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My Madam And I-Episode63, 64, 65, 66




My Madam And I-Episode63

I first went into my room and met Amaka sitting on the bed, taking off her shoes.

“where have you been?! ” she asked.

” I just took a walk”

” I was about calling you” she said standing up. “Have you had anything to eat? ” she started taking off her orange T-shirt.

” not yet, later.” I replied , thinking of an excuse to see Phila.

” ok, we are going to eat at a new eatery later, lemme shower first” she said, removing her black joggers.

I watched as she took off everything and entered the bathroom. Then I said standing up.

” am coming! I want to check on something. ”

” ok! Don’t stay long. ” she yelled from the bathroom.

I zoomed off to room 7. Knocked and Phila called from inside.

” who’s that? ”

I felt a sudden strange excitement, then composed myself and said.

” it’s me, Mike ”

” oh Mike. Am coming ”

I waited for a brief seconds before the door opened. Phila smiled at me, her beautiful face made me blush. She wore a white robe and covered her hair with a white towel.

” hi” she said smiling. ” come in”.

She offered me a sit and sat on the bed in front of me and said.

“I have been waiting for you “.

She looked very beautiful, I felt slightly intimidated but had to act cool.

” I went to check on something” I said.

” so tell me the truth, are you here with a lady? ” she said looking keenly into my face.

I was shocked to hear this, could she had possibly seen I and Amaka? Then lying would be making a fool of my self. So I played it cool and looked at her dazed

” so you think I came with a woman? ”

” it’s just that it’s rare for a guy to be in a hotel all by himself ” she said still smiling.

” so you think it’s impossible for a guy to just want to relax? ”

” I know you’re unemployed, and you can’t be throwing money around in the name of relaxing” she giggled and said. ” no offense please”

” non taking ” I said smiling.

I thought this through, and I can’t admit that I just came here to chill which would be so irresponsible of me being unemployed and living in the same town. So I came up with this.

” how often do you come here? ”

” this is my first time ”

” seriously? ”

” non taking ” I said smiling.

I thought this through, and I can’t admit that I just came here to chill which would be so irresponsible of me being unemployed and living in the same town. So I came up with this.

” how often do you come here? ”

” this is my first time ”

” seriously? ”

” yeah, actually a friend told me about how good the food is, so I came to check it out” she said chuckling. .

” I thought you chill in hotels frequently ”

” oh yes I do. But this particular one, I came for the food” she let out a wide grin.

She stood up and opened the refrigerator beside the bed, brought out two canned beers, tossed one on me, Opened hers and took her previous position.

” have you thought of working for my us? She said drinking from her caned beer .

” yeah, I told you I was interested ”

” you did? Before I forget, am sorry about the other day. You know my boyfriend is a jealous guy who thinks every guy wants to bleep me” she said grinning and shaking her head .

” I won’t blame him, who wouldn’t be scared when he’s got a beautiful woman ” I said sipping my drink.

She looked at me and smiled.

” that means you too got trust issues. ”

” I trust people easily to a fault, but I just get scared coz I wouldn’t like to loose a woman I love ”

She looked at me silently for a while. I suddenly felt uncomfortable with her stare.

” have you had breakfast? ” I impetuously said.

“I don’t eat in the morning, am ok with the coffee”.

Just then Amaka call came through. I ignored and silent it. Phila looked at me curiously and asked .

” your girlfriend? Answer it! ”

” I don’t need girls, I need money ” I said acting as though the call was bugging me.

She smiled and nodded, then looked at her phone.

” oh, it’s 10 am!”

” do you have anywhere to be? ”

” I have to call dad. Excuse me” she said, and picked up her phone dialing a number.

I stood up and signaled ” I will be back ” .

“ok. Don’t be long ” she said and started making her call.

As I closed the door and turned, I saw Amaka walking towards me from a far end of the corridor. Before I could rush back inside, she called.

” Mike! What are you doing there? I have been calling you ” she was looking suspiciously at the room I just came out from.

I quickly rushed towards her to prevent any confrontation in front of Phila’s door.

” oh, I thought that’s our room” I said acting lost and silly approaching Amaka swiftly.

” how can you mistake that room for ours. Ours is the second room!” she said suspiciously looking at the door.

” am not convalescent with the rooms. Let me quickly have my bath so we can go to the eatery ” I said while rushing to the room to avoid further interrogations from Amaka or being caught by Phila. ” room two right?” I yelled at the front of our room.

” yes, room two” Amaka replied frowning .

