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My Madam And I-Episode47, 48, 49



My Madam And I-Episode47

My hand was bandaged, same as the right side of my head, and the hair had to be completely shaven to accommodate the plaster.

Mum called Ruth to fill her in what has been happening . So Ruth kept calling all day checking on me.

Sandra much later called to know when I was coming over but was met with the sad news. She came down to my place in an impetuous move. Although my plea couldn’t refrain her.

She rushed into our sitting room, just when mum was about leaving after attending to me . Mum recognized her and was able to add things up to know she was the reason for last night brawl. But she returned Sandra’s greetings with an artificial hospitality, while fixing a stern look at her while her attention was on me, and then a warning look at me before she made for the exit.

” sweetie, am sorry ” Sandra said as she sat close to me, not waiting for mum to completely leave.

I looked towards mum whose warning face caught mine. She shook her head regretfully before stepping down the stairs.

Sandra was too engrossed with her seeing me in this condition that nothing mattered much.

”why would you get involved in a husband and wife fight Mike?! ”

” I thought I should help, he was strangling her. ”

” and did you make any police statement? ” Sandra asked.

” not yet, he and his wife pleaded with mum and paid for my hospital expenses. The wife has been begging us not to take the case to the police “.

” what a stupid wife” Sandra hissed.

She took out her phone, and started dialing a number.

” hello… Ibrahim. Please send five of your heavily armed boys over to mamai ka avenue. At number 2 Dali street…. Yes, behind the filling station, the street there… Yes….You will see me waiting outside….Yes. …OK. thank you! ” then she hung up.

I turned and looked at her but she was overly raged that she didn’t bother to look at my face anymore, she just stood up without a word to me, went out. I followed her trying to reason with her, but she didn’t look at me let alone said a word.

She went outside my gate, got into her car and drove off. I was left standing looking behind her zoomed off car.

I quickly went to mum to report what was cooking. She was in a dilemma of what to do. Whether to like the idea or hate it. I was restless also because I know what I saw in the hands of those soldier guys.

” mum what should we do?! ”

Mum still didn’t say anything. She was as worried as I was but hers was tamed.

Suddenly the woman’s beater came into the compound, he walked straight to his flat. I tried Sandra’s number again but she wasn’t picking.

” are you calling her? ” mum asked.

” yes”

” leave her alone! See what that idiot did to you.” she looked at my injuries. “He has been dealing with his wife for long now, let them teach him a lesson. ” mum said, obviously finally made up her mind.

We sat impatiently anticipating Sandra’s arrival.

” you said that girl is married? ” mum asked.

” she’s not ”

” but Ruth said you told her she’s married ”

” she told me she’s married so as to test my love for her….. ”

” what kind test is that? ” mum interrupted. I ignored her and continued.

“But recently she told me the truth. She’s not married. She’s even planning on sending me abroad. ” I said, so as to divert mum’s attention to a positive news about Sandra.

” serious? ” her face lightened.

” yes! ”

” what does she do?! ” she looked worried asking this question.

This question caught me off guard, because I too don’t know what she does, but I can’t tell my mum that I don’t know so I thought of a snappy lie.

” she’s… She’s… Into… Into… ” just then I was rescued by cars stopping in front of our gate.

Mum stayed put while I went outside to check. I saw a military van with eight able bodied soldiers. Sandra was in front of them. On seeing me She commanded in a military tone.

” Mike! Show us that bloody civilian ignoramus! Show us! ”

She seemed to have assumed someone elses identity because wasn’t the soft hearted fragile Sandra I use to know. I was surprised that I was scared of this new personality of hers. So I humbly led them to his apartment.

They broke into the house, descended on the man first, before dragging him out carelessly. He was already bleeding by the time I saw them towing him into the van. Sandra walked with all confidence and authority into her car.

” Mike! ” she called in her car.

Her tone startled me. I turned towards her abruptly .

” get into the car! ” she commanded.

It was like her tone hypnotically made me run into her car. The whole place was in a complete ruckus as spectators clustered and passersby stopped to view the happenings.

Mum ran out shouting my name when she heard Sandra called me. But she was too late because we were already off before she got outside. 


My Madam And I-Episode48

Sandra kept cursing all the way to the barrack as we followed the army van behind . All through the journey I was silent, Sandra felt like a dreadful stranger to me.

Eventually we diverted to the same barracks I was brought in. This made me feel slightly emasculated sitting beside the one who orchestrated it.

