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My Madam And I-Episode53, 54, 55




My Madam And I-Episode53

My bleeping rod was very saggy afterwards. I laid back resting from from the marathon sex, but I didn’t know Amaka wasn’t done with me yet . She went into her wardrobe and brought a bottle of herbal drink.

” this will help ” she said handing the bottle to me and lying back on the bed.

” what is this?! ” I frowned in disgust.

” it’s called quick action. Look at it boldly inscribed on the sticker. I bought it for our escapade you turned down. ” she said smiling devilishly.

” I can’t take this” I said handing it over to her .

” how can you pay for what I have done for you Mike ? ” she said sitting up.

” how do you mean? ”

” you are asking? I gave you 500,000 just like that because of what?! That amount of money will take me weeks or more to recover. I sacrificed it for you, because of what?! Mike! Drink that stuff and get back to business!” she said and laid face down with her big butt in view.

I almost got angry with her statement, then on a second thought realized that I can’t refund the money neither can I pay back. A side of me still blames Amaka for my friends death, even though it wasn’t her fault. But I blamed her because the fight that got me mixed up with those thugs happened in her mall . Nevertheless, I owed Amaka, I am not the type of guy who doesn’t pay his dept.

So i took a gulp. The taste was both biter and sour. I frowned after I swallowed.

” take more” she said lifting her head towards me.

I took another gulp, then dropped it on the floor beside the bed.

Amaka then came to me and put my bleeping rod in her mouth. Few minutes of intensive professional socking, it came back alive. She laid on her back dragging my neck with her. We had another rigorous sex . She tried with much effort not to moan out because of her children while I pounded with reckless abandon.

She c-m the second time after we resumed and moved away from me to catch her breath, but my rod was still very much active. It was so hard, kicking with vains. Without penetration it hurts as though it was going to break. I didn’t bother to tell her what I was going through instead I forced myself on her again, after few hesitations, we continued.

Her v----a was so dry that she had to apply lubricant upon lubricant, yet my rod refused to come down. She even had to resume socking for a long time still it remained adamant. I descovered she wasn’t responding to the sex anymore because of her dryness and I wasn’t even close to being done, so I went under her, giving her the sock of her life just to set the mood right while I gently stroked my overly rigid rod. When She seem to have gotten too excited with my head giving, she turned and asked me to take her from behind. I pounded as though my life depended on it( of course my life depended on it ). she squirted over and over while my rod still stood.

” am done Mike! am done!” she said gasping for air and moving away from me.

” but am not! I have to c-m. My rod is killing me here, it is paining! ” I said opening wide my eyes and stroking my rod.

” really? Why didn’t you tell me? ” she said looking at my it in fear.

” I just couldn’t say it. It’s embarrassing! ” I said.

” OK. I know what to do ” she said.

She brought lubricant and asked me to lie facing up closing my eyes. Then she greased her two palms and started stroking my bleeping rod gently up and down. After what seem like forever I gave a massive c-m that made me moan aloud.

It was later I discovered that I was supposed to take just two teaspoons of the herbal drink, instead I took two large gulps.

The sound of a crying baby woke me up from a very deep sleep. Then I noticed that the cry was coming from the next room. It was already morning and my head ached so bad that I couldn’t stand up immediately. I eventually managed to stagger up and headed for the bathroom, at least a shower will do a lot of good to me.

Few minutes later I was out of the bathroom still having headache. I decided to check on Amaka and also see the baby, then I remembered she was hiding me from her kids, so I laid back waiting for her.

About 30 minutes or so, the door opened, Amaka came in without the baby still tying the same wrapper from last night on her chest.

” where’s the baby? ” I said, half turning my head to her.

” good morning lion ” she greeted and sitted close to me ignoring my question.

” good morning. I thought I heard the baby crying? ” I asked.

” oh yes he was. He’s with the nanny “.

” I want to see him”. I said sitting up.

” not now, let the kids leave for school first” she said. Then turned to my head and said. ” how is your head? ”

” fine, just having headache ”

” alright, I will tell the cook to fix you coffee. ” she said. Then picked up her phone, dialed a number and said after a brief silence. ” faith, fix me one jog of coffee. Drop it at the dinning upstairs. And let me know when you’re done. ”

” how is my boy? ” I asked lying down.

” let me see your hand” she said, avoiding my question.

” I said, how is my boy? ” I gently sat up facing her.

