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My Madam And I-Episode59, 60, 61, 62




My Madam And I-Episode59

I came back home later that evening and Ruth was in the sitting room with mum.

” Mr man, where are you coming from? ” mum asked as I walked in.

” I went to see a friend ” I answered, sitting beside Ruth.

” good evening Mike “. Ruth greeted shyly.

I nudged her a little with my elbow. Then turned to my mum.

” how was business today? ”

” fine o. We are looking forward to seeing better days ”

Mum later stood up and left the sitting room for I and Ruth.

Immediately mum was in her room, Ruth started making sexual advances , kissing my neck and caressing my chest. The word from the voodoo man made me stayed still. She kissed up my lips and stopped when I wasn’t responding.

” what’s the problem? ” Ruth asked looking into my face .

” I am tired. It was a stressful day. ”

She looked at me suspiciously then said in anger.

” you went to see Sandra right?! ”

I looked at her in surprise, but wasn’t in the mood to respond to her nagging, so I kept quiet.

” you should have told me you don’t love me instead of treating me like a piss of trash. ” she said moving away from me.

I looked at her, still said nothing. My head was filled up with more issues and wouldn’t want to add hers to it.

” Mike! Tell me where you went to earlier today. I called you, you didn’t return my calls.” she looked at me and said. ” am I not talking to somebody? ”

I just quietly stood up, and started walking to my room.

” where are you going to? Mike! Where are you going to?! ” she backed as I walked pass her into my room.

I locked and bolted my door as I entered my room. Laid on the bed resting when Ruth started knocking gently on the door.

” Mike! Mike! Hmmmmm.. Mike! ” she said knocking gently .

I just looked at the door, and returned my gaze to the celing. She later left and gave me time to reason.

My greatest problem was Sandra. I was in love with her and she is an adent sex lover, and I too love sexing her as well. How was I going to tell her that I can’t touch her anymore. But to marry Amaka is the craziest thing ever! She wasn’t my dream wife and I can’t deal with her controlling obsession. This curse has to be reversible. And there was the case of a dead commissioners son. I had to shove it aside reassuring myself that no one saw me, but the guilt of killing someone was worse than buring it.

A knock on the door woke me up. I must have dozed off thinking. I went to check who it was; Ruth.

” Mike. Am sorry. Please talk to me” she said from the other side of the door.

I opened the door and let her in. She hugged me immediately for a long while. ‘ sh!t! this girl loves me! ‘ I felt sorry for her and I hate hurting her but she kept being the victim. I hugged her back emotionally. The body contact sent a hot rush of blood to my g---n, plus the fact that I felt pity for her clouded my judgement. My mind cautioned me of the risk involved bleeping any girl, another gave me a go ahead, reminding me of what the voodoo man said about me having a strong spirit, giving me the assurance of what if I didn’t know. And before I could make up my mind on what to do, she began kissing me and I responded abruptly. So we ended up having a great sex afterwards.

After the sex my conscience pricked me all night I couldn’t sleep. I anticipated trouble knocking on my door very soon. Ruth had already retired to my mums room leaving me to brood alone.

The next day I woke up late judging by the fact that I did vigil. I went to the shower, did the needful and to the sitting room, put on the TV and was watching a local channel. My phone rang, Sandra was calling. I hesitated a little while and the call ended, she called again. I knew what the call was all about, but I answered all the same.

” hello” I said.

” sweetie what’s going on? You have been avoiding me for some time now, what’s the problem? ”

” nothing. I have been busy ”

” I want to see you Mike! Please! I have missed you! ”

” hmm. I am at home, am feeling sick. Come to the house ” I said, knowing that nothing will happen If she comes to my house.

” alright! Gimme three hours, I will be there ” she said and hunged up.

I sat watching the TV when Thomas called. I quickly answered.

” hello” I said

” Mike! There’s trouble! ” Thomas said.

I immediately sprang up from my seat and walked to the dinning with my heart racing.

” what’s it! ” I asked apprehensively.

” the police are asking after you! ” he said.

I almost dropped my phone, my legs felt too weak to carry my body. So I held the dinning table and sat on the chair.

