She approached the guy looking curiously at the blood on his face.

” what happened to you? ” she asked.

” it’s nothing ” he said smiling.

Candy came to him and observed his injury with sincere concern. Ruth knew I inflicted it on him, she kept looking at me smiling.

I called mum to know how she was, she appeared not to know anything was happening, so I hid my precarious state from her instead made her believe I was in safe hands. And asked her to go to barracks telling them Sandra sent her . When Ruth heard Sandra’s name, a note of jealousy flooded her face. I ignored her and called my brother also telling him the same thing.

The guy who joined was in his early forties, bald, chocolate, average height and slightly chubby. I learnt his family traveled when he used my phone to reach them.

I sat at the alter looking out to know when someone was coming. The other guy sat on one of the chairs at the first pew resting his head at the headrest of the chair.

Ruth came out from the room to join me. She sat beside me placing her head on my shoulder and holding my arm.

” thank you ” she whispered.

I looked at her and returned to my vigilante mode.

” Thank God. I did nothing “. I said.

She kissed my cheek and rested her head silently.

” please! Please! ” someone shouted outside the church.

We all stood alert. Candy ran out of the room looking petrified.

” who’s that” she asked running to hug Ruth.

The voice shouted again.

” please! Please! ” followed by voices screaming ” kill the rat”.

Then we heard what sounded like someone was being hitting by matchet or wood, and a cry followed by gunshots.

The guy with us bent under the chair he once sat on. I ordered the girls in. They ran inside. I slowly stood up with my back against the wall, and moved close to the window to see what’s going on outside.

Footsteps started approaching the window, I couldn’t risk looking, so I moved back .

” Ila come and see. Someone broke in” a voice said.

I moved further backwards still with my back on the wall. My heart beats so fast I could barely breathe.

A hand came in, followed by the full body. A lanky tall guy. He turned to collect his gun from a colleague outside when I noticed a bottle close to my leg. I bent down and picked it up. His colleague colleague was climbing in when the guy spotted me.

” hey! A rat ” he screamed and made to raise his gun. I threw the stick on him and simultaneously broke the bottle on the wall and went after him. He dodged the stick and before he could face me I rushed and pushed him on the chest stabbing him on the neck and every other place around his neck with the bottle. The other moved back when he saw my attack. He started shooting inside the church screaming.

” A violent rat is here! ”

I continued stabbing him until he fell over . I sat on top of him still stabbing, he struggled effortlessly but I was busy stabbing. I noticed he had dropped the gun and quickly reached for it. It was an AK 47. I used my boot on his face until his colleague started jumping into the church. I turned and shot him. He fell on the window with his legs outside. The ones outside continued firing into the church. I stood where I was looking out for anyone who dares to enter.

The church main entrance door shook, followed by gun fires boring holes on the door. Suddenly the door gave way. About four men ran in shooting. The man under the chair stood up to escape, put was shot in the back. I returned fire, and hit one of them, two ran back, one hid behind the chair.

I waited to hear movement, but they all remained hidden. I knew if I stay longer here, others may join in making it too risky for me. So an idea struck me. I threw an offering box that was beside me towards the guy behind the chair. He immediately revealed himself shooting the direction, giving me a clear view to take him down. I shot several times, one hit him and he fell. The ones outside came in shooting towards my direction. I ducked and crawled to hide behind a piler. Bullet rained on the piler, but I remained still.

The shooting stopped. I peek and noticed one had ran out of bullet and was retreating. I quickly shot at their direction and caught the one standing. The one retreating ran away.

I quickly rushed to the office where the girls where. They both screamed when I opened the door

” it’s okay, it’s me. ” I said. ” hurry up let’s go ”

” Mike is that you? ” Ruth asked in a tremulous voice.

” yes. Come lets go!” I said impatiently.

They both came out and we ran out of the church into a small farm nearby. Suddenly it started raining.

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