She packed and came out of the car swiftly without a word to me, stood at the back watching with her hands folded as they dragged the man out. I sat in the car wondering if to come out or not.

” deal with him!” she shouted. ” you beat up women, now fight your fellow man, idiot! “.

They made him frog jump and flogged him with wrapped wire anytime he stopped to rest or pursed a little. Sandra followed behind screaming ” move idiot! “.

I remained in the car watching the other side of Sandra. It really scared the chill out of me. Suddenly my phone rang. It was mum, who has been calling since we drove off, but I silent the call not knowing whether or not to answer it in Sandra’s presence.

” hello ma ”

” where are you?! ” mum said, sounding completely worried.

” I am OK. But our neighbour is not ”

” what do you mean? ”

” they are making him do frog jump here ”

” please tell us where the barracks is, his wife has been on my neck crying that we betrayed her. Please beg your girlfriend, let them not kill him o-o.” mum said. the man’s wife screamed into the phone. ” please o-o you people should not kill my husband o-o. ” mum continued. ” please beg her for us” the woman cried again in the background. ” Mike am sorry o-o, don’t kill my husband. ”

” I’ll talk with her, I’ll talk with her” I said in a hurry.

” please the name of the barracks ” mum said.

” I’ll get back to you. ” then I hung up.

I opened the car door, came down. Walked towards Sandra cautiously. Just then Ruth call came in. I rejected it and went to Sandra who was busy shouting ” move! “beside the soldiers who made the now drained man jump.

” please… let me see you ” I said pinching her slightly on her arm, surprised at how much momentum I gathered to approach her .

She looked at the spot I pinched, then to me and said sarcastically. ” please later” then went back to what she was doing.

I stood helpless, wondering where the sudden tension was coming from. Then I went to take shade under a tree.

I began to imagine that perhaps she might really be the wife of a general. Or a soldier herself, or she’s from a family of military. I couldn’t make out the answer, so I stood holding a branch of a tree and scratching my head like a peasant.

They man jump till he couldn’t move anymore. He begged in tears but they flogged him severely with the wire, while Sandra kicked and slapt him commanding that they should make him jump. One of the soldiers whispered something to her, then she looked around and found me under the tree. She started walking towards me, while the soldiers ordered him to stand up. He struggled with much effort to stand on his feeble legs.

As she walked towards me, she looked very attractive in a tight milk trouser that revealed her voluptuous curves and black singlet with a pair of black sneakers. She knoted her hair in a ponytail without any makeup or jewelry save her white sport wrist watch. She looked as innocent as a child, but seeing her other side made me realize the devil is an angel. I use to think that I had to protect Sandra from Ruth, but right now, I see Ruth is one who needs protecting.

” hello sweetie ” she said whipping her face with the white handkerchief she brought from her left back pocket.

” hello ” I said whipping nothing from my forehead with my two fingers.

She sat on the bare floor with her focus on where the man was. I bent beside her, after hesitating a little.

” please, let him go “. I said.

She looked at me as if I have lost my mind.

” why should I? So that he can beat up another lady tomorrow? And after what he did to you, you still want to let him walk ? I won’t sweetie, after today, anywhere he sees you he’ll run. ” she said. Stood up, dusted her bum and went back to meet the soldiers.

Ruth called again, I waited until Sandra was far away before I answered .

” hello Ruth. ”

” hello baby, why were you not picking up?! ”

” please am in the middle of something, let’s talk later ”

” middle of what?! ” she sounded suspicious.

” hey! I said am busy…later! ” I said and hung up in anger.

Ruth’s jealous was beginning to get to me. Right now all I wanted was to go somewhere away from all these drama in my life.

A shout from the direction Sandra went startled me. I quickly walked fast towards the it. As I was getting close to the place, I heard the man crying and begging, and Sandra telling him ” you’re going to die today”. When I got to the closer, my memory recalled my balls kicking episode. I flinched a little but threw that thought aside.

The man was tied both hands and legs together on a long pole like a meat about to be roasted on a fire. Two soldiers lifted him up on both edges and hung him on a four feet tall hook. .

He screamed that his weight is breaking his wrist and ankle. But Sandra seem to be enjoying the cry of the helpless man in pain.

I didn’t know when I said : it’s okay! Let him go!”

The soldiers around there looked at me ominously, one of them asked . ” who the hell are you?! ” standing up.

Suddenly it occurred to me that what I did was wrong and to worsen it I didn’t know what to answer them. whether to say i am Sandra’s guy, that probably might land me in another soup so I stood looking.