” So … So… Wa….what happened” I managed to say.

” they took your address from me”

This word almost made me slump. My heart pounded rapidly.

” Mike! Mike! Are you there? Put yourself together! Put yourself together! ” Thomas said.

” am… a… am ok. Thanks man. Thanks man. ”

” compose yourself! You need to tell them you don’t know anything about it. OK? We left after the brawl ok? we left” Thomas said.

” I heard you. Thanks man.”

He hung up. I remained restless, walking to fro the house. Suddenly someone knocked, I jumped. Then tiptoed to check through the window, it was Sandra. I opened the door for her and didn’t notice the hand of embrace she extended.

” Mike! What is this?! ” Sandra said standing at the door looking angrily at me.

I turned to Sandra realizing my mistake, went and gave her a snappy hug and sat down. She suspected something and sat close to me.

” Mike, what’s going on?” she asked gently.

” am in a big soup! ” I said covering my face.

” what is it? ” she asked cautiously.

” I killed someone by mistake ” I said still covering my face.

” when?! ” her face serious in surprise.

” it was a mistake! We engaged in a fight and I mistakenly hit him with a stone. ” I said standing up and walking to the dinning. ” he is the commoissioners son and the police are on their way here. ”

Sandra stood up. Looked at me with anxiety written all over her countenance.

” Mike! You said what?! ” she said.

” yeah. That’s what happened when I traveled. But I swear no one saw me, am sure of that! ”

” how did you know?! ” she asked walking towards me anxiously.

” the police are coming because we had a brawl in a gay club”.

” a gay what?! ” she said in shock.

” yeah, Thomas took me there unknown to me…”

A knock startled me. I went to check, it was the police. I tiptoed to Sandra, shook her hand in panic.

” the police are here, they are here o-o !” I whispered.

” calm down! Calm down! You have to compose yourself or else they will think you have a hand in his death. Tell them everything except the fight. Just compose yourself. ” she said shaking me on both arms.

I swallowed hard and headed for the door tremulously.

” Mike! ” Sandra called in a low tone.

I turned to her.

” you are my hero. I am solidly behind you my hero. Make me proud! ” she said smiling reassuringly to me.

Her words made me summoned courage. I went to get the door and met two police officers on mum standing behind them.

” Mike what’s going on? ” she asked with fear written all over her face.

” I don’t know ” I said to her.

The two police men introduced themselves and went straight to the point. Sandra stood behind me caressing my back, increasing my confidence.

The police men made to take me to the station for questioning but Sandra intervened.

” is he under arrest? ” she asked.

” no ” one of the police men answered.

” then why is he going to the station with you? ”

” for further questioning nothing more. Young man let’s go! ” the police man said dragging me out.

” excuse me!” sandra said removing the police mans hand from my arm. ” he’s going to come with you, but we have to call our lawyer first. ”

She brought out her phone and called her lawyer telling him where to meet us.


My Madam And I-Episode60

” move! ” one of the police men said, forcing me out.

Sandra dipped her hand in her purse and brought out an I. D card and showed it to the police man who seem to be senior officer. He took it from her, looked at it critically then turned to Sandra, and back to the I. D, while Sandra stood in front of him with her hands folded. He handed it back to her and said.

” am sorry ma. The order is for us to bring him for questioning. ”

” I know. I know you’re doing your job. But wait a little for our lawyer to come first before we leave that’s all am saying”. Sandra said.

” let him meet us up at the station, if it’s OK with you? ” the police asked.

She called the lawyer who confirmed he was heading for the station.

” alright, let’s go! ” she said removing my hand from the police mans grip who was leading me downstairs.

Mum made to follow us, but Sandra stopped her.

” mummy, don’t worry yourself he’s not arrested, I’ll bring him back to you “. Sandra said smiling.

I, Sandra and the lawyer sat with two police men in an office with scanty decorations. A wooden table with a foamy black leather top torned on several sides . And wooden chairs on both sides of the table. A cabinet and a big shelf standing at a side.

I was asked to explain what happened which I did.

” So you went to wait for him outside right? ” a thick dark officer asked.

