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Pussymania - Episode 2



Pussymania - Episode 2

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

After Susan, the next lady was Jennifer, wife of Robert, unlike Emeka, Robert was not really in good terms with me, that is we don’t see I to eye! We only greeted eachother and went our separate ways.

Susan must have told the other women, about our sexual bout, Cause the day, Jennifer came to me was not coincidence, I was fetching water behind the compound, the place was very narrow so only two people could enter the place, she came behind me, staring at my ass, you know this feeling of watched, as I turned she was twisting her legs and biting her lips, (Women).

Alex Madam Jennifer, afternoon oo

Jennifer Afternoon, Alex

Alex Is something wrong?

Jennifer No-no just hmmmm, wanting to fetch water


I finished fetching my water and tried to pass, so our bodies brushed eachother in the process, she tapped my d--k and then she winked! This lady is mad, well she’s hot like Susan but sleeping with her would mean big trouble and I have no time for that!

I entered the toilet and started bathing, I covered my face with soap, washing it, then I heard the toilet door open,

“Who’s there? ”

Before I knew what was happening, I felt my d--k being massaged sooner after that, I felt my d--k in a nice warm place, I quickly washed my face, to see who it was, I wasn’t surprised to see who it was, Jennifer, she was stark naked, kneeling down s-----g my d--k, I tried to stop her but she refused!

Alex Jenny, what are you doing?

Jennifer Shuusssh my husband is around so keep ur voice down!

Alex What!? Are you crazy? He could barge in here and see us, and that’s cheating!

Jennifer B-----b is no cheating! Susan was right ur d--k is big!

She kept on s-----g me, there was nothing I could do, if I shout now, no one would believe she jumped on me first, So I had to sit and enjoy the ride, she was s-----g my d--k good, every inches and corner, her mouth was drooling with saliva, I was enjoying it really! But I was steadily trying to push her but she pushed her face forward, and I felt my d--k inside her throat, D--n, she had swallowed the entire thing, the pleasure was too much, I came instantly inside her throat, She swallowed every drop of my c-m inside her mouth.

But, she wasn’t done, she turned around and displayed her ass, towards me,.She looked at me and smiled….

” Alright, come and f--k me”

What would any reasonable man do? I can’t let this go to waste, I plunged my rod inside her p---y, I held her hips and drilled her hard! I went slow so we wouldn’t be heard, she was silently moaning, she balanced her hands on the toilet wall, her p---y walls tightly clenched on my d--k, this p---y is so sweet, I tried to maintain the slow motion but the pleasure was killing me, soon I started going faster, my hips was moving on its own, I pounded Jennifers p---y faster and harder, She also moaned louder, urging me to go deep.

“Yes, yes, yes, break my p---y, f--k my brains out, Oh God, that’s f-----g good, my husband never f----d me like this, Ohh yes,! ”

We kept on f-----g and f-----g, the sex that was suppose to be a 5mins f--k turned out to be a 20mins f-----g, Soon enough I felt like I was going to come, Suddenly I heard a knock at my door, we instantly stopped we looked at eachother, with our eyes widened, I put my toilet and went to see who was knocking, Guess who it was?

Mr,Robert, Jennifer’s husband, I opened the door and asked whats up.

Alex Good day, Sir

Robert Hmmm, Alex have you seen my wife?

Alex Excuse me? Ur wife! What’s that got to do with me?

Robert I was asking if you know where she went!

Alex No sir, I have no idea.

He looked at me for some minutes and went off, D--n! That was close, I closed my door and locked it, I went back to the toilet, she was standing asking me what had happened.

Jennifer What happened?

Alex He asked where you where?

Jennifer And??

Alex I said no.

After that we continued f-----g, but this time she asked my to dig her ass, I pushed my d--k inside her ass, it was tight, it took some time before I forced the entire d--k inside, she covered her not not to scream, the intense anal f--k was making her mad, her ass cheeks tightly clenched my d--k, crushing me inside, I increased my t----t into her ass, Just after some minutes she came hard!!! Still she didn’t stop she pushed her ass towards my d--k, I soon felt like I was going to c-m! I pulled out and forced her to kneel down, I came hard on her face covering her with c-m, she licked my d--k clean!

Jennifer Ohh, baby, that was fantastic! Let’s do that more often!

Alex Sorry, after what happened with ur husband, there won’t be a next time.

We bathe together, after that, she wore her clothes and quietly slipped out of my room!.

I ate my food and slept, I was later woken up, By a call from one of my friends, Mike.

Alex Hello

Mike Bros, how far na?

Alex Hmmm, life no easy, wetin dey happen?

Mike Bros, I don get one work for you!

Alex Serious oo, my man, na which kind job be that.

Mike Gateman work

Alex Na Wetin you say????

To be continued

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