She looked at me frowning. Then when she noticed I was serious, she smiled and said.

” what is wrong with you?! I told you, you can see him anytime you chose to “.

I felt a little foul play in her speech, so I said.

” why have you refused to admit that I am the father? ”

She didn’t say anything but stood up and walked out of the room. Few minutes later she came in with a jog of coffee, placed it on a stool beside the bed. Dragged it to where I was, then went to the fridge at the other side of the room, brought out powered milk and sugar. Came back, sat beside me, placed them on the stool and said.

” you like milk or sugar? ”

” that wasn’t what I asked you ” I said in a raged tone.

” and what the hell are you talking about Mike?! ” she yelled standing up to face me. ” and who told you you are the father?! Don’t provoke me right now, do you hear me!”

I lost my temper and said standing up from the bed.

” what do you know?! I know a lot dear. I investigated you and I have every proof to my claim. I know a lot of things about you, I even know that I am the only one who has succeeded in impregnating you”

Just then I realized that I must have compromised Sandra’s investigation.


My Madam And I-Episode54

” which member of my household have you been talking to? ” Amaka said looking critically at me.

” what the hell are you talking about? ” I pretended as though I was aloof of what she meant.

” stop acting dummy to me, you know exactly what am taking about ” her eyes narrowing ominously.

” do you think am so dumb? I know several ways to kill a rat my dear. Let’s not digress , who is the father of the boy if I am not the one? ” I said, folding my hands standing in front of her.

She turned her face from me, then walked towards the bed and sat down. I came to where she was and said.

” Amaka, why are you doing this?

Suddenly someone knocked on the door, she hurriedly asked me to enter the bathroom. I stood up, slowly walking towards the direction, but she pushed me on my back to hasten me into the bathroom and shut the door.

I heard the kids telling her they were set for school.

” alright sweetie. Don’t forget your lunch. ” Amaka said..

” it’s in our bags” a tiny voice responded.

” we need money mummy ” a more mature voice said.

” thank you mummy” the girls echoed after a brief salience.

” alright, rush to the car you are the late for school”. Amaka said.

” mummy bye bye ” the girls echoed.

They ran off and shut the door with a bang. I waited for a minute then came out, while my head ached terribly . I sat down on the bed and laid backwards facing up.

” Guess the house is almost empty now “. I said.

Amaka didn’t respond, she just stood up and went out of the room. I looked at the jog of coffee waiting for me. sat up, moved to pour myself some. Mixed it with enough milk and half spoon of sugar. A sip from it felt really good, so I took more thinking of my plans for the day.

I later went to the shower, had my bath and was feeling better afterwards. Amaka came in with the baby, she handed him to me without a word then went out again.

I immediately took out my phone and took some snappy shots of the baby, it was then I saw 18 missed calls. 6 was from Sandra and 12 from mum. I quickly dropped the baby on the bed and called mum.

” where are you?! I have been calling. Ruth said you are not with her, where did you go to? ” mum said immediately she answered.

” I am with a friend, I told you before !” I said.

” why did Ruth leave without telling me? Were you guys fighting again? ”

” but you said you called her, why didn’t she tell you? ”

” she only said she was sorry, that she had to attend to an urgent thing at home”.

” if that’s what she says then”

” please hurry up and come back. I want us to go and visit your brother”.

” alright mum”. I said and hung up.

The baby laid gently on the bed kicking his legs , beating the air with his hands and laughing . He looked so much like me, I could see my baby picture in him. I was so excited that I forgot completely about the headache and the cut in my hand. I carried him from the bed threw him up when Amaka came in.

” hey stop that! ” she yelled and rushed to collected the baby from me. ” dont you know he can fall down?”

I didn’t say anything, but quietly took my phone from the bed and said.

” I have to run. Mum needs me right away. Hope the coast is clear? “.

” It’s OK you can go. But can you make it to kings royal hotel later today? ” she asked cuddling the baby.

” I don’t think I can. I have engagements all day”.

” Mike! Remember you owe me !” she said frowning.

I looked at her figuring what to say but couldn’t find any. Then popped out the only word that came to my head.

” let’s talk about it later, I’d be busy today. I promise to make it up to you “. I said, heading for the door.

” Mike !” she called on my way out. I turned to see what it was, and then she said. ” just remember you owe me”.

I and mum went to see my brother. He was looking so emaciated and this made my mum broke into tears.

