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Pussymania - Episode 7



Pussymania - Episode 7

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Weekend had arrived, and I went home to enjoy the weekends, When I arrived, my neighbors were glad, i’m back, most especially Susan and Jennifer but I had no time for them, instead, I spent my Weekends with Sandra, I called her as soon as I arrived home, I asked her if she wanted to go on a date with me and she happily accepted.

We went to Parks, restaurants, store, anywhere we could enjoy ourselves but she preferred the amusement park, She loved riding those crazy rides, I didn’t spend much on her cause she didn’t give me the chance to!

Alex➡ Come on, Sandra! Let’s have a good time together, let me buy you some nice things.

Sandra➡ Hmph, pls Hold on, don’t spend to much, besides you’ve spent enough, come on, take me home!

Alex➡ As you wish, ur highness!

Sandra➡Thank you, prince charming!

I took her home and as we walked home, we passed Carol’s house, still remembering what had happened through the whole week!

Sandra➡ Are you okay?

Alex➡ Uhm? Yes I’m fine!

Sandra➡ Really? You look like you’re disturbed!

Alex➡ No just wondering about work! Today is my last shift for the week so…

Sandra➡ Yes, you’re right, Jobs, are so stressing, being a school teacher is not easy!

Alex➡ Don’t worry, everything will payoff in the end!

We finally reached her house, it wasn’t far from Carol’s house, I followed her to the door, we stopped at look at eachother, I wanted to kiss her but my body froze, She also wanted me to make a move but instead, she Gave a hug and a kiss on the cheek! We bade goodbyes to each other and I went my way, I quickly returned home! And took my uniform, and just as I was about to dress myself, Susan came knocking at the door!

I went and opened the door and she quickly came in!

Susan ➡ Sorry! Alex

Alex➡ What is it, Susan? I’m late for work!

Susan➡ Sorry but I want you to do me a small favor!

Alex ➡ What is it?

Without wasting words, she jumped on me, kissing me, I couldn’t get her off me! She was h---y as hell, and the only way I’m leaving this house is to give her what she wants.

Alex➡ Stop Susan! Your husband’s around what if he catches us?

Susan➡ Don’t worry, he’s watching football!

I remove her wrapper and Fingered her c--t, she was wet ? and ready for f-----g, she bent down and removed my shorts, she massaged my d--k and took it into her mouth, Her mouth was warm and slippery, she s----d me good and hard, I couldn’t control myself any more, I shoved my clock inside my throat, she gagged as I drilled her throat, Her saliva covered my d--k, lubricating it to go deep inside her thraot, She handled the situation like a pro, she held tightly onto my ass as she s----d my d--k, Soon enough, I came into her mouth and on her face.

She laid down on the fall and opened her legs widely, She urged me to enter her p---y, Before that, I turned on my music player so no one could hear us, I rushed towards her and plunged in deep into her p---y, I pounded hard deep into her, I went fast and rough, she moaned and screamed with pleasure, Her p---y clenched onto my d--k, I drove my d--k wildly deep into her, hammering her c--t with every t----t, her body trembled and shook with every t----t, Her eyes widened with ecstasy and pleasure, As minutes passed, she came hard on my d--k! I didn’t stop, though I kept pounding and hammering hard into her p---y, she was savoring every minute of the f--k, After f-----g for some minutes, I felt like I was going to c-m!

I pulled out and pointed my d--k on her face, She opened her mouth open, as I came hard on her, she licked my d--k and balls in the process swallowing my jizz!

After that, she cleaned her face and left my room, I quickly bath, got dressed and took off to Carol’s house!

As I arrived at the house, she was outside talking with her nympho friend, Jessy! I greeted them and went inside, As I entered I felt Carol’s eyes boring through my back!

I entered my quarters and dressed in my uniform! As I came out of my quarters, I saw Carol entering her house, well since there was nobody to talk to, I bought my phone out and started listening to music and Chatting..

Hours later, Carol came out with a bottle of beer, in her hands she was staggering with every step, As soon as her reached near the pool, She slipped and fell into the pool, I thought she was just going to come out, but just then all was quiet, I quickly lefty post and hurriedly jumped into the pool to save her, She had already gone down inside the pool, I took her out and swam with her to the edge of the pool, I knelt down close to her face, she was breathing, I was terrified not knowing what to do, just then, I remembered watching a movie of how lifeguards rescue those that drown! I pressed her chest thrice and nothing happened, I put my mouth on her to s--k the water out of her lungs, after several attempts, she woke up, coughing the water out of her lungs! I lifted her up and took her into her bed room, I rushed to the kitchen and checked what I could cook for her, There was nothing so I quickly prepared some tea ? for her, I took it to her and she drank, Unknown to me, she had called her doctor and he quickly came! He prescribed some medicine for her and told her to lay off from intoxicated drinks, After he left, She stood up and went to her beer parlor, she took a bottle and opened it, before she could take a sip, I snatched the bottle from her hands!

Carol➡ What are you doing, Alex? Give me back my wine!

Alex➡ With all due respect Mrs Lovette, No!

Carol➡ What? Are you mad? I’m ur boss!

Alex➡ Yes Mrs Lovette, but the answer is still No!

Carol ➡ Give it to me, or you’ll be fired!

Alex➡ Mrs Lovette, pls enough, I know its not my place but why are you hurting urself? Whatever it is, its not worth it, You’re still alive and well, life is cruel and wicked, but that doesn’t mean, All is lost, giving up on ur life is not worth it, you’re still young and you have a bright future ahead of you, so pls Stop drinking urself to death, if it would have helped, it would have a long time ago! Everything in life happens for a reasons and I promise you, something good would come out of it, Believe me, I’ve known!

Carol➡ Why are you telling me this?

Alex➡ I’m telling this because, I’ve seen people like you, who go through the same troubles but they don’t give up! They fight and now they’re okay and happy!

Life is not always kind, Sometimes, fate tests you to see how you would cope! I hate to see you throwing ur life for someone that never deserves you!

Carol➡ What?! How did you know?

Alex➡ Sorry for bringing that up but Jessy told me everything, you don’t need to suffer urself on some worthless bastard that doesn’t appreciate you! Believe me, he should be on his knees thanking God, he has a beautiful lady, like you, But he wasn’t grateful and God showed you what a worthless creep he is!

You deserve someone who loves you for what you are and cares for you! So pls Mrs Lovette, I beg you Stop drinking!

It seems that what I told her had reached deep into her, Tears started dropping from her eyes and she rushed and hugged me! I was surprised but I didn’t waste any time, I hugged her too, and we stood like that foe some minutes, just then she looked into my eyes and I looked into her, we immediately kissed eachother, her mouth was warm and she was a d--n! Good kisser, Suddenly she pulled away from me and went into her bed room, I was surprised, what happened? Didn’t she like the kiss? Oh well, I went out, jumping high into the air!

I’ve hit the jackpot!!

to be continued

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