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Pussymania - Episode 4&5



Pussymania - Episode 4

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I started my work on Sunday night, I moved into my new temporary house, Man it was cool, neat, and chic, I arranged my stuff neatly, prayed to God, set the alarm and went straight to sleep,.

Despite the fact, I was sleeping in a nice better place than my own I couldn’t sleep, I rolled all over the bed, I tried every sleeping position but it wasn’t working, Just then I heard a noise outside, I quickly peeped through the window, It was Mrs lovette, she was wearing her night gown holding a bottle of wine, she was drinking directly from the bottle, I could tell she wasn’t her self, She sat on a chair ? close to pool, She just stared at the pool, like some one hypnotized, then she put the bottle in her mouth and gulped down the whole bottle!

Wow! She was really good at drinking, What’s wrong with this woman? Drinking in the middle of the night is no normal think, except if you’re drinking water!

She stood up, removed her night gown and D--n! She was wearing a Sexy bikini, white with black spots on it, the bikini was small for her cause, her boobs were like trying to burst out of it and, it was as if she didn’t wear anything under, the pant has entered in between her ass and……..

She jumped on inside the pool and swam strokes like a pro, she was really swimming like a fish! It was such a wonderful sight! Thank goodness the pool had light in it. After 15mins of swimming, she came out staggering and walking unbalanced, before she could reach her door, she vomited ? Poor lady, what could be disturbing a Sexy lady like her, I mean she’s rich and she could even make men line up in her house, so what’s the issue? She entered and closed the door, I went outside and cleaned the vomit, Maybe I could help her out probably but that would be impossible.

Monday morning, came knocking at the door, I quickly bathe, ate some food and waited close to the gate! After some minutes, Carol came out, D--n! Everytime, I see her she gets more sexier than ever, She wore a shirt exposing her cleavages, I became hard that instant and her Slacks was mind blowing, it was tight and it showed the line of her pants and her hair was neatly brushed backwards, She opened the garage with a remote and behold, Cars that I have heard of, is now in my presence, She choose a black camero! She ignited the engine and drove to the gate.

Carol➡ Alex!

Alex ➡ Good morning Mrs lovette!

Carol ➡ How was ur night? Hope you’re feeling comfortable?

Alex ➡ Yes Mrs lovette.

Carol ➡ Here’s the key, to the main building, you can fix yourself anything you need in the kitchen and Don’t messed with anything, okay?

Alex ➡ Okay, Mrs lovette, I promise nothing will happen!

Carol➡ Alright, see you later!

I opened the gate, and she roared the engine and zoomed off, Man she knows how to drive! Before I could close the gate, I saw a girl brushing off her skirt, she was saying harsh things about something, well she looked gorgeous, so I decided to check her out.

Alex ➡ Hey, good morning, is something wrong?

Sandra➡ Oh morning! It was that lady, she’s driving like a criminal she could have hit me!

Alex➡ Sorry, she’s my boss, she’s lives here!

Sandra➡ I know! Everyone knows her, Mrs lovette

Alex➡ Oh then again sorry about that, my name’s Alex!

Sandra ➡Oh, Alex, mine is Sandra, nice to meet you!

Alex➡ The pleasure is mine!

Sandra➡ I see you’re new, Mr Andrew left?

Alex➡ Oh he retired, I started yesterday! Why don’t you come in and we could get more acquainted with eachother with a drink!

Sandra ➡(giggles) hmm, I like ur offer but I’ll be late for work, maybe next time, see you later..

Alex➡(D--n) wait… Can you give me ur number?

Sandra➡? Hmm, looks like you’ll have to find me, see you charming!

Wow, this babe is a knockout, She even called me Charming! God, first a good paying job

Second, I’m sleeping in the same house, with one of the sexiest women in the world

And now, I’ve got one attractive lady that likes me, My life is really going well for me, I went back to my post, I bought out my phone and chatted with some people, even Jennifer and Susan, they all were missing me or I should say my d--k! They knew about my new job and they wanted to come to my place but hell no can’t let that happen!

After a some minutes of chat, I decided to go around the house, it was really big, Mrs Carol must have spent lots of money building this place! I went into the house, and also went around, she was a clean woman, everywhere clean despite the fact there were no maids in this bbig house, she really managed it well, as I was walking around I stumbled on a photo album, I took it up and opened it to see, Mrs Carol was really beautiful, her parents were also good lookin like their daughter, Carol looked like her mother, I browsed through the album, and it seems she was the only child, Poor lady all alone with no one, as I glanced through, I saw a photo of her kissing a guy, well the guy was handsome, it seems they had fun together, I was jealous in that moment, I continued glancing through till I saw another photo of them but this time, it was different, she wore some nasty things about the guy, and the last words were “I’m going to murder you!”