I quickly rushed to the bathroom with my phone so Amaka doesn’t go through it or answer Phila’s call in my absence . Had a quick bath and came out. Amaka was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I hurried into my T-shirt and Jean. Brushed my hair and was set.

On our way to the eatery, phila called me, but I sent a reply that I can’t talk where I am. I read some messages Ruth sent and quickly replied her. And sent mum a message, informing her that I may not be coming home.

We had breakfast and returned to the hotel room. Amaka got an urgent call from the office that made her hurried off, giving me all the time with Phila.

I immediately ran back to Phila’s room and discovered she was getting ready to go out.

” Mike, am sorry, I have an appointment to catch, it just came up ” she said picking up her hand bag.

This time she wore a pitch colored chiffon sleeve top on a black leggings and a pair of black sandals.

” where are you going to? ”

” to check on a client. Dad just told me about, I wasn’t aware . You can come along Mike. ” she said standing facing me at the door.

I thought it through, it wasn’t a bad idea. So I joined her in her range rover and sge drove to the place.

She got off and went into the company, while I remained in the car. About two hours later she got back and decided we get some drinks at a super store.

We both went in and on our way out a guy snatched Phila’s bag and took off, I ran after him. He was too fast, I felt I was loosing him, so I put more speed. Immediately he crossed the road, I followed him and the next thing I saw the face of a Mazda car, it hit me with full force I went over the bonnet to the back side of the car and landed on the tared road.

Then I woke up and saw myself in a strange land. I wondered what kind of place i was, no sun, no trees, just a very large land with no ending. Everywhere was dark blue.

I saw an someone lying down far away in front. I feared he was dead, so cautiously walked up to him, he was an old laying face up, covering his face.

” hello sir ”

He looked at me waiting for me to say something.

” where is this place ?”

He sat up and said. ” what was the last thing you remembered? ”

I tried to recall, then suddenly remembered I was knocked down by a car. I looked at old man in horror. The man nodded, smiled and said.

” yes, you’re in the land of the dead”.


My Madam And I-Episode64

I sat beside the man thinking of the possibility of me dying so early and how my plans and aspirations just ended. The old man stood up pointing to a large group of people of different race and color waking on a single file and he said.

” let’s follow them”

” to where?” I asked confused.

He ignored me and started walking towards them. Few minutes later I felt lonely so I ran and joined in the queue.

The guy behind me was Chinese looking and the girl in front of me was African. So I tapped her on the shoulder and asked.

” please where are we going to? ”

She looked at me , her face was heavy with sadness, she just turned to her front and kept walking.

Many walked as though they were tired. But we all had one thing in common. A sad look.

Suddenly we stopped and everyone started moving to different directions, I stood in the middle wondering what was going on.

The place was dusk looking and had a sad feeling about it. Suddenly someone screamed, another joined in, then whole place was filled with loud cries. I tried to see who it was that was crying but found no one, same as everyone else in our group . A little boy of about 5 years old approached me and said.

” excuse me. Please I was with my dad some minutes ago and suddenly I can’t find him. Please can you help me look for him? ”

I looked at the poor boy with no answer for him, so I asked.

” where was the last place you saw your dad? ”

” in the hospital, I was sick and he was beside me. I suddenly started coughing and he went to get the doctor, before he came back I felt tired and slept off,then I saw myself here ”

I couldn’t tell him that he was dead, so I said.

” your dad is around somewhere, don’t worry we are going to meet him soon. ”

So I held the boys hand and led him to a side where we sat down looking at the happenings.

A fat lady suddenly surfaced from nowhere shouting.

” where am i?! Sam! Sam where are you?! Sam! ”

She ran away screaming .

” that’s how they come here by the minute ” someone said behind me.

I turned to see who it was. A young lanky guy stood beside me.

can I sit with you guys? “he said sitting without our consent. ” I have been here for a very long time, more than so many, since then we have been walking ”

” how do you mean walking? ” I asked.

” just as we were before long” he said, looking at the little boy beside me. ” a lot of lads like this come here in thousands everyday”

” where are we going to? ” I asked.

” paradise” he said. Then continued “There’s a place I’ll take you to before we begin walking. It’s called Zixc”

” Zixc? ”

” yeah Zixc. Its a channel that leads to the world. But lemme warn you, you may not like it. And there are risks involved ” he said.

” what kind of risk ?” I asked with keen interest.

” you maybe trapped if you don’t return on time, and if you get caught by bazimzz, you will be taken to ghost cell otherwise known as prohell”

” bazimzz? Ghost cell? ” I asked.

