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My Madam And I-Episode56, 57, 58




My Madam And I-Episode56

Sandra stayed with us till late that evening before leaving. Mum had already accepted her but has refused to associate her with me because of Ruth whom she already considered her daughter in-law. But that evening, Sandra showed mum a side of her that was irresistible for both male or female; her charms.

Neighbours came to visit me the next day talking about my bravery. Even people that hasn’t called me in a long time suddenly started bugging my line. On the street everyone hailed me as I walked pass. Jacky also said same about himself, only that his was way worse. News men has been visiting all day according to him, and the ladies who wouldn’t respond to his greetings now want to identify with him.

” my brother, what you told me is true o. It’s difficult to chose when so many girls loves you “. Jacky said excitedly on the phone.

Ruth automatically made up with me. And brought back all her belongings to my house . Amaka on the other hand still kept her cool but seemed to have fallen more for me.

Five days after the fire episode, I decided to visit a mall for groceries. There I met very a cute little boy of about 8 years old who came to take pictures with me. I looked at the direction he came from and saw a stunning beauty. A tall half cast with a very dazzling figure smiling at me. I smiled back and she started walking towards me.

” hello “. She said emitting a beautiful smiling.

” hi” I replied .

” am sorry, my son recognized you from the TV. You and your friend have been trending of late.”

” oh… That! It’s nothing” I said lackadaisically.

We got talking as we shopped together. Eventually went to pay, she held my hand and quickly handed her card to the cashier. I looked at her in shock.

” for your bravery ” she said smiling.

We strolled down to her car, a range rover jeep. She opened the trunk and I helped in putting her stuff in. Then a call came through, she excused herself and went to answer it leaving me and her son.

” what’s your name? ” I asked the little boy .

” I am Randy”

” oh! Randy, nice name”

” thank you Mr” he answered smiling then continued. “You jumped into the fire and saved that little girl like Mr steel…. ”

” who’s Mr steel? ” I asked.

” of the series, Mr steel . It’s an animated movie ”

” I see… your mummy is beautiful and you are handsome” I said admiring the ladies butt.

” thank you sir. And you are big! ” he said laughing. ” my mummy says if I eat lots of protein am going to be very big and strong like you! ”

I laughed and rested on the car listening to the boy.

” my daddy is married to a another lady, he hardly have time for us. My mums boyfriend is a womanizer! I hate him! ”

I laughed at this and asked.

” how do you know he’s a womanizer? ”

” he combs his hair always, he always looks at himself in the mirror, he always looks at women’s butt each time a big butt passes by.. “. I immediately cautioned myself about his mum’s butt. ” he drinks and sleep all day. I don’t like him ”

” but your mummy likes him”

” My mum is blinded by his sweet talks and good sex….”. Again I was shocked! I looked at the little boy with so much words! ” I have tried to talk some sense into my mummy but she thinks am only a child ”

” it’s OK boy. Your mummy knows best, allow her judge ok? ”

” OK ” he said nodding.

Just then the lady came to us smiling.

” what have you guys been talking about? ” she said.

” boys talk” I said.

We exchanged numbers, she insisted on dropping me off but I declined, so she drove off promising to call.

I got home, fixing the things I bought to their rightful places when Thomas call came through.

” how would you like to work as a show organiser at an upcoming musical show ? ”

” thats swell! But I don’t know adam about it.”

” don’t worry, are you ready for it? ”

” of course! ” I said.

” OK, just come to my place right away. We are going to be traveling together “.

This was too urgent for me to digest.

” traveling? ”

” yes! We can’t just be traveling just like that? why didn’t you tell me before now? ”

” it just occurred to me that you need a job because my assistant just dissapointed me. Are you in or not? ”

” how much is the pay?”

” it’s 15000 everyday ”

” OK. I will be at your place. ” I said and he hung up.

I went to inform mum of the new development, she was slightly worried but I assured her that the pay was good and i have finally gotten opportunity of a decent job out of someone else’s carelessness. She later gave her consent on a condition that I call often. I also called my women to inform them of my traveling and delt with their drama individually.

We were off that evening in Thomas’s car. The jorney was a 2 hours drive and the comfort of the car made it less hectic for me.

We lodged in a booked hotel and was going to be sharing a room together. I suggested that I get a different room but the price of the hotel rooms was crazy.