” He told you he left afterwards, what is this?! ” the lawyer intervened.

” why bringing a lawyer if you’re not scared of something? ” the second officer, a lanky tall fair man said.

” do you need to ask such questions? Everyone knows how you guys are when you want a suspect to confess. The lawyer said.

” allow the young man answer the question! ” the lanky man said.

I looked at the lawyer, he nodded his approval.

” well… Like I said… I and my friend left immediately the boy seemed to want trouble ” I said in a very low tone avoiding eye contact.

” and your friend wasn’t angry after paying that huge amount of money for you? ” the thick man asked suspiciously.

” he said they left! why going round on this topic ?! Officers! if we are done here can we leave? My client obviously doesn’t know anything about it, until you find a witness who claims to see my client in the act please don’t bother us again. If we are not under arrest can we leave?” The lawyer said standing.

Mum was so exhilarated on seeing us. She couldn’t contain her joy and gratitude for what Sandra had done and immediately rushed to fix launch for us. Sandra stubbornly joined in the kitchen after futile resistance from Mum. They both chatted laughing out loud as they jointly prepared the food.

After eating, mum and Sandra discussed everything circling around police and injustice, while a I dropped in one or two contributions and focusing back on the candy crush game on my phone.

” my daughter, what do you do? I noticed the way they applied caution after you showed them your I. D? ”

I turned from my phone to mum who sat at the edge of the couch and Sandra in the middle while I at the other edge.

Sandra looked at me with the side of her eyes, smiled and said.

” Am in the army? ”

Mum looked at me and our eyes caught each others. She then turned to Sandra and said.

” no wonder you were there the first day we met at the hospital and when Mike had a trouble with soldiers plus your prompt response to arrest our neighbor, no wonder! ”

I wasn’t surprised to hear that but was not happy the way it came. Sandra seem to know what I was thinking because her mood changed to a guilty one.

Mum did not bother to probe into her job anymore but discussed focused on her family background.

I got to know that Sandra is the only child of a general. Her mother died when she was in military school and since then she has been a priceless golden child of her father who would can sacrifice the world for her.

” I use to think you were married ” mum jokingly asked.

” not yet” Sandra replied smiling.

” god will bring you someone soonest “. Mum said.

Sandra looked at my direction, then to mum and smiled.

An hour later we went to see Sandra off. Mum was still thanking her for rescuing me. When Ruth walked into us.

” good evening mummy ” she said looking at Sandra with contempt.

” my daughter you are welcome. How was work today? ” mum asked.

” fine ” she said.

She then came to hug and kiss me on the lips looking at Sandra from a side of her eyes , I just stood helplessly paralyzed. Sandra ignored her and continued talking with my mum.

” God does things in mysterious ways mummy. He can use anyone at any time ” Sandra said smiling.

” That’s true. Thank you very much my daughter I am very grateful”. Mum said.

Ruth seemed to have felt betrayed. She removed her hands from around my neck and was looking angrily at mum.

Sandra entered her car, waved us goodbye heartily and drove off.

We were returning to the house when a car drove towards us and stopped in front of us. We cautiously drew backwards looking with dread who it was. Then suddenly three guys jumped out of the car armed. I pushed mum and Ruth into the house and followed behind. I bolted the gate the moment I was in looking from the opening on the gate.

” we are police men! Open this gate” one of the men shouted.

” what do you want ?” mum asked standing behind me.

” we are looking for Mike! Open this gate” the man said.

” call Sandra!” mum said to me.

I dailed Sandra’s number with a shaky hand. While Ruth stood close to the entrance of the stairs waiting to run inside at any provocation.

” hello! ” I said, the moment Sandra picked up .” the police are here! they’re looking for me again. ”

” where are you now? ” she asked.

” am in the compound, we locked them outside.” I said.

” stay where you are am coming ” she said and hung up.

Mum was busy shouting at the men who were knocking violently on our gate.

” My son didn’t kill anybody o-o, please you people should leave him alone “.

” madam, if you don’t provide him, we are going to break into this compound and treat anyone as a criminal!” the man shouted.