Prior to the time we arrived the station, I had spoken with Sandra and told her about our going to visit my brother, she asked for the name and address of the police station so I subconsciously waited for her call or visit while we were there.

Just before we left, I called Sandra again to let her know that we were leaving.

” don’t worry sweetie, you can go. I’ll have to visit on my own” she said.

” I thought you were going to come, I waited for your call and for you ” my voice relayed my disappointment.

” don’t worry sweetie, it’s going to be fine “. She said.

I felt betrayed and the same time disappointed. But I had to put on a bright countenance to encourage my mum.

Throughout our journey home, mum said nothing to me and responded with a nod each time I spoke to her. When we arrived home, she sat thoughtfully in the sitting room gazing into the thin air. It was obvious what she was brooding about .

I retired to my room to see if I can catch a little sleep. And few minutes later mum called me from the sitting room. I went to her, she didn’t look to my direction but hit the chair with her hand twice indicadicting I sit beside her.

” my son ” she said after I sat. ” this is a precarious situation we are in. I am pushed to go against my ethics. I can’t stand seeing my son rot in jail for a crime he didn’t commit”. She paused, shook her head and wiped her eyes with her hand, then looked at me and said. ” have you returned the money? ”

” no I haven’t ”

” good. We have to see if they can consider us with that”.

I felt pity for her seeing her in that condition. Right there I decided to make it and redeem my family from the clutches of poverty no matter what it takes.

The next day, I was getting ready to go to the station with my mum when Amaka called. I told her what I was up to, she seem to like the idea and encouraged me with some soothing words.

Just as we were walking down the street, Sandra car was driving towards us. She packed in front of us. I noticed that two persons in front before the door opened. My brother came down first followed by Sandra. Mum was delirious, She shouted, jumped, danced and almost tore her clothes. I had to hold her to prevent her from going Unclad. But she broke loose and ran to hug my brother. It was really a happy day and Sandra was the hero.


My Madam And I-Episode55

I went to see Jacky the next day. As usual we smoked and reasoned things together. Then suddenly we started hearing people shouting outside, we both ran out to see what was happening. It was a Storey building on fire down the street.

We both joined the team of people running to see what going on. The place was in total frenzy as people ran out of the house, some outsiders tried using water and detergent to put out the fire while others were either shouting or watching.

I and Jacky tried to help in our own little way but out the fire with water but got even worse. A lady ran out from the back of the building screaming. ” please help! Please help! My sister’s baby is inside “. This increased the shouting.

Few courageous youths including I and Jacky volunteered to go in. We ran to the back of the house and walked up the stairs. The heat from the fire sent some back remaining two guys, I and Jacky inclusive . We struggled to push into the house but the ceiling was seriously puffing fire and the heat was unbearable. One of the guys yelled at the top of his voice.

” let’s go back! the baby can’t survive this heat! ”

He and the other guy withdrew, I was about joining them when Jacky held my hand and said ( I later realized it was the weed speaking ).

” man! Let’s do something good for once even if it cost our lives. Perhaps God will forgive us of all our atrocities. Think about it. ”

I wasn’t motivated by his speech but I was inspired by his spirit. So I nodded my approval and we went in.

Thick black smoke was everywhere we had to use our clothes to cover our nose. When we were inside the house, the fire was less intense as it was at the stairs , but smoke was everywhere. Jacky took some water in a bucket from the bathroom and soaked a towel in it, handed it to me . Then soaked another and tied across his nose. We then poured the remaining water on our bodies and moved into each rooms looking for the baby.

We heard a cry from one of the rooms. The fire had already started burning the celing but the heat wasn’t so much so we pushed through, searched round the rooms , under the bed, then opened the wardrobe and saw a two year old baby girl crying. Jacky carried her and wrapped her with the bed sheet.

We got to the stairs the heat chased us back. The fire had already intensified and was covering the sitting room. I ran to the side of the kitchen to see if we can come down through the kitchen balcony but it was taken by the fire as well. What was left was the bathroom which was gradually hitting up and the room we were in.

” what do we do now? ” I said in panic.

” don’t worry, don’t worry I’ll think of something ” Jacky said confidently looking around the room.

The fire from the ceiling was now growing and smoke pervaded the room. The heat felt like fire itself. I had to cover myself up with another bed sheet. While Jacky was busy looking for an escape for us.

” the kitchen ” he said, handing the child to me.

” are you mad? It’s an oven out there ” I said in surprise.

