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Pussymania - Episode 9



Pussymania - Episode 9

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

As the days passed, life was normal, I did my work to the best of my abilities, Carol and I get along fine, She seemed to have changed in past few days, she was no longer gloomy and moody all, Her face brightened up and she looked more beautiful, Any time I clean her room or her clothes she would thank and praise me, When She was not going to work, She’d invite to her beach Cabana, and we would talk about slots of things, during our conversation, I found out, she didn’t care about money, All she wanted in life is see things and blend with people but as all rich families, She wasn’t allowed to.

The month had ended, and it was time to receive my pay, I was watching news in my house, when I saw the alert, I quickly checked and what I saw threw me off balance, My money was supposed to be 40,000 but I saw was the 2× of it. 80,000 was sitting my account, there has to be a mistake and I needed to inform Carol.

I quickly called Carol, and luckily she picked!

Alex➡ Afternoon, Mrs Lovette

Carol➡ Afternoon Alex, how r you?

Alex➡ I’m fine, Mrs Lovette, uhmm, there is something I want to tell you.

Carol➡ What is it?

Alex➡ The money you sent , there has been a mistake. You sent 80,000 to my account.

Carol➡ Oh, don’t worry, its no mistake, that’s ur pay!

Alex➡ But, I don’t understand….

Carol➡ That additional 40,000 is ur reward, for helping around the house, its a bonus, enjoy it, you deserve it.

Alex➡ Thank you, Mrs Lovette.

I ended the call, and jumped high, in the air, I got double payment and just for cleaning and washing oo, I called my friend, Mike to meet me at a restaurant, I wanted to celebrate with him, cause he got me this job.

Mike and I enjoyed our selves, He was surprised with the way i spent money buying stuff, he wanted to know what happened, I told him everything except the part where Carol and I kissed!.

Mike➡ Bros you’re lucky oo

Alex➡ I thank God! This job is wonderful.

Mike➡ But you should by her a gift! You know

Alex➡ Mike! Buy wetin? What can I buy to somebody that has everything? I don’t know what to buy!

Mike➡ Try at least, even though its small, she will know you appreciated what she did for you!

Alex➡ You’re right, Hmmm let’s see.

After the spending spree, I went home wondering what I would buy for Carol, Mike was right, I have to show her my appreciation, I had to think real hard on what to buy for her! Just as I was thinking, I saw Jessy coming out of a car, She saw me and waved at me, I crossed over to her and we greeted.

Alex➡ Afternoon, madam

Jessy➡ Afternoon, Alex and pls call me Jessy

Alex➡ Sorry Jessy!

Jessy➡ No p, by the way, you live around here?

Alex➡ Yes, there’s my house, over there!

Jessy➡ Hmm, I see.

Alex➡ Can I ask you something, Jessy?

Jessy➡ Yes!?

I told her everything that happened earlier today with Carol, and asked her what the lady was interested in!

Jessy➡ Hmm, well Carol doesn’t like so many stuffs, sorry I can’t help you there, she doesn’t have any interest on things, but Just try and do something for her, something nice and sweet.

Alex➡ Thanks

After that, she quickly went her way! I kept on thinking what I would do for her, just then, an idea enter my head, Women love cakes ? so if was to do anything for her it was just that, I quickly went to the bakery, and ordered them to make one, a chocolate cake with Carols name on top of it. After that, I went to the store and bought lots of Chocolate, sweets e.t. c.

Tomorrow is my duty so everything would be done before then, I called Sandra, to see if she was busy,

Alex➡ Hello gorgeous

Sandra ➡ Hello charming

Alex➡ So what’s the lady doing?

Sandra➡Hmm, nothing just laying around!

Alex➡ Okay, why don’t you get dressed and let me take you somewhere special!

Sandra➡ Okay, I’ll be done in an hour!

She ended the call and decided to buy her something as well, hers wasn’t as difficult as Carol, I bought dresses, necklaces and some other few items. I came back home and bathe and dressed up, I wore the new clothes I bought, I checked myself and everywhere was good, Finally I took off to Sandra’s house. When I arrived and knocked at the door, she opened it, When I saw her, she made my mouth drop! She was beautiful, she looked amazing and attractive, everywhere good and fine, her body was spectacular! I started comparing her body with Carol’s, God, Sandra was sexy in her own way, but Carol, oh la, la that one is a different dimension, I surprised her with the gifts and she was happy!