“he’s with me”. Sandra said, saving me from my devourers. ” Mike, go to the car! I’ll join you soon. ”

I obediently did as she instructed without looking at my back until I was a few distance away from there. And went to wait under the tree.

A text message called my attention. I opened it, it was from Amaka asking for my account number. I paused and looked at the text again to be sure I saw it right. When I was convinced, I immediately sent it to her. This development lifted my spirit a great deal.

I sat on the floor under the tree waiting for Sandra who took the drilling personal when an alert entered my phone. It was 500,000 . I stood up abruptly, looked at it again, it was true. I jumped, danced and immediately ran home forgetting that I came with someone.


My Madam And I-Episode49

I was half way home when I remembered that I should have told Sandra that I was leaving . I brought out my phone to call her, then on a second thought shoved it back into my pocket.

I was getting close to my house when I remembered that mum may not be alone, and the people around may want to know the where about of my neighbour, so I stopped and call mum.

” I was about calling you. What is the address of the barrack?! ” mum shouted into the phone immediately she answered.

Just then I realized that my leaving Sandra wasn’t a wise move.

” I am…emm… It’s just beside Mark Wright road. ” I impulsively let out the address before I recollected what I was doing.

” OK. OK.. We are on our way ” mum said, then continued talking to whosoever was with her ” he said the one at Mark Wright road. Do you know there?…” someone from the background said . ” yes… Yes… I know there!”. Then she said ” OK let’s go ” before she hung up.

I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that I should return to the place I was coming from. So I quickly ran to the main road. Flagged down a commercial motorcyclist to facilitate my journey, then zoomed back to the Barack.

I rushed back to the shade, sat on the floor and hurriedly emptied the bottled water I bought on the way. Just then Sandra started approaching me looking like someone who deserves an accolade for an heroic act. Obviously she didn’t notice my absence.

” hope you didn’t miss me much ? ” she said smiling few distance away from me.

she has returned to the old Sandra I use to know. I quickly stood up and to relay the news of my people coming.

” they can come. He’s resting in detention. ” she said smiling, then took a sit on the floor under the shade.

“Can you guys allow him go? ” I asked, bending in front of her.

” today? No tomorrow “. She said, and brought out her phone.

I felt completely insignificant. So I decided to use her so claimed love for me against her.

” how can you say you love me and want to tell the world that I can’t ask for a favor from you ? ” I said frowning.

She looked at me critically, then smiled and said.

” so don’t you know they would see how much I love you with the way am dealing with someone who hurt you? ” she said, still looking critically at me.

” I know. I know you love me, but please when my people come, please let him go when I ask you in their presence “. I said pathetically.

She held my hands in hers.

” sweetie, can you tell them not to worry he will be released tomorrow? ” she said smiling.

I almost lost my temper, but tamed it. Instead I removed my hands from hers and walked a little distance from her. She stood up and came to me.

” aren’t you hungry? ”

I looked at her in surprise.

” I told you mum is on her way and you’re talking about food? “.

This really irritated me that I moved further away from her.

” OK. We will wait for them. I will be the one to talk to them. Is that okay by you? ” she asked.

I was about previewing her statement in my head to know what to respond when my phone rang. It was mum. I motioned mum is here to her before answering.

” where are you? We are here”. Mum said immediately I answered.

” where are you?” I asked. Giving Sandra the signal.

” we are at the gate.” mum answered.

” OK, am coming. ” I said and hung up.

” what am I going to do now?! ” my voice reeked of panic.

Sandra just gentle held my shoulder and said.

” leave everything to me. Let’s go. ” and she started heading for the gate.

I followed her. I noticed that any soldier we passed saluted her and she either ignore or just nodded. I kept pondering ‘ who is Sandra?” as we walked.

We got to the gate and saw mum, the man’s wife along side three women and five men. It was a full house.

Mum ran towards me as she saw me coming. But the mans wife ran ahead of her, knelt in front of me crying clutching my trousers.

“what have you people done to my husband?! Bring him to me o-o. ” she held on me tight crying.

” please my son, where’s he? ” mum said as she approached me in company of the rest.

I stood speechless looking at them one by one.

” he’s fine. You people didnt have to come . He will be released tomorrow “. Sandra spoke casually.

” so it’s you?!” the man’s wife said standing up to face Sandra. ” you should better arrest me too oo”.she said ,attacking Sandra.

She clutched on Sandra’s singlet dragging it with all her weight and strength, bending down pulling Sandra along. Before I could intervene , she had already ripped Sandra’s top.,

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