We later had a scrumptious meal at the hotel restaurant before retiring for the day .

The next day, Thomas was up early, he had already taken his bath before waking me up.

” sleepy head, go and shower! ” he said tapping me hard on my buttocks.

I woke up sluggishly, went into the bathroom after exchanging greetings and few words with Thomas. Minutes later I was out and dressed.

We drove to a coffee shop to buy two cups of coffee which we drank on our way to the place. All the while Thomas was on call, he seemed to be running the whole thing on phone while driving .

We got to the place, he alighted and started working fast in front of me still talking through a Bluetooth device plugged on his left ear while sending and receiving messages on his pad. Everyone greeted him but he responded few with a nod.

Thomas’s red sleeveless top and tight green jean trouser on a pair of red snickers, adding to his soft chubby fair body made him noticeably wherever he is. He seem to enjoy the attention as he flaunts himself with so much pride.

” Tyson! He is your man”.

Thomas called a lanky tall young boy, handing me over to him and walked away immediately still making calls.

I followed the boy around. He works in the technical unit of the stage. We were in the control room fixing wires checking every device to ensure its efficiency.

Later that evening, the show took off. Tyson was good with effects and lights. Eventually it was a success for the first day. The show ended around 4 am but we remained there putting things in order till about 6.30 am when Thomas called me on the phone to meet him up at the packing lot.

The show continued till five days and Thomas gave me my pay everyday on an envelope as he promised. After the last show on the last day, we worked through till 2 pm before going back to our hotel room.

I slept throughout the day until Thomas woke me up around 10 pm to follow him to a party. I objected but he insisted.Finally I gave in grudgingly.

We got to the premises around 11pm. I followed Thomas from behind who seem to know every guy. We entered the into the club that was dark with dim lights and a loud music .The place was filled up and everyone dancing. A guy rushed to us and ushered us into a room upstairs which I believe was a VIP.The room was slightly litted with a view of the club downstairs.It was a well furnished place,with chairs circling a pole in the middle and a wine bar stationed. I saw two guys kissing passionately at the bar that was when my eyes opened.

I could see now that the girls I thought initially were guys, dressed like a girl. Thomas was busy greeting a guy who winked me and turned back to him. I wanted to leave but Didnt know my way around, and it’s already late, so sat down quietly and decided to act cool. The bar guy on a long weavon and a bold makeup,dressed in a white short top on a black mini skirt, with a long socks and high pencil hill shoe, came with a bottle of champagne in ice. Dropped it in front of us and left. If you dont look closely you will easily mistake him for a girl.

Suddenly a stripper guy came and started dancing on the pole like a girl, his ugly face was so annoying. He wore a red to match thong and a high hill boot with a weavon and a makeup. The guys threw money on him as he danced jumping up and down the pole like a girl. And after he was done he left. Another one came and did the same thing.

I went to the restroom to ease myself when a guy approached me.

” hey bunch of sugar! ” he said.

I looked at him in disgust, but said nothing.

” how are you? You caught my eyes moment you walked in. Lemme show you how much I can love and treat you right ” he said making advances at me in sexual way.

I pushed him with all my strength, he hit his back hard on the wall. When he got himself, he looked at me in horror and said,” am sorry ” then went away.

I finished easing myself, came back and noticed that the stripper guy was Unclad now.I looked away but everyone seemed to be enjoying the show.I managed to sit down and planted my eyes on my phone.

Then suddenly somebody shouted.” I’ll give you 10000 to bleep that guy! ” I raised my head and saw the guy I met earlier pointing at me laughing devilishly. The rest laughed with him and clapped excitedly.I turned to Thomas, but he shrugged and smile at me.

The stripper guy with his huge bleeping rod started walking towards me twisting his waist. I motioned him to stop yet he kept coming. I stood up to leave but Thomas held my hand and said.

” if you don’t agree you’ll have to pay twice the amount the guy placed on you”.

” if I don’t what will happen? “I said in annoyance.

” am sorry, they will have to hold you down ”

I turned to the stripper who was now trying to touch me.I didn’t know when I pushed him and yelled ” get out of me! “he fell on the table and on top of our champagne and glass cups.