Mum kept repeating what she was saying. Ruth was so petrified that she stood looking with terror on her face.

” woman! If you refuse to open this gate right now we are going to force our way in!”

” my son didn’t kill anyone o-o ” mum kept yelling.

They started pushing the gate hard trying to break in. Then suddenly my elder brother strolled in from his new job .

” stop there! ” one of the officers stopped him.

I and mum shouted my brothers name from inside, telling him to go back.

By this time our neighbors had already joined in but were in perplexity and fear looking from safe distance.

The men outside immediately started interrogating my brother who looked scared and was telling them all he knows. They seem to be done with him and one of the police men took him to the car.

Mum cried and shook the gate still yelling ” my son is innocent ”

Few minutes to an our before Sandra arrived. I felt relieved, she came along side two men. I recognised the bulky one from my drilling days. They approached the police men and discussed something with them but the discussion seem not to be descending as it should. Just then Amaka sent me a text.

” I need you badly Mike! Let’s see tomorrow please “.

I looked at the text message with so much disdain, suddenly her call came in just as I was about putting the phone in my pocket. I ended it abruptly and switched off my phone cursing under my breath. Then focused on the event outside.

” what do you mean?! My order is to bring him tonight! ” the police officer yelled, walking out on Sandra and her crew and approaching our gate.

” open this gate! ” the police officer said.

Then he brought out his pistol, pointed it at the gate padlock hole and was about to shoot when the bulky man stopped him.

” do you want to hurt innocent citizen inside ?” the bulky man said facing the gun upwards.

Just then Sandra’s lawyer arrived, she quickly came to the gate and called me.

” Mike! please open the gate. We are going together the lawyer is here now. you didn’t do anything so you have nothing to be afraid of. OK? ”

I nodded and opened the gate. Mum held me but the police men quickly dragged me off her and prevented her from getting close to me. She struggled to get to me crying and yelling.

” my son is innocent o-o ” While Sandra kept assuring her that everything was under control.

Ruth who has been standing, seeing I was being taken away rushed to me and fought with the police man that held me crying and shouting.

” leave him alone! Leave him alone! ”

the compound guys quickly intervened pulling her off the police man.

I got into the car and saw Thomas in handcuffs smiling at me.


My Madam And I-Episode61

As soon as I entered the car, I enquired from Thomas if he spew anything in a non verbal way, he shook his head acknowledging that he didn’t.

I , Thomas, the lawyer, Sandra and the two men sat in the office where they brought us earlier waiting for them to attend to us. They left us there for an hour without anyone saying anything to us.

The lawyer stood up and went to check what the matter was. He spent close to 20 minutes before returning.

” what’s the problem? The bulky man asked.

” they said they are coming. I don’t understand this nonsense! ” he said sitting down.

” do they have any evidence against him? ” Sandra asked.

” I don’t know yet. They refused to say anything to me. ” the lawyer said.

” let me go and see what the matter is”. The bulky man said standing up.

The other man with them held his hand and said.

” don’t go! Wait a little “.

The bulky man sat uneasilly, then turned to me and asked .

” young man, are you innocent of what’s been said against you? Because I won’t be happy to find out you did what you’re being accused of. ”

” I told you he is innocent. Why asking him again? ” Sandra intervened.

” Sandy! Did I ask you? Allow the young man answer for himself! “. The bulky man said angrily.

Then he turned to me again and repeated his question. I answered him avoiding eye contact.

” I didn’t do it! ”

The man looked at me steadily and said.

” that was not the manner you spoke when you were accused of sleeping with a generals wife” . He turned to Sandra. ” I am not comfortable with all these. Why did you call me into this? I suspect this guy” he said pointing at me.

” I didn’t do it! Believe me! I didn’t do it! I swear! ” I was surprised at my assuring tone.

The bulky man looked at me as if trying to digest my words then nodded his head in agreement.

We spent another torturing hour waiting. The bulky man and his colleague had gone to raise their voices 30 minutes ago still no improvement.

The lawyer stood up, hit his hand on the table and said.