” yeah ”

Just then a baby started crying very loud it almost deafened us.

” what’s that cry?! ” I said covering my ears.

” aborted babies ” he said standing up.

” seriously? ” I asked.

” you haven’t seen anything. They’re more babies aborted daily than people dying of accidents. Am going to Zixc, are you coming? ”

” what if we start moving? ” I asked, standing up.

” you don’t know?” he said smiling. ” two days on earth is like two minutes here”

We both walked straight on a long distance with the kids hand in mine.

” how do you know where we are going to? ” I asked as we kept waking.

” don’t worry, trust me. ” he said smiling.

After walking for a long distance we met two giants with the biggest muscles I had ever seen standing adjacent each other.

” these are the gate keepers ” the guy whispered.

” katu hijaz poraq intit zimalu ” one of the giant said.

I turned to the guy, he just smiled at me and replied the giant .

” katu milob potas intit zimalu ”

The giant stretched forward his hands and said.

” jikkizx”

The guy looked at me and said.

” where’s the coin? ”

” what coin? ” I asked.

” in your pocket! Don’t you know that Every good you have done has a coin saved for you?”

I looked surprised, then checked my pocket and noticed lots of coins. I took out one, it was inscribed on it ” the fire incident ” , and I brought another, ” the helping hand” . I looked at the guy and asked.

” what about yours? ”

He said smiling ” I have used it up. Do you know how long I have been here? ”

So I handed him one. He looked at me frowning, I didn’t understand what he meant , then he said

” two more ! One for me and one for the boy! ”

I handed him three coins, but not the one of the fire incident. That I kept aside.

The giant collected it from him and showed us a pathway behind them. There was a hole in the air with wind blowing strongly around it.

We came closer to it with the guy in front. He put his hands inside it and the wind took him away. I drew back in shock. The little boy held on to legs tight in fear. I carried him and said.

” let’s go see your daddy”

He nodded, and we both stretched our hands into the hole and saw ourselves on earth in a market place . People rushed towards us, I held the boy thinking they were going to push us down but they passed through us. I looked for our guide he was no where to be found. So I carried the boy to a street that was less busy. A dog saw us and started barking, the owner kicked it but it kept barking. I carried the boy who was scared of the dog and left the place.

” hey!” someone called.

I looked around but didnt see anyone.

” up here! ”

I looked and saw a fat man on a tree. He looked different from the living so I knew he was ghost .

” what are you doing walking aimlessly? ” he asked.

” I am looking for this little boys father ” I said, still carrying the frighted boy.

” I can show you. Do you have coins?”

I nodded . He flew down gently. I was trilled, so I asked.

” how did you do that ?”

” it’s easy to do anything on earth”.

” wow! How do I do that? ” I asked.

” it will cost you! ” he said smiling.

” please I need to see my mum and his father” I said anxiously.

” you can’t see your mum ” the fat man said.

” why? ”

” because you’re not dead yet ” he said walking away.

I followed him and asked.

” how do you mean am not dead yet? ”

” can’t you see that you and a few are different?

I looked at myself, the boy and the man, they were almost invisible but I still have flesh like body.

” am I in a kind of coma? ” I asked.

” until you are like us, you are not dead yet ” he said.

” ok lets see this boys father”

” why do you want to see him? The dead has no business with the living. Even as we are right now it’s risky. Bazimzz are around looking for the likes of us”

We followed him to a half completed building with dirts everywhere , an old man lived there. He sat on a chair reading when we arrived. He looked up and said.

” Buga! You came with a half dead? ”

” he’s the curious type ” Buga said. ” this is Ishmael. He’s one of the few that can see us. Tell him whatsoever you want to tell your folks. He has been my link to life. ”

” please.. Tell my mother not to cry for me. That I will come back to her soon. ” I said.

” you will have to pay” Ishmael said in a coaxed voice.

I laughed and said.

“How can a I pay you,? you know it’s impossible ”

” nothing is impossible. You are what you think ” the man said.

” ok. How much? ” I asked to avoid argument.

” Five hundred coins ” I was shocked. ” why coins I asked? ”

Bugs laughed and said.

“he needs it after life”

” are you ready or not? ” the old man asked impatiently.

” if I part with that much, how can I survive here since all spirit talk about is coin ?”

” you are not dead yet, you may rise up anytime, so what do you need it for? ” the old man asked.

” what if I die?! ”

I turned to Buga and said.

” let’s talk about the boy” .

He smiled and opened his palm.

” how much ?!” I asked.