Kai, this lady is not well, maybe that’s why she’s so gloomy, she never wore a happy face! This bastard had probably done something to her! Some men are terrible.

I closed the album and took it to her room, as I entered the room was full of bootles of wine! Her bed scattered and clothes everywhere, I felt sorry foe her, she shouldn’t kill herself over some fool, I looked around the room it was a mess, I know she said no touching but even she would appreciate a little cleaning in her room, so I got to work, I cleaned her room, washed her clothes, folded some, and ironed some, I arranged the room neatly and soon, it was clean and neat, everything put in place,

I went to the kitchen to cook some food, I was feeling hungry, her kitchen was nice too, I prepare some jollof rice and ate to my satisfaction after that I went out of the house to my post!

It was afternoon, already and the heat was terrible but not for me cause I’m inside in cool room with an air-conditioner, soon, I slept off. I woke up some minutes later, I stretched myself and went to the gate, As I was standing outside the gate, Sandra walked towards my direction, she was sweating because of the heat but still she looked some Sexy, so as she arrived to my direction, I decided to convince to spend some time with me!

Alex➡ Afternoon, Sandra looks like you need to cool off!

Sandra ➡ Oh, hi charming, this heat is unbearable!

Alex➡ Well, you can come inside here, rest and then you can go!

Sandra ➡ Still trying to get me! Sorry but I hardly know you!

Alex ➡ Yes, so why don’t you come in, and we can know eachother better, I promise I won’t bite, Come oon you need to rest.

Sandra➡ Okay! No funny business!

I opened the gate, and I took her in, I showed her the bathroom to bath, and while she was doing that, I warmed some of the rice I cooked, at first she was hesitant but she later gave in, she eat and was enjoying the food, she was surprised when I told her I cooked it, We talked about alots of things and I found our she is a teacher in a secondary school, Though we don’t have much in common, we really had interesting conversation, I tried as much as possible to be funny and she laughed at almost everything I said, she was lovely, at the end of it all, we ended up in a good note, but before she left she gave me her phone number, We exchanged goodbyes and she left!

Man! I hit the jackpot, Sandra the Sexy educator! D--n! She was an interesting person but if there is anyone that I would like to know its Mrs Carol lovette!

To be continue to

Pussymania - Episode 5

(Sandra’s P. O. V)

What a morning, as usual, I hate it, I hate everything especially men! Hmph! Thanks to that bastard, Will, I’ll never be the same, Ohh, how could you, will after every thing, I’ve done you still had to put ur tiny p---k inside another woman on our wedding day and for what? Because I didn’t allow you to have sex till we’re legally married!

Mr Andrews had retired, and such a gentleman, I’m going to miss him! And that new gateman! What’s his name again? Oh Alex, the guy looks charming but if he messes up and fucks with my shit, I’m gonna kill him, and to make things worse, I almost crushed someone while driving! What a day!

I arrived at work, feeling so empty, I wasn’t feeling myself after what happened at the wedding, Now I’m a addicted drunk ? always drinking at night, if I remembered I vomited at night and this morning its gone, Strange maybe that Alex guy got rid of it.

Running a telecommunications company is not easy, you’re always in meetings and other shitty stuff, As I entered, Everyone greeted me! Idiots fake bastards, they r all laughing at my back!

My best annoying friend, Jessy interrupted my thought.

We were friends since we were little, she was always there for me and always gave me wonderful advise, Her problem is, she likes men! Anytime she sees a Charming guys she goes ? bananas! To make things worse, She sleeps with them at the end of the day!

Jessy➡ Hi, besty, how’s ur morning!?

Carol➡ Still annoying thanks to yiu.

Jessy➡ Come on sugar, Cheer up,,you’re not the only person to be in this condition, its a good thing you found out earlier so…

Carol➡ Pls Jessy, that a-----e did that on our wedding day! Why?

Jessy➡ Girl chillax oo, I dey tell you, everything happens for a reason! Something good will come out of this.

Carol➡ Thank you, how was ur night?

Jessy➡ Hmm, I met three guys yesterday! Ohh, they’re so cute,..

Carol ➡ And?

