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My Madam And I-Episode41, 42, 43




My Madam And I-Episode41

what is your problem young man? Don’t you know if not for my timely intervention these men would have leached you. Why would you be fighting a man of god, is that not madness?! ” the man said.

” and you think you can fight every one right?! “. One of the elderly men said.

” would you guys allow me explain myself?! ” I said impatiently.

” go ahead! ” the first man said.

I told them all that happened between the prophet and us. How we sold everything to raise the money and my brother is still in prison.

” and you thought it wise to come and fight the prophet? ” the third man said.

” you won’t blame a child for doing what he feels is right to defend his family “. Mum who has been standing behind the men said as she surfaced and stood beside me.

” and what if the child did is utterly wrong and you know it” the first man said in anger.

Debate ensued between the men and mum afterwards . I just stood innocently in the middle of the fight.

Suddenly, I sighted the prophet approaching from a distance looking overly raged with four armed men in mufti . I quietly snuck into the crowd without their notice as debaters were busy shouting on top of their voices and onlookers engrossed with the fight . As soon as I was of sight, I ran fast as I could out of the building till I got far away from the premises.

While I was rushing off to catch a cab, I decided to put a call across to mum to know what was happening, but she wasn’t answering. I tried severely, yet no response. Then I decided to return to the church.

The minute I approached the gate of the church, I received a text message from mum just in time to warn me not to surface from wherever I am. But I wasn’t comfortable until I see what’s going on. So I snuck into the building, the whole place was in ruckus therefore no one took notice of me.

I searched all through for mum she wasn’t anywhere in sight. I couldn’t risk going close to the main building, so I walked around the building looking into the church but she wasn’t there. I decided to call again but she wasn’t picking. So I met a little boy and asked if he knows what happened to the lady whose son fought with the prophet. The boy told me the police men took her away. I felt really horrible hearing this, it was all my fault.

On my out someone shouted. ” that’s him! thats him!! Get him! Get him!! “. I didn’t bother to see who, I just took to my heels. Two guys rushed to close the entrance to prevent my escape. I looked at my back to see some people running towards me. So I ran towards the fence, jumped and held the top, pulled myself up, just as I was about to cross my legs over a guy caught one of my legs and pulled it. I almost fell, but I held strong, landed the other leg hard on his face, he moved backwards given me the chance to jump down on the other side.

I ran into a nearby bush and came out from the other side to the main road. I quickly flagged down a commercial cyclist ,jumped in and we were off before I sighted some of the church members surfacing from the bush.


My Madam And I-Episode42

I went straight to Ruth’s apartment. Candy was home, so she let me in.

” Mike, what is it?!”. She enquired. Looking at me as if I have gone nuts.


” I need water! ” I said erratically, sitting on the bed.

She quickly brought the water looking worried. I collected it swiftly and drank it in a hurry. Immediately I was done, I brought out my phone, dialed my mum’s number but she still wasn’t picking.

“mum isn’t picking her phone!” I said standing, walking restlessly around the room.

Candy followed me around worried.

” Mike, what is the problem?! ”

I told her about all that happened. She sat down, folded her legs with her hands between her thighs listening to me in silence. When I was done she said :

” Mike, you need to surrender to Christ. All these that are befalling you is as a result of your reckless lifestyle”.

I looked at her with scorn in a kind of Kettle calling pot black way. But she ignored it and continued :

” since I became who I am, I have been free from all these troubles”. She paused, thought of something then continued. ” come to think of it, why should you fight a man of god even if he’s fake. You have no right to lay your hands on him Mike “. She sounded angered than scolding.

” please, I don’t need one of your boring sermons right now! ” . I said as I sat at the extreme end of the bed.

She stood up, came to where I was and sat close to me, cross her hand round my neck. I looked at her suspiciously.

” Mike, you need to understand that it pays to serve God”. She said leaning on my shoulder.

I ignored her statement, tried my mums number again. She looked at me in as though surprised and said.

” who are you calling ?”.still leaning on my shoulder.

” it’s mum. ” I answered , putting the phone on my ear. ” oh it’s ringing “. I said, jerking up excitedly.


I listened to it silently as it rang. Suddenly mum answered. I stood up abruptly.

” hello ma “. I said.

” it’s OK my son. It has been resolved, thank god you weren’t around they would have dealt with you “. She said.

” what about you, how are you? ”

” am on my way home. They couldn’t arrest me coz I wasn’t the one at fault, moreover they treated the issue eventually as misunderstanding.

” did they collect money from you? ”

” yes they did. The prophet charged you for assault. I begged him alongside those o elderly men with you earlier, before he agreed to drop all charges but with a condition. I paid for my release, even though I wasn’t arrested. And I was made to sign an undertaken, and an agreement to pay for all the spoilt things during the brawl. ”

” ha! You don’t mean it?!” I asked punching the wall with my free hand.

” we will talk later, am on my way home. ” she said and hung up.

I felt so bad that I have cost my mum another expenses this period we could barely feed.

Candy walked up to me, where I was resting my head on the door, slightly hitting it. She held me on my waist from behind and rested her head on my back

” it’s okay Mike. It’s well. Just believe god. ” candy said.