” what nonsense! If they don’t answer us this time, we will have to leave! “. And went out of the office .

Few minutes later the lawyer came in company of three unfamiliar police men raising his voice threatening to walk away with us, but the police men said nothing and quietly walked into the office behind him.

” Mike! ”

The short among them called. I looked up in shock. He said.

” follow us. ”

I and the lawyer followed them into an empty room with just table and chairs.

” sit down ” a fair macho one said, pointing at the opposite sit in front of him.

We sat. He started opening files perusing through them. Then stood up and walked away without saying anything to us. Few minutes later the two joined him.

It was close to an hour since the men left . The lawyer made to open the door but it was locked. He knocked on it severally, but no one answered.

” what is the meaning of this?! ” he said in surprise.

I turned and looked at him, then back to the table where my gaze had been. The lawyer came back to his sit swearing and threatening to bring down fire on the station.

An hour later the short and the macho police men came in. The lawyer immediately stood up and began quoting the law, threatening to sue them for unlawful detention. But they paid zero attention to him, the macho one went and sat down in front of us opening a file. Then waited for the lawyer to stop talking before he said.

” I just read your statement and compared with that of your friend, they are almost the same. Only that you wrote you guys drove off immediately, while Thomas said you guys met him again at the stairs. How can you defend that? ”

” you can’t use what someone wrote out of duress as an evidence” the lawyer said abruptly.

” please allow him speak. We just asked him to confirm if what his friend said was true” the short police man said.

” I am my clients mouth piece. I don’t understand why you people should be detaining us when you don’t have any evidence or witness ” the lawyer yelled.

” who said anyone is being detained? We are here to further question your client since he is our only suspect at the moment. If you claim he is innocent let him answer my question ” the macho police said calmly.

I quietly screened through my head to check if their was anytime we saw him at the stairs. When convinced that there wasn’t. I then began to think of the possibility of Thomas who said I that should tell them everything except that we saw him again after we left, can now start saying he saw him at the stairs? This I couldn’t understand ….

” Mr Mike! Answer us” the short police man said impatiently.

” I don’t know about that. I never saw him again after I left, I don’t know if Thomas saw him or not ” I said cautiously.

” but here Thomas said both of you saw him and avoided his trouble? ” the macho one said looking into the opened file.

This caught me off guard. I had to make my story concore with that of Thomas’s. So I began to think of swift lie that can compliment his.

” he already told you all he knows, why asking him again? ” the lawyer quickly stepped in.

” allow him answer would you? ” the macho police man said.

So I quickly decided to stand on my story.

” like I said, I don’t know if Thomas saw him coz I didn’t”.

” how can you tell me you can’t see someone you were avoiding his trouble? Is he an ant that Thomas saw him and you didn’t? Young man, your story does not add up”. The macho police man said.

” I don’t know if he saw him Sir! Please believe me” . I said.

” ok we are going to see about it” . The macho police man said and stood up. He turned to the other short police man and said. ” let’s go “.

” are we done here? ” the lawyer asked.

” we are coming back ” the macho police man said and walked out .

” Mike, please tell me the truth and everything that happened so I can know where to defend you. ” the lawyer said the moment the door was closed.

” all I told you was the truth” I said.

” okay, replay the whole episode to my hearing again one more time. ” the lawyer said.

I told him everything except that I saw the deceased after the brawl. The lawyer nodded his head and said.

” keep your word strong no matter what. I hope they are not interrogating Thomas without my presence?” the lawyer said.

He stood up and went to check the door, it was locked. He came back and sat back on his sit.

” I hope they’re not talking with Thomas without me present ” he repeated.

About 40 minutes later the macho police man came in. He went and sat on his sit, closed the file and said.

” we have our eyes on you. Do not travel far we are going to be seeing each other again. You guys can go. ”

On our way back I got to know that Thomas never wrote that he met the guy at the stairs, it was all a gimmick to get me say otherwise. And also, Sandra prevented them from interrogating Thomas without the presence of the lawyer.


My Madam And I-Episode62

The next day I got ready to visit Sandra. On my way out of the compound, I recognised a blue Lexus jeep as Amaka’s. She packed a little distance a way from my house. I curiously walked to the driver side and she whined down on seeing me.