Jessy➡ Ahmmm, we talked and drank ? wine!

Carol➡ And?

Jessy➡ Ok, ok, we all had sex, it was a wild one! ❤❤

Carol➡ All three of them? Together or separately?

Jessy➡ Which question is that? Together of course! Gangbang!

Carol➡ Come on jess! You have to be careful!

Jessy➡ Calm down! I don’t f--k men without condom.

Carol➡ Well, that’s ur own!

Jessy➡ ehn? I heard Mr Andrews retired!

Carol➡ Yes?

Jessy➡ So you got a new Gateman?

Carol➡ Yes, he started yesterday, he’s even a university graduate!

Jessy➡ Ohh, a young blood ehn? So is he charming?

Carol➡ Jessy, pls enough

As Jessy and I were talking, someone knocked at my door, Jessy opened the door and Guess who it was, “my ex husband -Will”

Will➡ Morning Jessy, morning beautiful

Carol➡ What are you doing here?

Will➡ Baby I came to apologize..

Carol➡ N----r! F--k ur apology, get the immediate f--k out of my office.

Jessy➡ Carol….

Carol ➡ Stay out of this, Jess

Will➡ Baby, pls it was a mistake….

Carol➡ A-----e, pls shut the f--k up! Mistake, you were banging the lady’s ass when I saw you, she wasn’t forcing you, you were drilling her rolling out ur tongue like a dog! Will, I hate you, you’ve ruined me, you’ve made me a laughing stock! And you expect me to forgive you,? Oh pls n----r, get the f--k out and if I ever see you near my company or even my house, I promise you, I’m going to rip out ur d--k and feed it to the dogs, now Get the f--k out of here, NOW!!!!

The bastard left and he’s made my day even worse! How dare he? No shame, thinks he can use his natural charms to fool me into forgiving him, he’s lucky I’m not out getting planning to get him killed, What a Backward donkey! Shessh, Next time, he comes near me, he’s a dead man! I don’t care bur the law, he’s gonna die.

(Alex P. O. V)

It was evening now, and Carol wasn’t back, does she stay out this late, hmm! Luckily, I had already prepared dinner for her, cause she may be tired after all that work, Just then, I heard her car horn, I quickly opened the gate! She drove in, wildly and parked near thw garage, she came out fumming with rage! She also bought someone home d--n! She was Sexy but not like Carol, she was staring at me smiling and winking at me, I greeted her but she didnt answer only her friend did, They walked into the house!

I entered my quarters and bought my phone to chat before I could even start, I heard a scream and my name being called, it was Carol, I ran quickly into the house as I entered Carol confronted me.

Alex➡ is everything okay Mrs Lovette?

Carol➡ You bastard, did you enter my room?

Alex➡ Yes Mrs Lovette, it was messy so I cleaned it up,

Carol➡ So you had the guts to enter my room, You Mexican swine!

Alex ➡ I’m sorry, Mrs Lovette, I didn’t mean to invade ur privacy but I stumbled across ur album so I took it in hr room, so when I reached there, I saw how it was then I cleaned it.

Carol ➡ Get out now! I’ll deal with you tomorrow!

I left feeling hurt and humiliated, how could she? I was just helping, its not like I wanted to enter her room to see something, Arrogant b---h, Who does she think she is? She had no right to shout at me because she’s had a bad day! I entered my quarters and shut the door!

(Carol P. O. V)

Jessy➡ Babe, that was mean! He just cleaned our room, at least you should have been grateful, its not like he stole anything, everything is in place.

Carol➡ Jessy pls lay off I told him..

Jessy➡ it doesn’t matter! Look! He even prepared dinner and it smells so delicious, I mean its so sweet. You had no right to shout at him, its not his fault, Will did this to you! Your hatred foe will is making you blind seeing other peoples mind!

You have to apologize to him, you have to..

Carol➡ Pls leave me alone, (sobs?) i’m going into my room and please don’t disturb me!

Jessy➡ Suit urself darling! I’m going to -to have some air!

(Alex P. O. V)

I was in my quarters, laying on my bed, wondering about what Carol said! I hope I won’t get fired, I like this place already, I’ve met new people especially Sandra! God save me from this lady, Just as I deep in thought, I heard a knock on my door, I hope it’s not Carol, don’t tell me she’s firing me this night! I quickly opened thw door I was surprised to find out it wasn’t Carol but her sexy friend!

Jessy➡ Evening cutie, May I come in ??

To be continued

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