I felt like kissing her, but I just controlled urge and pulled myself away from her to sit on the bed. She followed me and sat on my thighs. It was becoming a kind of game she is up to.

” what are you doing following me around? ” I asked bewildered.


She adjusted herself well on my thighs, crossed her hands round my neck and said.

” don’t be afraid, I don’t want to sleep with you, am just trying to console a broken brother “.

“If you are not trying to tempt me directly, you succeeding indirectly. ” I said, gently taking her hands off my neck and standing up.

She held my hand. Stood up and faced me. I was confused at this moment. I wondered what was she really up to.

” Mike, stop walking away from me. Am not going to bite”. She said as she gently pushed me back on the bed.

I laid back, wondering what she’s planning. So I kept still. She lied on top of me. Rested her head on my chest. Her whole body fitted right on my body. She started stroking my hair. I still kept my cool, but my junior was reckless. I felt she started feeling the kick and liked it.

” what are you up to Candy? ” I asked amusingly.

” just helping a brother in distress “. She said, still stroking my hair.

” and by seducing me? “.

She just smiled and said nothing. Suddenly she raised herself a little and started kissing my neck.

” Candy what are you doing?! ”

” just relax”. She whispered, and continued kissing my neck.

Her therapy helped, I was relaxed and crazily aroused.

Her little pointed boobs were visible from under the collar of her white large singlet as she raised herself to kiss my neck . Even her undies that were covered by the singlet were now unclad.


I couldn’t curtain this anymore, so I went for it, I grabbed her and kissed her hungrily. She pushed me off her and stood up from my body. I followed her abruptly wondering what went wrong.

” how could you Mike?! ” she raged.

” how could what?! ” I sounded utterly befuddled.

” how could you do this to my sister?! ” she barked.

” how could you tempt your sisters boyfriend?!” I threw back.

” me?! Tempt you? I was only trying to get you relaxed not knowing you’re an immature adult.”. Her tone emitting contempt.

” please Candy, don’t insult me” I said, trying to control the anger stirring in me.

Just then my phone rang. Sandra was the caller. My heart skipped a beat, I composed myself before answering not noticing Candy’s inquisitive gaze.


My Madam And I-Episode43

Sandra was so happy to see me. She hugged me so tight I thought she wouldn’t let go.

” I have missed you Mike”. She said.

She planted kisses on my lips before I could say a word. Eventually we ended up having seix . It felt good seeing Sandra and making love to her.

Unclad on the couch cuddling. I told her all that has been going on since she left, she listened in silence. All the while I spoke she was deep in thought.

” what’s it sweetie? “. I asked.

” I think we should leave this country. I think you can never achieve much here “. She said, still looking distant in thought.

” we? Am afraid of your husband. And that reminds me, what happened between you guys ? ”

” you mean between I and my husband? ” she asked.

” yeah ” .

” well, he threatened to kill me if I.. ” she paused, sat up and I joined her. Then continued. ” …if I ever meet with you again “.

Fear gripped me to the spine. I tried to control myself not to reveal how I truly felt.

” what if his boys tracks you down here with me? The last time I saw hell, I wouldn’t want to be killed this time ” I said silently.

” I am making plans for us to leave this country, you and i”.

” how do you plan to on doing that! ” I asked.

” it’s going to cost just money “. She shrugged.

” am talking about your husband.” I said, moving a little away from her.

” sweetheart, I told you, I can handle him! Leave him for me. ” she said, holding my arms.

Sandra dropped me off at the front of my house and drove off. I went in to meet Ruth in the sitting room. She was home early and this troubled me.

” what are you doing home early? ” I asked, sitting beside her.

She moved away from me. I looked at her in shock.

” what’s it dear? ” I asked.

” so you went to visit Sandra again right? ” she said in a low ominous tone.

I adjusted myself, and tried to think of a perfect lie but my brain was too empty to grasp one.

She suddenly started raining insults on me but she crossed the line when she used the help she has been rendering us to insult my family. This infuriated me that I went out of my mind.

” So that is what this is all about right? Alright, calculate all you have spent on me and my family, am going to pay you back and get the hell out of my house! ” I yelled.

She suddenly discovered her mistake and started begging, this time I was raged, I began pushing her out of our house. My mum who heard my voice ran upstairs to know what was going on, she met us at the staircase . I refused to tell her what happened, instead continued pushing Ruth out.

” please beg him for me, am sorry Mike ” she begged as she cried, holding my mum.

My mum who is fund of her stood for her defense. She dragged her into her room and shut the door. I was so angry I had to leave the house so as not to do what I will regret. I went straight to Sande’s house.

I was about to knock when I heard Sandra calling my name, she was on a call. so I listened to what she was saying.

” Mike really loves me.” . This made me smile. so I listened on. ” even what you and your boys did to him he still didn’t sell me out, that kind of guy is rare….yes…. That my husband is the general?….. Hahahaha…. It scares the sh!t out of him…. I am going to settle with this one….. Yes… He is the one….. I can deal with that…. Which general ?” she laughed hysterically ” …yes… I know…. OK… Thanks. I will pay in something, but your boys were too hash on him. … I understand…. ”

I couldn’t listen anymore so I opened the door and walked in.

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