The restroom guy seeing this stood up angrily

” I put 100000 on his head to bleep him tonight! ” the toilet guy shouted.


My Madam And I-Episode57

The guy that feel on the table was badly injured. Some guys rushed out from the inner room to talk me into paying if I can’t face the challenge.

” there’s nothing to reason, am straight! Am not gay! ” I yelled.

They were now trying to hold me down, before Thomas intervened. He promised to pay the money but I refused.

” how can you pay, for what?! ” I backed angrily.

” that’s how it’s done here Mike! You either pay or be forced if you refuse to oblige willingly. ” . Thomas said walking towards the inner room.

I allowed Thomas do his thing, afterall he was the one who brought me here in the first place. But I had my eyes on that guy who bidded for me to be pounded.

Thomas was inside taking care of my dept while I sat alone cautiously looking around. The whole fun was subsided in that section and the broken pieces was gathered. I sat waiting for Thomas to come so we can leave.

Not quite long he came out. I stood up abruptly and headed for the door, he followed me. I got downstairs into the club and forgot the road that leads to the exit, Thomas then took the lead and led us out to the parking lot.

” what kind of madness was that?! ” I backed as we were away from the noise.

“am sorry, I just wanted you to experience another side of life. ” Thomas said.

” am very happy you are the one to pay that money, because I wouldn’t have forgiven you if that money left my hand”. I said.

Just as we were about entering the car. I was waiting for Thomas to open the door when someone shouted.

” Thomas! going home to enjoy your boyfriend huh? ”

I turned and saw the restroom guy peeing close to a car. I immediately ran to him and hit his face on the fence. He fell and struggled up. I punched him twice on his face before he bent, used his shoulder to push me backwards. My leg hit a short pavement and I fell over. He jumped on me , landed several blows on my face before I held his shirt, dragged him to my self and gave him a head on his nose. He fell backwards giving me a chance to stand up. I picked up a stone and hit it on his head, blood splashed like a punctured pipe as he slumped. That was when Thomas arrived.

” Mike! Mike!” he said. Looking at the guy with wide eyes. ”

I was petrified that I couldn’t move a muscle. I watched as the he jerked on the floor.

“I think he’s dead! Let’s go, let’s go! ” he dragged me away.

We quickly got into the car and drove away.

” do you think anyone saw us? ” I asked looking behind my shoulder ensuring no one was watching.

Thomas drove in silence till we got to the hotel. When he brought the car to a holt he said.

” Mike! That guy could be dead. We are not sure yet! Why did you do what you did?! ” he yelled.

” mehn! I don’t know! ” I said and buried my face in my heads.

Early the next morning we checked out and I was home before I knew it. I had some extra money but I wasn’t happy. I was worried and scared. The previous night the same episode kept replaying in my dream that I could barely sleep.

I took my phone and called Jacky, but he wasn’t answering. I thought of who to call next aside Sandra, couldn’t find anyone. So I ended up calling the lady I met at the mall.

” hello ” I said .

” Mike! You finally called. I said if you don’t call me before this week runs out I was going to delete your number ” she said.

” am sorry, I traveled. How are you doing? ”

” am ok. Where are you! ”

” am home. I would like to see you ”

” ok… Can you meet me up at zoom cinema? ”

” yeah. It’s close to my house ”

” ok. Meet me up around 2pm.”.

We hung out, saw a movie and it was fun. She was very beautiful that everyone who saw us kept looking at her. I dressed my best for the outing and she looked nothing like a mum in her mini yellow gown and a simple slippers.

On our way back, a reckless driver ,driving a hummer2 jeep drove towards us, we tried to avoid him, yet he bashed us on the side.

The driver and two other guys jumped down banging the lady’s car. She gently alighted , I remained inside praying to god to save me from temptation.

Suddenly they started shouting on the lady saying she was going to fix their car . This was trouble but I wasn’t already for it. I came down of the car, begged the lady to leave that I was going to fix both cars to avoid trouble, but she seemed to have lost her cool and was raining insult on the guys who returned it and extended it to me as well . But I over looked it. I managed to ask her to enter the car and I went to settle with the guys. I took out 15000 and gave it to them with pain in my heart, but to avoid trouble i did it.

