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Pussymania - Episode 28 & 29



Pussymania - Episode 28

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

The next day, Alex and I went to my Father’s house, and to be honest, I didn’t want to after all, he tried to keep me away from Alex but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s my father so, I have to respect him!

Alex was shaky and nervous, meeting my father is going to be a nerve wrecking moment for him, As we arrived, my father was already waiting for us inside, so as we entered, My father was sitting on his chair, he looked worried, when he saw us, his face brightened he quickly came and hugged me warmly!

He offered us to sit down, I sat closely to Alex to make it clear for my father, Alex is mine and nothing can separate us!

He looked at us for a while and finally spoke.

Mr. Lovette ➡ Hows ur journey? Carol

Carol➡ It was fyn, dad! How are you?

Mr. Lovette ➡ I’m good, I know you’re all wondering why I called you here!

First, I’m not really happy about this relationship between you two!

And secondly, I want to apologize for trying to separate you both, I’ve always wanted the best for you, Carol but I see I’m just making choices 4 you based on my own interest, When I see you fighting for Alex, I remember what I went through to marry ur mother! But despite her family forcing her to stop loving me, she didn’t, she became stubborn and choose her own path!

I’ve done some thinking lately and I see I’ve been trying to control you and not letting you decide for urself! And it was because of that I mistakenly hooked you up with Will, I’m sorry!

I felt touched, I’ve never seen dad like this, never, tears were gathering up in my eyes but I didn’t let them fall, I wipe my eyes and went close to my father and hugged him, Finally he was seeing the light and I also decided to apologize!..

Carol➡ Thanks father, and I’m also sorry for trying to shoot you, I wanted you to see that I can make my own decision.

Mr. Lovette➡ No, no I should be the one apologizing, this is ur life and ur moment. You can choose to do what you want with it.

We hugged again once more, then my father turned his attention on Alex!

Mr. Lovette ➡ Alex

Alex➡ Yes sir?

Mr. Lovette ➡you’re a lucky man! Believe me I’ve been in this position, I really don’t approve but if my brother and my daughter could take a liking into you, then All can’t be bad!

I want to you to take care of my daughter, as you can see she really loves you! And I hope you do the same!

Try to make her happy and try not to hurt her feelings, but let me warn you, if you by any means hurt her or make her sad, believe me I’ll make ur life miserable! She’s my one and only daughter and I keep her care into ur hands! Try to make a honest woman out of my daughter!

Alex➡ I promise sir, I will.

Mr. Lovette➡ That’s good! Now you two can do whatever you like as long as it makes you happy!

Carol➡ Thank you father!

We left my father’s house, feeling excited! We went to my house to celebrate but our celebration didn’t last for long cause we were interrupted by Lizzy!

(Alex P. O. V)

Thank you God! Carol’s father had given us the go ahead but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that he still hates me! I resumed work feeling great, life was good and following smoothly in my favor, Carol and I had time for ourselves, we couldn’t stay in her house so she came to mine!

Mike too was feeling good, he was always smiling when we met, he never told me but I knew it was because of Lizzy. The other day, she called me using Carol’s phone asking about Mike’s number!

Alex➡ Hello babe!

Lizzy➡ Sorry Alex its Lizzy!

Alex➡ Oh Lizzy, what’s up?

Lizzy➡ I’m good, I want to ask you something!

Alex➡ Okay!

Lizzy➡ Can you send me mike’s number?

Alex➡ Okay, but why do you want his number?

Lizzy➡ No, I just miss him, that’s all.

Alex➡ Really? Look Lizzy, why do you pin on Mike?

Lizzy➡ Why do you ask?

Alex➡ I’m asking because, he’s in love with you, so I want to know ur opinion! Do you like him so he can satisfy ur sexual desire?.

Lizzy➡ Okay, look I love him okay! Ever since we met, I promised carol I would stop my sexual escapades if I found a boyfriend and I found one! I know he’s ur friend and thanks for not telling him about my ways but seriously Alex, I like him.

Alex ➡ Okay but I have to tell you this in case if you ever found out, he has a girlfriend!

Lizzy➡ So what? I don’t care, if she can’t hold on to him, I’ll take him away from her! So do I get the number?