” how long have you been here?! I asked.

” get into the car let’s talk” she said.

I went round the car and entered the front seat. She immediately engaged the engine and drove off.

” where are we going to? ” I asked.

” why have you been avoiding my calls? ” she said steadying her focus on the road.

” hmm! Do you know I have been in and out of the police station since yesterday ? ”

She looked at me surprised, then back to the road and said.

” what happened? ”

” I had an argument with the commissioners son, and afterwards he was found dead. Since I was the only one seen having issues before his death, I am the primary suspect” I said.

She looked at me with a wide opened eyes and turned back to the road.

” that’s a serious case. How come you didn’t tell me all these while? ” she asked.

” come on! I can’t continue to run to you all the time “.

Just then she turned to the opposite route to my destination .

” please stop me somewhere around here”. I said pointing to the side of the road.

She ignored me and continued driving. I looked at her astonished, then said.

” what are you doing? Stop me, I need to be somewhere for an appointment!”.

“then let me drop you off at the place so when you’re done we can both leave together ” she said slowing down to the side of the road.

I was going to Sandra’s and I wouldn’t want to bring her into the picture so I said.

” what are we going to do at your place? ”

She suddenly turned the steering into the road.

” who said am going to my house? And have you forgotten you owe me? ” she said speeding up.

I had already made up my mind not to return the money. It was part of the plan for the raining day. I thought several ways to get away from her but non seem reasonable enough. Before I knew it, she had diverted and drove into a hotel, and now I am in already.

I had already promised to spend the day with Sandra who stood by me all through the previous day ill event, and again sleeping with Sandra (which is inevitable if I meet her ) would bring me more misfortune. Staying with Amaka right now seem oddly the right get away.

She packed, disengaged the gear, took out the key from the ignition then turned to me and said.

” Mike. I don’t want to be selfish anymore. I want you to desire me as a man desires a woman. I am lonely and I think of you frequently of late. I thought it was the sex but I discovered I just want you around. Please, find somewhere in your heart to want me, that’s all I need from you. You are the first guy that I really feel this way towards, I don’t know why, but I wish you can look at me the way you looked at the fair lady at the mall( Sandra )”

I felt pity for her because I can never find her attractive, she’s so not my spec and not even close to manage.

” you know am going through a lot now? Just came back from the police station early this morning. ” I said trying to act concerned.

” let me take your worries away. Let me make you happy. Do you know I have been waiting for you at the front of your house for 4 hours? I waited coz I wanted to see you. ” she said, looking pitifully at me.

This was my weak point. Pity. I pity people a lot and end up doing what I never wanted to do. And right then she was using it against me.

” let’s go inside” I said, suppressing every feeling uttering my fake affection.

We were in the room, I sat on the bed fighting with my heart that was draining all the moisture in me. She ordered for drinks, food and barbecue.

Prior to the time we entered the room, I had gone outside to call Sandra when Amaka went to book for a room.

” hello sweetie” Sandra said immediately she answered. “I was about calling you, I have an urgent call few minutes ago that warrants me to make an urgent trip, it’s my job not husband ” she chuckled .

” wow! I was even planning to come to your place ” I said ceasing the opportunity right away .

” I wanted to see you before I leave, but I can’t. I have booked a flight online and am rushing to the airport”.

” how long are you staying? ” I asked emitting genuine sadness in my tone.

” two to three weeks ” she said.

And back to Amaka. I poured myself a glass full of whiskey and took it up in two gulps. Then settled with the next glass.

” tell me about yesterday? ” Amaka said, curling to my thighs and resting her head.

I narrated the whole episode from the gay club skipping the killing Part, and the arrest avoiding to mention Sandra and her team.

” hmm. Mike, you have to be careful with how you react to things, it’s like you’re too rash ” she said touching my cheek.

I quickly sent the whole glass down my throat, frowned at the hotness and exhaled. I dropped the glass and looked at her. It’s either the drink was beginning to get to me, because she began to look beautiful in my eyes.