She took me to her house. A beautiful, classy bungalow. The gate man opened the gate and we drove in. She led me into the house, offered me a glass of fresh fruit juice at the dinning. She sat in front of me and said.

” do you know my name?”

Surprisingly I never asked her name.

” am sorry I never asked. ” I said smiling sheepishly.

” it’s OK. I am Phila. What did you save my name with? ”

I smiled and said. ” pretty woman “.

She laughed, blushed looking at her nails, then turned to me and asked.

” so what do you do Mike? “.

” I do whatsoever is available” I said smiling.

” that’s to mean you don’t have a steady job! ”

” yeah ‘

She looked as if thinking of something, then said.

” would you like to work in my dads company? ”

I was shocked to hear this so I reacted as such.

” of course, but what are you guys into! ”

” he’s into real estate. It doesn’t matter what you study, it’s easy, you can learn. ”

Just then a very tall, fair, macho guy walked in. He looked at me suspiciously, then turned to Phila and said in a hostile tone.

‘ who’s this?!”

She ignored him and turned to me.

‘” please meet king ” using her head to gesture towards him.

” hello king” I said extending a handshake.

He held my hand and squeezed hard . I pulled but he pressed on

” who is this guy? ” he asked again, still squeezing my hand.

I tried with every effort not to show any sign of pain.

” what is your problem? ” she asked. ” are you always going to show your immaturity everywhere you go? ”

” you told me you were going to hangout, my source saw you with this man. And you had the guts to bring him here?! ” he said still squeezing my hand.

I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so I dragged my hand off and almost gave him a punch, but held back my self.

” please, lemme drop you off. ” Phila said standing up.

I was about to stand up when the guy pushed Phila back on her sit and she fell over on the floor. I rushed to raise her up he pushed me aside. I wanted to hit the glass cup on his head but I kept my peace.

He begged Phila kneeling in front of her. She stood up and started walking to where I was, but he held her hand and dragged her back.

” come back here! Let him go! ”

I quietly told her not to worry, I can find my way out. Then strolled out. Just a little distance away, I heard them quarreling but I didn’t bother to look back.

I got home and switched on the TV to behold the restroom guys death on TV. The police was involved and the dpo made a speech, promising to bring to book anyone who has a hand in the death of the son of the comissioner of police.


My Madam And I-Episode58

I called Thomas immediately I saw the news.

” guy! Did you see the news?

” no! What about it? ” he asked anxiously.

” that dude is a commissioners son! ”

” what?! ”

” I just heard it on the news! ” I said scratching my head rigorously.

” calm down! Calm down! No one saw us. At least to the best of my knowledge. But there’s a problem”

” what’s it? ” I asked apprehensively.

” people saw you quarrel with him. They may want to link it to you. ”

” what do I do?!” I said uneasilly.

” calm down! You have to play it cool. We didn’t see him, we don’t know nothing ok? You don’t know anything, do you understand? ”

I nodded, thanked him and hung up. I sat silently thinking of why all these predicaments seem to be befalling me. Could it be that what the pastor said was true about Amaka ? I asked myself. So I made up my mind to see a seer, but who knows one? Jacky! I took up my phone and called him . He agreed to meet up with me the next day.

The next day, I ignored my appointments with Sandra and went straight to Jacky’s house. When I got to his entrance, his door was locked. I knocked severally yet he didn’t respond. I went around the house to pass through the window as usual but it was locked. I knew he was inside because the house was bolted from the in house. So I called him several times before he answered.

” guy! These ladies want to kill me!” he said as he opened the door. ” you can’t believe it, four girls since yesterday! One is even inside right now ” he smiled happily as I walked pass him.

He wore only baggy boxers that made his slim legs looked like broomstick.

” I need water!” I said as I sat down.

He went to get a cold bottled water and a glass cup, placed it in front of me, then sat beside me.

” you said you needed to meet with a voodoo specialist. ” he said looking seriously at me.

” no! A seer! ” I corrected him.

” yes we are saying the same thing. Well, I know a whole lot. But we have to visit just four. Then cross check their answers to know the right one to follow. ” he said.

” ok. When can we go? ” I said anxiously.

” relax! I have got to finish with that big pound of flesh waiting for me inside” he stood up and went inside.