Sandra➡ Oh, Alex, thank you! That’s sweet! But you shouldn’t have!

Alex➡ Come on Sandra, its just a gift, that’s all I wanted to show how I cared for you!…

Sandra➡ Oh Alex…

She hugged me tightly, she smelled great, her boobs were so soft pressing against my chest, I also hugged her, holding her sexy hips, God! I felt hard under!.

We separated from the hug and went out on the date, i took her to a lots of place, the zoo, the mall, museum, the park, it was like we went around Abuja, Finally it was getting ? late and we had to return her home, and we arrived we joked about a few things before I took her to the door, and as we arrived, We stared at eachother, Déjà vu again won’t happen, It happened in an instant, We started kissing, she wrapped her hands around my neck and i wrapped mine around her waist, the kiss was hot and romantic, our tongue twisted together as we kissed, We stood there for like 6mins, then I broke the kiss, I bade her goodnight and tool off, I started thinking, I’ve kissed both Carol and Sandra now, they’re all amazing ladies but I was in a crossroad! Who was I going to choose? Carol was playing hard to get and I will get her attention but Sandra already loves me and I didn’t know what to do? Well let’s just see how this plays out, I took a taxi and went home.

(Sandra P. O. V)

God, that Alex is a real gentleman, I didn’t want those gifts and I never would have asked him but he still did it, and Spending the day with him, was wonderful, i felt like the luckiest woman in the world and that kiss, Wow, he’s so good! But why would he break off like that, I wonder what’s wrong? Maybe its that Carol! Could stella be right? I love Alex, I really do!

I hope he won’t fall for her charms, Women like that love playing with men. Well, as long as we’re together and he loves me, nothing will happen.

(Carol P. O. V)

D--n! Being lonely is not good, no Dad, no Jessy, and no Alex, yes Alex, I wonder how he is! He’s such a funny guy and an honest one too, He wasn’t expecting the pay but he deserved it anyway! Still I wonder what he’s doing tonight, I would like his Company! My phone rang breaking off the silence, it was Jessy!

Jessy➡ Hello, moody geek!

Carol ➡ Evening, Crazy b---h!

Jessy➡ How’s ur evening? Lonely huh?

Carol➡ Yes, come to my house!

Jessy➡ Girl, I’m busy.

Carol➡ in the evening? Pls don’t tell me you’re having sex?

Jessy➡ Well, I just did, the pig couldn’t last a minute.

Carol➡ Jessy, you’re crazy, You can’t sleep with strangers.

Jessy➡ No this one is no stranger! Do you chief Ahmad?

Carol➡ The fat toad that wants me to marry him?

Jessy➡ Yes, that one.

Carol ➡ Jessy becareful of Aids.

Jessy➡ Don’t worry! By the way, I saw Alex!

Carol➡ What? Where?

Jessy➡ Easy oo, see how you’re jumping! He lives in Kubwa!

Carol➡ How did you know?

Jessy➡ I met him there, he even showed me his house! I’ll be visiting him often though!

Carol➡ B---h if you put ur hands on him, you’re dead!

Jessy➡ Take it easy, I was only joking, he even wanted to surprise you with a gift, he asked what you liked and I told him to do his best.

Carol➡ What? Couldn’t you tell him I loved chocolates ?!

Jessy➡ Wait oo, I thought you hated chocolate?

Carol➡ You’re mad, jessy!

Jessy➡ Well, anyway, try be accept whatever he brings.

Carol➡ I don’t care what he brings, but its so sweet of him, to do that.

Jessy➡ See! I told you he likes you! Try to make him date you!

Carol➡ I’ll do that in my own terms

Jessy➡ You better hurry oo, or else!

Carol➡ Shut ur mouth, Bye.

Jessy➡ Bye

I ended the call, I was surprised though, Alex wants to buy me a gift, its so sweet, Well Jessy was right, I have to take him, before someone else does, well let’s see about tomorrow! Such a sweet guy❤!

To be continued

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