.it’s not a little poo you are in now Mike. ” she said sitting up to face me. ” what are the police saying? ”

” they said I shouldn’t leave town ” .

She hugged me. I opened my eyes in surprise, coz I wasn’t expecting it.

” mummy is here, don’t worry i will take good care of you “. She said still hugging me.

The hug made me felt better. I returned it and held her tight. After a while she loosened her grip, looked me in the eye and said.

” what do you think of me?”

The question really amused me, as i was wondering where she reasoned it out from. Then I asked.

” you really want to know?

” of course, that’s why I asked in the first place “.

” hmm… ” I said, poured myself half glass and poured all in my mouth.

” take it easy ” Amaka said gently to me.

” I think you’re a wicked person! ” I said.

She looked flabbergasted , her eyes and mouth were opened.

” you are about to catch a fly ” I said giggling.

” what —do— you —mean am —wicked ?” she cautiously counted her words slowly.

” because… You are the cause of my problems! ”

The alcohol was already getting to me. I couldn’t hold back what I felt any longer.

” me?! How? ”

” are you asking me? Ask everyone that has slept with you ” I said pointing at her.

She stood up, took the bottle of whiskey from me and kept it on the table in front of the bed.

” Mike, you are drunk again !” she said frowning.

” am not drunk. Am just saying my mind. You asked me to tell you what I think, that’s what am telling you and you are thinking am drunk.”

” so what you think about me is that am wicked? ” she said smiling and sitting beside me.

” you should have told me that I can only sleep with you ”

She looked confused,then turned to my face and asked .

” what are you talking about? ”

” nothing ” I said, lying facing up.

I dozed off and woke up under the duvet with just boxers on. I turned and looked at Amaka who was fast asleep coverd in the same duvet.

I reached for my phone, it was 9pm. I had missed calls from Ruth and Sandra. I returned Sandra’s outside the room. It rang severely but she wasn’t answering. I decided not to call Ruth. Sent a text message to mum. Came back to the room,ate some of the barbecue and the food before covered myself up and slept off.

No sex that night, I was happy the next morning when I woke. Amaka had gone for her jogging, I was left alone in the room. So I decided to take a stroll around the hotel when I noticed a beautiful fair halfcaste girl going down the stairs in front of me.

” Phila! ” I called impetuously.

She turned around and was surprised to see me. She wore a white handles top on a pink skimpy Caribbean skirt exposing her hot legs and full thighs, a pair of black snikers, a black face cap and a pink sport wrist watch.

” Mike! ” she screamed excitedly.

” what are you doing here? ” I said rushing to her.

We hugged passionately for a while then loosened ourselves.

” what are you doing here?” I repeated. So as to avoid talking about Amaka.

” I needed a get away so I came here”

I immediately added before she asked about me.

” and your boy? ”

” he’s with mum abroad . He is based there, he comes here on holidays . ”

“wow you look beautiful !” I said abruptly to avoid being asked any question.

” oh thank you! ”

” are you going out for sport? ”

” actually, am just returning from my morning jogging. And what are you doing here” she immediately asked before I could play smart.

” I — I came to —to hide ” I said smiling a suffering man smile.

She didn’t bother to press on what I meant my saying hiding . I felt really relieved that I wouldn’t have to bring Amaka up.

I followed her downstairs to a nearby caffee shop and was praying not to meet Amaka on the way. We settled in, and was waiting for our coffees to be served when I saw Amaka through the transparent glass walk pass the shop into the hotel. We discussed everything circled around culture and people, Laughed and joked. I was really enjoying the moment.

Phila reminds me so much of Sandra, they are both angels just that Phila is slightly prettier with an accent.

We were done with our coffees and set to go. I immediately took out my wallet and paid the bill. She smiled and thanked me.

Outside the shop, I knew it was risky to go back with her so I said.

” see you later at the hotel, I want to get something down the road ”

“why go alone? We came together, let’s go together as well”. She said smiling

” don’t worry, I have other agendas ” I said smiling back .

” ok. Make sure you drop by at room 7 when you get back, am waiting for you. ” she said and started walking to the hotel.

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