Alex➡ Yes, write it down!

I told her the number and she was happy, she thanked me and ended the call, Women! I continued working till the day was over, By the end of the day, I went home, to relax, I entered my room and removed my clothes, I wore my shorts and Singlet and turned on the TV to watch some shows, A bit later, I heard a knock on my door! I opened the door and Carol walked in, she wore a long coat which covered her feet, she wore a depressed look and went straight into my room!

I was surprised, no greetings, nothing so I locked the door and entered my room, She was standing there looking at me, I asked what happened, then suddenly she removed the coat!

D--n! She was naked completely, she wore a sexy lingerie with made her look like a pornstar! My d--k stood erect, She smiled as she saw my d--k, She came close to me, dropping a sweet kiss on my lips, I grabbed her kissing her as well, she smelled great, I quickly removed my shorts and singlet, I pushed her on the bed and stretched her legs, She giggled as I did that.

I plunged my mouth into her warm p---y, licking each part of her c--t, she moaned sweetly, pushing my head towards her c--t, I grabbed her thighs, s-----g her c--t, she tasted so good, She kept moaning as her p---y twitched like crazy, Soon she came hard!

She looked sso ravishing, I still couldn’t believe, This lady whom I worked for, was my girlfriend, stretching herself on my bed, I pinched my arm to make sure it wasn’t a dream, Carol saw what I did and laughed!

Carol➡ What are you doing?

Alex➡ Pinching myself to make sure this isn’t a dream!

Carol➡ Why would you say that?

Alex➡ I still can’t believe, you’re my girlfriend, waiting to be f----d by my d--k!

Carol➡ Oh, you better, now shut up and f--k me hard?

Alex➡ As you wish!

I grabbed her hair and kissed her savagely, her boobs were behind the lingerie so I tore it off and her boons came out flying, I s----d on them hard, her nipples were hard so I bit them softly just like the way she wanted! She moaned holding on to my head, I opened her legs to penetrate her but she stopped me, she took her coat and pulled out a handcuff, She put in between the edges of the bed, locking both our right hands!

Carol ➡ No escape now, So pls f--k me deep!

I couldn’t believe this, she was begging me to bang her, So I carefully shoved my d--k inside her, her eyes widened as I put my d--k in her, She kissed me as I banged her hard, I pinned down her hands and mercilessly shoved my d--k into her, My p---y was wet and slippery allowing my d--k to pound her easily, her legs were balanced on my shoulders, giving me more access to pound her, I rammed her c--t with every energy I had, She was moaning louder almost screaming, Her c--t was tight and it was driving me nuts with pleasure, her body trembled with every t----t I made into her, Carol’s mind went blank, she was filled with insane pleasure as I f----d her, Soon smacking sounds followed as I slammed her p---y, She wrapped her legs and hands around my waist and butt, I could feel her body twitching like crazy, Soon She screamed hard as she came! Her body felt weak, she was spent but I continued f-----g her, After f-----g her c--t foe several minutes, I came into her p---y!

The sex was amazing and fun, We slept together on the bed, trapped between each other.

Carol ➡ Wow, that was amazing! You totally annihilated my p---y!

Alex➡ ur body is just too sweet! Cumming inside you was the fun part!

Carol➡ Naughty boy! Come here!

We kissed each other warmly, after that we went to the bathroom and bathe together, It was fun, cleaning her boobs and fingering her p---y was amazing, She also did her part by stroking my d--k in between her breasts, She came me c-m by doing that!

After the bath, We slept on the bed together, and started talking about the. Future!

Alex➡ Carol?

Carol ➡ Yes!

Alex ➡ Do you dream about the future, you know, getting married, having kids building a family?

Carol➡ Yes but the marriage stuff happened to me and it ended in disaster. So…

Alex➡ So you don’t want to get married?

Carol➡ What? Of course I want to get married and have kids, why are you asking?

Alex➡ Nope just asking! By the way, I want you to meet my parents!

Carol ➡ Really? So I finally get to see Mother and father Alex, nice!

Alex➡ So is that a yes?

Carol➡ Of course darling, I would love to meet ur parents!

Thank goodness, I couldn’t tell her I wanted to marry her just yet, I need to take her to my parents and see if they would approve and they will, after that, I’ll pop the big question!