” it’s going to be here soon . ” he said gathering all the clothes in the room.

We tried to go through the door but the heat drew us back. It was a dead end. We pulled the window protector but it was well cemented. The room was becoming too hot, fire angrily poured from the ceiling. We had no choice but to retreat into the wardrobe and shut the door.

” this is the end ” I said. Shaking my head in regret.

Jacky said nothing, he just held on to the crying child covering her with the bed sheet.

We covered our nose with the towel ,and used the clothes in the waderope to wrap our bodies from the heat. The ceiling suddenly gave way and some fire invested woods fell on the bed. The bed immediately caught fire. I peered through the tiny hole on the door and saw it, I quickly wrapped my exposed body with clothes and opened the waderope door, the heat almost pushed me backwards but I quickly closed the door, ran to the bed, pushed the wood away and returned to the wardrobe.

The child didn’t stop crying, she screamed on top of her voice and Jacky battled with little success to calm her down, while struggling with the heat burning him up.

The heat became unbearable, I started saying my last prayers but Jacky remained calm. I never knew I was going to die this way, I have always dreaded death in a fire, and right then it seem more realistic, dying with my junky friend whose weed possessed brained led us to this in the first place.

The smoke flooded the waderope, and the heat started burning us gradually. I could hear Jacky silently accepting the pain, while covering the baby with everything he could lay his hand on.

” this is the end man” I said.

Jacky looked at me and said nothing, he just frowned in pain cuddling the child.

Suddenly the smoke got intensed where we are, it penetrated through every hole, and water splashing sound was heard as well. I pressed the towel on my nose but it wasn’t enough. Jacky who held on to the baby started coughing but still made sure the baby was well covered. He suddenly started falling asleep. I shook him and tied his nose up with a sleeve shirt. He struggled to stay awake while I continued pushing him.

I discovered that the fire was going out hence the reason for the intensified smoke . Suddenly the smoke started giving way same with the heart. And I peered through a hole and saw water everywhere in the room. I pushed open the door, discovered that water flooded the floor and dripped from the roof. I stepped out with my nose coverd, poured some water from the floor on my body that was half roasted and closed the door of the room to prevent smoke from entering through other part of the house to us.

Jacky soaked his towel with water and pressed it on his nose. Water suddenly pushed through the window from the fire fighters hose with much pressure, I and Jacky rushed into it while the it revived us.

We remained in the room battling with the limited smoke and available water which made it fair for us. We were so grateful for the fire fighters that believably responded pronto.

About thirty minutes later water flooded the whole house and we were able to walk out covering our faces. Jacky held on to the child with so much carefulness.

Outside, people shouted as they saw us coming. They jumped happily cheering, some immediately started pouring water on our body. Jack still held on to the baby until a woman ran to us claiming to be the mother before Jacky could let go.

My clothes was ruined, I was darker and my skin hurt so much. The people kept pouring water on us while we sat on the floor. The two guys who left last, came to shake hands with us. It was a joyous day. Many thought we were dead, the child’s mother who almost kissed us couldn’t stop thanking us. It was later we discovered she lost her womb after giving birth to the child.

Several news men came and interviewed us, people took pictures of us, we felt like celebrities. From that day Jacky started having lots of girl friends.

They applied ointment on us and we took medication at the hospital before asked to leave. I went home and retired straight to my room. Mum was at her shop during the time I came back and my brother was out of the house.

It was already dark and their was no power. I saw missed calls from Sandra, Amaka and Ruth. Ruth’s call surprised me, so I called her back.

” hello Ruth “.

” Mike. I read about your bravery online. You took a great risk. How are you feeling? How is your body responding? ”

” am OK.”

” are you sure? ”

” yes am fine ”

” I’ll see you in the morning before I go to work. Take care of yourself and goodnight. ”

I sat up on my bed wondering what motivated her to remember me. Just then Amaka called. I answered it.

” Mike, you are everywhere on the news. Online and even right now on TV. Wow you are so brave. You risked your life saving a little girl, you are a hero. My hero. ”

She continued speaking good about me all through our conversation and eventually hung up.

I must have been too important for these ladies to have called . Just then I heard mum shouting in the sitting room, i also heard Sandra laughing. I rushed to know what was going on.

” Mike! Sandra just told me what happened! You did what?! ” mum said apprehensively.

Sandra came over and hugged me in the presence of my mum, kissed me on my lips and said.

” you are my hero “.

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