” just 10 coins. Am not greedy ” he shrugged smiling.

I counted ten coins and gave to him. He smiled and said

“let’s go!”.


My Madam And I-Episode65

” before we go I want to ask the boy something”. Buga said and bent down to face the little boy. ” can you remember your daddys face?

The boy looked at me, i nodded my head to him. He seem to be searching in his head for it, then said in frustration.

” I can’t! I don’t know why I can’t ”

I bent beside him and said.

” if you really want to see your dad, try harder. You just have to try ”

He searched tightening his face, then suddenly his face was becoming lighter. Buga held my hand and said.

” it’s time ” .

Just then we saw ourselves in a cemetery where the boys father was talking with few friends. The boy seeing his father shouted running to him.

” daddy! Daddy am here”

The little boy fell on the otherside and the father hardly noticed his presence. He looked surprised, stood up and went close to his father crying. ” daddy am here ” but the man kept talking with his friends.

” this is the part I hate” the fat man said, turning away.

I quietly went to the boy and tried to let him know he is dead, but couldn’t form out words. Suddenly Buga showed up beside me and said to the boy.

” let’s go, you have seen your dad and he can’t see you because you’re dead “.

I looked at Buga in anger, but he started walking away. I quickly carried the crying boy and followed him.

” why do you have to say that to the boy? ” I yelled.

” that’s because in this side of the world, no one is a kid” Buga said.

Just then he dodged behind a car and dragged me with him.

” what’s that?! ” I backed.

” bazimzz! ” he whispered.

We looked from behind the car and saw four giants like the ones we saw at the other side. They seem to be vigilantly searching for something.

” who are they looking for ?” I asked feeling my legs shaking.

I never knew ghost could get scared as well.

” the likes of us” Buga said, then turn to me , ” do you know what happens if the gets us? ”

I nodded and said ” prohell ”

” yeah, avoid them! ”

We remained hiding, looking keenly at the giants. Then suddenly someone shouted ” grifti! ” behind us. We turned abruptly, it was a giant standing beside us.

” run! ” the fat man said and disappeared.

I carried the little boy and ran while the giants chased after me screaming. ” grifti! ” in a roaring voice.

His one step is ten times mine. I knew I couldn’t outrun him so I closed my eyes and quickly imagined a place, the only place that came to mind was the market I first appeared and I was suddenly there.

I quickly ran into a compound and entered the house. A man laid down on the bed smoking listening to a loud music from an home Theatre. I left the room to another room, there I and the boy rested till it was dark.

” I want to see my daddy?” the boy kept saying and crying.

There was nothing I could do for him, I had exhausted all explanations yet he kept crying.

A toddler cript into the room and was looking at the little boy . The toddler laughed and cript closer to the boy who just looked at the baby as though he was surprised the baby could see him. A lady entered the room, picked up the toddler who was pointing at the little boy, but she didn’t take note of anything . Another younger girl a teenager rushed in, shut the door and began talking with her boyfriend whispering peering cautiously at the door.

toddler who was pointing at the little boy, but she didn’t take note of anything . Another younger girl a teenager rushed in, shut the door and began talking with her boyfriend whispering peering cautiously at the door.

” hello Mickey…. The result was positive! ….my daddy is going to kill me…. What am I going to do?!… ..I told you to use protection…. You are a liar!! …am dead….. ”

As I listened to the girl with keen interest, I heard my name faintly as though someone was calling me from a distance. I tried to listen very attentively to the voice, it sounded familiar. I stood up walked outside of the house to the compound, the voice seem to be crying and calling my name. The emotion and the love in the voice was too strong, I listened more attentively now, it appeared to be two female voices, mum and Ruth’s. I suddenly felt like crying. I looked up to the sky and saw their faces, mum sitting and Ruth standing beside her. I felt like touching mums face but it disappeared. I sat on the ground weeping.

After a while I went back to the room and the boy was missing. I searched throughout the house but couldn’t find him. I ran out of the house into the street calling.

” little boy!”.

” aren’t you joining the walk? ” a voice said.

I quickly turned and saw an elderly woman who concentrated looking into the thin air and drawing something with her hands in the air. I ran to her and asked after the boy.

” nobody is a kid here. Please l am going to join them in the walk ” she said still searching for something in the air.

I looked at her curiously as she seriously kept searching .

” what are you looking for? ” I asked.

” the door. It’s supposed to be somewhere here. That’s where I came from”.

Suddenly I heard a loud bell. The woman then shouted.