Pussymania - Episode 29

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Carol and I visited my parents on the weekends, I didn’t tell then we’re coming, I wanted it to be a surprise, when we arrived at the house, They were surprised, Carol on her own part did her best to get along with them, My sisters were happy to see Carol, my mom was surprised, she didn’t expect to see Carol, my dad wasn’t around so waiting wasn’t going to be a problem!


Carol and my sisters got along quickly, they talked about lots of things, (Women, they never get tired of gisting) After that, they took her out and showed her around the area and also to show her off to people, My father soon came back and heard of Carol’s presence, So before Carol could come back with my sisters, My parents and I had a conversation!

Mrs Wilson ➡ Alex, how did you get her to come?


Alex➡ I talked to her about it and she agreed.


Mr Wilson ➡ So why did you bring her?


Alex➡ Mom, Dad! The reason why I brought her here is to tell you that I want to marry her!


Mrs W➡ marry who?


Alex➡ Carol now!


Mrs. W➡ Alex? Are you sure and besides have you told her?


Alex➡ No, not yet, I just want you to see and approve of her pls I love her!


Mrs. W➡ Really? Does she feel the same way for you?


Alex➡ Mama! She won’t have sacrificed alot for me if she didn’t!

I told them about my trip to London, and what Carol had done when she was told she wouldn’t leave London, I even told them about the meeting with Carol’s dad!

Alex➡ Please, I really love her and so does she!


Mrs. W➡ I don’t trust her! White people are devious!


Mr. W➡Naomi!


Alex➡ Mama! Try and get along with her, believe me she’s different from what you think!


Mrs. W➡ I doubt it.


Alex➡ Pls mama!


Mrs. W➡ Okay, for ur sake and happiness, I will.


Alex➡ Thank you, mama!


Mr. W➡ Alex, are you really sure? Just know that if you ask her and she accepts, there’s no turning back, marriage is a big responsibility! Both ur will, will be tested.


Alex➡ Yes, I’m sure.


Mr. W➡ Okay, then you have my blessing and I hope she’s ur Mrs right!

Alex➡ Thanks papa!


Carol came back with my sisters, not so long after our conversation, She had taken them to shopping and bought slots of things for them including my parents, when she saw my father, they exchanged pleasantries, Later, my sisters, mom and Carol were busy in the kitchen cooking and I prayed silently that my mom approves of Carol, But as it turns out, Carol got over my mom, they got along well, mom even showed Carol some tips on how to cook well, Finally the meal was served and we all ate, Carol was the one who lead us into prayer before eating, After the meal, she and mom packed the dishes to the kitchen and they spent the entire evening talking! Women.


Later, my mom called me through the verandah, She was already there sitting on the chair, it would seem she wanted to tell me something! I went to her place and sat next to her!

Mrs. W➡ Alex, my son, I’m sorry, I’ve been wrong about carol! The girl is just wonderful and nice, I thought she was one of those snobby spoiled rich brats, I never knew she was like this, she’s totally different.

I’m happy, you’ve found this lady, I really am, She really loves you, She was telling me in the kitchen all what you’ve done for her, and I’m proud to have a gentleman as my son!

Alex➡ Thanks mama! So does this mean you approve?


Mrs. W➡ See this boy oo, didn’t you hear what I just said?


Alex➡ I was only joking, Thank you, mama!


Mrs. W➡ you’re welcome, ehn! Wait….


Alex➡ What is it, mama?


Mrs. W➡ I want to ask you something, Tell me have you slept with her?


Alex➡ What? No, no, mama, I would never do such a……..


Mrs. W➡ Shut up, that’s what all men say! And I know when you lie, so tell me have you? Yes or no?


Alex➡ Yes I did, I deflowered her a few weeks ago!


Mrs. W➡ Chei, so she’s a virgin? That God, how many times have you….


Alex➡ Kai Mama, this questions are unnecessary! Besides is that the reason why you asked?.


Mrs. W➡ I wanted to make sure my son marries a fresh ripe fruit and Thank God she’s not a second hand merchandize!


Alex➡ Mama, that’s enough!


Mrs. W➡ Oya, go to ur room!

To be continued

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