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Pussymania - Episode 19



Pussymania - Episode 19

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I arrived in London hours later, God I missed this place, The view was beautiful and the people lively, Aunt Nicole had sent the family Car which was driven by my cousin, Ted, to pick me up.

Aunt Nicole lived aiGreenwich outside London, it was a quiet lovely place, her house was a mansion, 250 rooms to be exact and a wonderful place to hide and have fun, everyone in the family gathers there to meet, Aunt Nicole married four times but she has only 6 children from her first late husband, but she’s now single again, She’s a serious woman and rarely has time for jokes, As Ted drove me there, we engaged in a conversation.

Carol➡ So ted, how’s Aunty?

Ted➡ Mom? She’s fine as usual, attending parties and ballroom dances that woman is so stone age.

Carol➡ How’s Lizzy, Tom, frank, Emma and Jake?

Ted➡ They’re all fine, sorry about ur wedding though.

Carol➡ Thanks ted!

Ted➡ I heard you have a new boyfriend!

Carol➡ Yes, how do you know?

Ted➡ Your dad called mom and told her about it, ghats why you’re here.

Strange! No wonder, she called me, My father had called her and told her about Alex, well let’s see what’s going to happen! It took a while before we reached there, As we arrived, the place was still as lovely as it was, Outside the mansion stood Lizzy and Emma, they were my cousins too, very crazy bunch and trouble makers too, Ted parked the car in front of the mansion and I came down, They quickly reached and hugged me.

Lizzy ➡ Oh Caroline , I missed you!

Emma➡ Oh, pls I’m missed her better.

Carol➡ Guys, guys, I missed you all, where’s aunty?

Lizzy➡ She’s attending some drag shit of a meeting, she’ll be back at night, come on let’s go inside.

They helped me with luggage and we all went inside, my room was already prepared for me, God! This place is lovely, I wish Alex was here!

Lizzy helped me to unpack my things while Emma was busy asking the questions?

Emma➡ So Carol, how’s Nigeria?

Carol➡ its good!

Emma➡ I would really like to go there sometime

Carol➡ Really? Why

Emma➡ I heard their men are really good at sex

Lizzy ➡ Emma!!!

Emma➡ what? I’m right, you f----d one in the club last week, didn’t you?

Carol ➡ Lizzy!?

Lizzy➡ Look I was drunk okay! But d--n! He screwed me good!

Carol➡ You girls are alot like jessy!

Lizzy➡ How’s Jessy? I’ve missed her!

Carol➡ She’s good,

Emma➡ So back to the question, is it true?

Carol➡ I’ve never had sex with one before but there’s my boyfriend Alex, God he knows how to eat p---y!

Emma➡What? You had a boyfriend already and you didn’t f--k?

Carol➡ Hey, I’m not a w---e and mg body is not for service! Don’t you have boyfriends!

Lizzy➡ We do but guys around here are too into them selves, they don’t pay attention to us anymore, The wankers are after black bimbo bitches! So we decided to chase black men!

Emma➡ I wanna have one to be my boyfriend!

Lizzy➡ So what does this Alex guy look like?

Carol➡ Let me show you his pic!

Emma➡ Oh la la❤❤ He’s charming and you didn’t bang this guy! Baby you need medical attention.

Lizzy➡ Definitely, this guy looks like hot black chocolate, I wonder how his c-m tastes like?

Carol➡ Lizzy! You definitely need to get married!

Lizzy➡ I will! Baby

After that, we went out to have fun, We took one of the cars and drove around London, we went to Fulham, eltham, Surrey and even strolled inside the Oxford university, later we went to the London bridge, We had lots of fun, Along the way, we ate some ? ice cream and chocolate ?, We went to theaters to watch some movies, we took some pics and took some swim inside the lakes and ponds of the countryside! Time passed as we enjoyed ourselves, it was already evening so we drove home.

As we reached home, We bathed ourselves clean, so went to the living room, talking about the fun we had, Later Aunt Nicole came back, she looked tired but when she saw me, he face lit with delight!

Nicole ➡ Caroline my baby, how’ve you been? Hope the flight wasn’t too tiring!

Carol ➡ no, Mom, I’m so glad to see you, you look tired!

Nicole ➡ Yes my dear, those French fashion designers are really boring, Showing off their models in those awful clothes, what a waste of time, Fashion of these generation had no taste!

Carol➡ Come on, Mom, Monique fashion is cool and trendy!

Nicole ➡ Girl, you and I need to have some talk about fashion, let’s go to the garden and have some tea, shall we?

Carol➡ Okay mom!

Lizzy➡ Don’t forget to vomit it all out after you drink it?.

Nicole ➡ Shut up, you London goose!

Emma➡ Long necks run in the families blood, ?

Nicole ➡ Emma!!

Crazy cousins, they ran off into their rooms, Aunt Nicole and I went to the garden, it was a nice place, filled with Cabbage, lettuce, carrots and lots of other thing, As we reached there, we sat on the chair and she ordered for tea, Strange Aunt, she has this tendency that tea must be taken when having a conversation!

When the tea was brought, she took a long sip and exhaled!

Nicole➡ Hmm, tea is good! 

Carol➡ Yes aunt, always!

Nicole ➡ do you know why you’re here Carol?

Carol➡ Nope mom! Why?

Nicole ➡ Ur father has told me you’re involved in a romance which he said you were charmed with love potions!

Carol➡ Come on mom, you can’t possibly believe in that stuff.

Nicole ➡ Oh, I don’t but he said the man you’re dating is ur gateman!

Carol➡ Yes, he’s my gateman!

Nicole ➡ And he’s dumb and illiterate?

Carol➡ No, he’s a university graduate, you know the condition of that country, employment is tough!

Nicole ➡ But still he’s ur gateman, and are you sure he’s not after ur wealth, maybe he’s a player?

Carol ➡ No mom, I love him and he loves me!

Nicole ➡ Quiet girl! Love? There’s no love between you two, you need a man of excellence, a man of social standing! You don’t need Ghetto life men for love!

Carol➡ I’m sorry mom, I can’t do that, Alex is my choice!

Nicole ➡ Really? Then young lady, you’re not leaving this country, you’re staying here!

Carol➡ What?

To bez continued

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