” oh my god! I can’t find it anymore. Please can I share yours? But I don’t have anymore coin on me”. She begged with desperation.

” I am new here and have spent more than people that have spent years here. If I continue like this I’ll go broke. Why don’t you use the coin you wanted to use for your door on mine?. ”

” that’s because you don’t pay to and fro on a same door, except you want to make use of another. Please half dead. If I don’t go back I’ll be locked up in prohell. I suffered so much in my life time I don’t want to suffer here again please help me”

I felt pity for her, dipped my hand in my pocket and gave her a coin, she thanked me and followed me to the market place where I first appeared . I stretched my hands and began looking for the door. Suddenly I felt something like wind on my hands.

” I think I have found it” I said to the woman who was standing behind me.

” please let me go first ” she said moving in front of me.

I gave way for her to see how it’s done. She threw the coin inside the place I felt the wind, and it became evident and opened wide. She pushed her hand inside and disappeared. I followed her method and saw myself at the other side with the two giants standing adjacent each other. They took no notice of us as we rushed to join the walk.

We trekked for a very long time this time, I looked for the elderly woman but she was no where to be found. So I kept walking.

So many half dead were gradually becoming invisible like the rest. And as soon as they turned invisible they began wailing. It was very heartbreaking watching them cry. I too was scared because I didn’t know if I would return.

I suddenly sighted a light in front. Before it was a very large ocean , the biggest I had ever seen. Somany giants stood around it collecting coins before allowing people pass through in a canoe, and others without coin where sent on another route, which looked like walking round the ocean, which may take ages to attain. My kind were asked to enter a small room. Many came out, many didn’t.

It got to my turn, a giant ushered me in. As soon as I was in, the room changed . It was a room beautified with all kinds of beautiful things I can’t really describe. Every furniture were made from some kind of material that shone so bright. The place was bigger than it looked from outside. The bodies of the ghost there looked very bright and their faces glowed like the sun. Their bodies illuminated the whole place. They stood adjacent each other making a pathway inbetween them. That’s where anyone who comes in must pass through leading to a mighty chair, the biggest I had ever seen. It glittered like diamond. A ghost sat on it. He shone so bright I couldn’t see him. The distance from him to us was like ten poles. Still his light was blinding.

” Mike! ” the ghost on the chair called.

His voice was like a thunder the same time calm and gentle, i just can’t put it in the right words.

I walked closer, shielding my eyes with my hands from the bright light he emitted.

” lets see your coin ” he said.

I emptied all the coin on me in a golden bowl in front the mighty chair but ten poles away. One of the ghost standing came and counted it, took all and weighed it on a golden scale beside the bowl. It weighed little. He looked at the ghost in the mighty chair and said.

” he is weightless ”

” you will be taken to prohell so you can quickly become a real ghost. After that, you will join your colleagues on their journey “. The ghost on the chair said.

A giant immediately started walking inbetween the standing ghost to me. All I could think about was my mum, the reality of never seeing her again. I knelt down abruptly begging in tears, but the giant took me up like a piece of paper, carrying me to an exit that looked dark from the opening. Then suddenly, I remembered I had another coin ( the fire incident ) I kept in a different pocket . I quickly shouted.

” I have another coin! I have another coin! ”

” stop! ” the ghost on the chair ordered.

The giant brought me back and dropped me right where he carried me from. I quickly took out the coin with a shaky hand and handed it to the ghost who first weighed it. It scale recorded 70kg. The ghost looked at the one on chair and said.

” 70kg”

” your good deed has saved you. Now go back and wait until your body responds to treatment ” the ghost on the chair said.

They handed me back other coins and kept that of the fire incident.


My Madam And I-Episode66

The riverbank is where many half dead settled waiting to either return to earth or turn invisible. Any who turned invisible, gave their coin to the giant who allowed them enter a canoe to the other side.

Life as a half dead was temporal, so many real ghost tries to take advantage of them and steal their coin. Many unlucky half dead end up locked for for the sin of a real ghost. But at the riverbank security is assured because half dead where separated from real ghost.

I sat feeling grateful for following Jacky to resque the little kid. That was my ticket to life again. I couldn’t wait to return back to earth and amend my ways.

An old man half dead came and sat close to me looking worried.

” I wish above everything that I wake from here” he said.

I turned to the man who looked blankly at the ocean and said nothing, because I had nothing to say.

” who is going to find the money I buried in my room? I planned to give it to my kids but right now nobody will know where it is” . He said and shook his head regretfully.

I looked at him again and felt pity for him but said nothing.