Few hours later a thick dark girl with a very big buttocks that can stand a cup placed on it and a massive boobs packed up almost to her neck surfaced. She wore a tight black mini skirt that recklessly reviewed her African curves and a red bodyhug handless top on a high hill boot. My bleeping rod started shooting up when I began imagining stuffs in my head. But I shoved it aside and gave Jacky a thumb up.

Jacky saw her off and came back . Then we set out for our journey.

The first place we got to was an office with split unit. Everything depicted class and modern. We were asked to fill a form by a very attractive secretary in suit and a nice assent. She asked us to pay the sum of 8000 as consultation fee. I hesitated a little before giving in.

Few minutes of waiting in a comfy office, watching world news on a very large plasma TV. The secretary asked us to go in.

We entered a very large office. More like a president’s office than a seer. I whispered to Jacky.

” how did you know this place? ”

” my brother it’s on TV o” he said and shrugged.

The clean looking man in a very expensive dark blue tuxedo offered us a sit in front of him, just across his massive expensive looking table with laptop and a rack that accommodated files on it. A flag and pictures of the man shaking hands with governor still at the left side of the table . I became scared wondering if I can afford him.

” what can I do for you? ” the man said gently.

Jacky told him of how misfortune has been meeting with me and my desire to know why.

The man stood up and walked to a two single chairs facing each other in the middle of the office.

” follow me! ” he said.

I followed him and sat on the other chair in front of him. He took one of my hands and began peering into my palm critically.

” hmm… ” He said.

I looked at him surprisingly, but he kept his gaze on my palm.

” I see fire… I see ice. ” he looked closer and said ” who is this person in red? Hmm… I see blood around you. ”

I looked at him in shock. And back to my palm.

” you need to bring a calabash and you need to put seven A day old cobra eggs inside it. Then a litre of fresh spring water with seven day old eagle chicks poop inside. Bring them to me within seven days ” he said, then relaxed on his sit letting go my hand.

I looked lost for a minute, wondering where to get these items from within seven days. He looked at me, seem to read my mind and walked back to his sit. I followed him and sat on my chair close to Jacky.

” excuse me sir. Where can I find these things you asked for?

He looked at me and said.

“It’s okay my boy, I can help you”

I was surprised to hear this, I and Jacky thanked him wholeheartedly half kneeling. Then he said when we were done.

” how much can you pay? ” cleaning his nail with his little finger.

I and Jacky looked at each other, then back to the man. He looked at us surprised that we were surprised.

” what?! Do you guys think it’s for free? ”

Right then I lost interest in him but regreted paying for the consultation fee.

” alright Sir. We will get back to you. ” I said standing up to leave.

” alright” he said, picking up the receiver of his land line. ” call the next person in”. He said through the receiver.

” which other person do you know? ” I said as we were out of the building.

” emmm…. Let’s see zuma! ” Jacky said after searching through the archive in his head.

We got to a very voodoo looking house that was old and smelling. The voodoo man wore a black gown and tied a yellow ribbon on his head. When we got there, we sat outside before he asked us into his shrine.

It was a small room with some decay animal remains hung on the wall. He had two stools in front of his. And in the middle was a calabash with cowries in it.

” what can we do for you? ” he asked as we sat.

” I need to know my problems Sir. Been having trouble upon troubles for some time now ” I said.

Surprisingly he burst out in a boisterous laughter. I was perplexed so well asJacky.

” we think, you came to test us. But we are going to show you that we are spirits” the man said picking and trowing the cowries into calabash chanting in a strange language. Then he said. ” who is Amaka?! ” looking at the cowries in the calabash.

I was surprised to hear this.

” she’s my.. .”

He cut in. ” she is not your boss. Don’t lie to us! We see everything! ”

” she’s a lady am sleeping with… ”

” yes! ” he cut in again. ” the moment you slept with her your souls were tied. You’re to marry her or face trouble all your life ” he started laughing again. ” she knows! ” he said “She did the charm long time ago when she was still a young girl. She did it to tie down her ex who is now dead because he cheated on her! Everyone who cheats on her dies eventually. You are lucky to be alive. You have a stubborn spirit. No one can save her because the man who did it for her died long time ago. It’s irreversible! ” he said and laughed again.

” how can we reverse this for me? ” I asked.

” we can’t. No one can, else you marry her” he said and laughed.

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