” I don’t think I can survive it” the man said. ” as you can see, am fading away”, then he took my hands and put all the coins he had in my palms. ” please help me do something, would you? ” he pleaded passionately.

” what’s it? ” I asked.

” please,look for someone who will take you to fiole. That’s where they tattoo memories. I want you to tattoo a message for me. Would you? ” he said folding my hands with the coins.

It will cost me nothing to help this man I thought. So I agreed.

” May you reach paradise. Call my house with this number, 33554422. And tell my second child to go to the waderope in my room, underneath it lies the money that will change their story. Tell him to dig out the money in the waderope floor. It is cemented, but it’s there. ” the old man half dead said.

I nodded. The man smiled for the first time since he was sat beside me. He then settled by lying facing up. I counted the coins it was 200. Then I asked the man out of curiosity.

” so you are trying to say, that all the good you did in your entire life time is 200? ”

The man sat up, shook his head and said looking at me.

” I was never a good man. All I cared for was money because I suffered while growing up. No one cared, so when I started making money I cared less for no one except my family. In here, family kindness doesn’t add any coin to you ”

While the man was still talking he suddenly began to be transparent. He looked at himself and said.

” I knew it. Please help me”

” I will” . I said assuring him.

He quickly took me to fiole, a little distance from the riverbank. He introduced me to the artist who craft messages on people’s chest. He was a different kind of ghost, other ghost look like themselves but transparent. But this one floated as though in the river same as its dreadlocks. It’s eyes were glowing blue and it has no mouth. It’s nails were long and curvy on his very bony fingers that held on to a broomstick.

I was asked to lie on the floor by its assistant, a fat, tall, intimidating looking black female ghost with also dreadlocks. I obeyed, and the artist began crafting what the old man was saying on my chest.

Few minutes later they were done. I payed the fat ghost lady from the coin the old man gave me and stood up to excort the old man who was already transparent to the river. He wanted to walk around the ocean since he had no coin left, but I stopped him. Handed him all the coins left from the one he gave me and said to him.

” you need it”.

He thanked me and gave some to the giant who allowed him to enter the canoe. The peddler wore a black cloak with hood that coverd his face which was a black shadow and it’s hands were skeletal.

I stood watching as they rode away, I turned to go back to my previous sit when suddenly mum called my name. I turned to look but woke up in the hospital.

Mum was beside me praying. My hands and legs were bandaged. Drip hung beside me with its hose attached to the syringe needle in my hand.

I looked at mum who was busy with her prayers. I was so weak that I could barely talk, but I managed to mutter.

” mum”

She didn’t hear me. I tried again with much effort to speak louder.

” mum! ” my voice came out husky.

She turned slowly as if she wasn’t expecting me to wake. On seeing me smiling, her eyes widened and she shouted and hugged me. Then ran to call the doctor.

I was visited by everyone including mum’s church members. Ruth made it a point of duty to visit twice a day, morning before work and after work. Amaka came twice with gifts. Phila came everyday to check how fast I was recovering, but Sandra was out of town. So she made sure she called me on video calls five times a day.

I was discharged a week later with a limping leg and a bandaged hand. I never forgot the man’s message, the long walk and the moment mum called me back ,but I forgot everything else that happened at the otherside.

I kept having this strange feeling to call a number and deliver a message to someone I don’t know. So i took up my phone and dialed a number, and it turned out to be an international number after dialing it. It rang a few times before the person answered. It was a man’s voice.

” hello, who’s this? ” the man said.

” go to your fathers room, in his waderope, dig the floor, there’s something buried for you and your siblings by your father. I said.

” who are you? ” the man asked.

” just do what I said ” and I hunged up.

The number called several times but I ignored it because I couldnt explain how I came about the message, only that calling the number had been a burden in my heart since I woke up. I had no peace until I delivered the message.

Few days later Phila came over to visit. She had with her a nylon filled with fruits.

” hello Mike ” she said as she dropped the stuff at the dinning . ” how are you feeling? ”

” Good. Just a little pain here and there”. I said.

” you are really a fighter ” she said looking into my eyes.

I turned away and started changing the TV channel with the remote.

” my dad has agreed to have you work with us” she said.

I looked surprised. Then said.

” I can’t in this condition”

” not now Mike!When you recover! ” she said laughing.

While I was on bed rest, some police men came concerning the commissioners son. I was surprised to see them again.

” what is it again? ” I asked.

” we have a witness against you. You are to follow us to the station to be identified ” one of the police three police men said.

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