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Pussymania - Episode 10



Pussymania - Episode 10

Written by Sadiq Infinity

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Tomorrow was the day and I was going to surprise Carol, though I hope she accepts it, its hard to know what a woman wants, I quickly took my stuff and the gifts and took off, I arrived at Carol’s estate sooner later, It was already night so its better if I gave her tomorrow, Carol came out of the house, we changed pleasantries, There was something strange with her, She smiled and she looks like she’s in a good mood!

She entered her car and drove out, later she came back with some food packs, I was surprised that she doesn’t know how to cook, well I can’t blame her! She entered her house and I entered my quarters. As I laid on my bed, I started thinking of a way to approach her and give her the gifts and the problem is, will she accept? As I was lost in thought, Sandra called me!

Alex➡ Hello gorgeous! How’s ur day?

Sandra➡ I’m fyn, charming

Alex➡ so what’s up?

Sandra➡ I’m free tomorrow!

Alex➡ You’re not going to school?

Sandra ➡ No silly, tomorrow is public holiday!

Alex➡ Oh, I completely forgot!

Sandra➡ I want you to come to my house, I have a surprise for you!

Alex➡ Oh, what is it?

Sandra ➡ Just come, you’ll see!

Alex➡ Okay, see you tomorrow!

She ended the call, She wants me to come to her house? Hmmm, well let’s see what she’s planned for me. After a while, I slept off, hours later, I heard a scream from inside the house, It was Mrs Lovette, she’s in danger! I’m not much of a hero type of guy, but I went to her rescue anyway, I rammed through the door and unfortunately for me, it was already unlocked from the inside, I came down crashing heavily on the floor!

What a disaster, luckily no one was around to watch, I quickly went into Carol’s room, immediately she saw me, she jumped on my arms, holding me tight, she was really scared!…

Alex ➡ Mrs Lovette, what’s wrong?

Carol➡ Pls help me! A lizard entered my room!

Alex➡ Lizard!!?

Carol➡ Its big!

I was annoyed, and soon they will be saying what man can do woman can do better! She was screaming her lungs out all because of a lizard?! Kai, women! She showed me where it hid, it was under her bed, as I bent down to check, the stupid thing jumped on my face! I reacted immediately, I caught and threw it in another direction, but unfortunately for Carol, it landed on her chest, she jumped and screamed, the stupid animal entered her boobs, (See green light) I quickly reached her and put my hands inside her melons, I removed the lizard and opened the window and threw it outside, immediately I turned around , A resounding slap followed! KAPOOW!!!

After she slapped me, she started laughing, is she crazy? She slapped me and she’s laughing, she laughed so hard, it made me angry!

Carol➡?? I’m sorry, Alex, I slapped you because you touched my boobs.

Alex➡ But Mrs Lovette, I was just trying to pull it out!

Carol➡ Yes, but it was ur fault! You threw it at me! ?

Alex➡ It was a mistake, Mrs Lovette

Carol➡ Pls I’m sorry, and I’m grateful for ur help! ??? its just I’ve never laughed this hard before!

She kept on laughing, and I have to admit she was even more beautiful when, she laughed, I soon forgave her, I went out of the house and into my quarters!

D--n! She fit slap oo, I could still feel the sting! Well, as long as she’s happy, that’s fine!

Morning came, and the weather was lovely, I woke up, took my bath and stood at my post, Mrs Lovette too had also risen early, She seemed active today, She sat in her Cabana, texting someone on her phone, This was a perfect chance to surprise her with the gifts, I went in and brought them out, and went straight to her.

Alex ➡ Good morning, Mrs Lovette

Carol➡ Good morning Alex, how’s your night?

Alex➡ It was great, Mrs Lovette!

Carol➡ I’m sorry about last night, I really am!

Alex➡ Oh, don’t worry about that, Mrs Lovette, uhmm, Mrs Lovette I’m here to give a gift to show my appreciation for what you’ve done!

Carol➡ What? For me? Thank you Alex.

She drooped her phone and opened the wrap, I was already sweating and praying silently, When she saw what I gave her she was mute, My body trembled, What have I done? She looked at me squarely in the face.

Carol➡ Alex?

Alex➡ Y-y-yess Mrs Lovette?

Carol➡ How did you know I like chocolates??

Alex➡ I didn’t know! Pls…

Carol➡ Don’t worry, I’m crazy about chocolate but I hate cake, they make me ill. Thank you ?

Whew, what luck, she packed the chocolates ? and went inside her house, as she walked, her ass was going up and down! D--n! One day my time will come, I took the chocolate cake and took it, inside, Maybe Sandra will like it!

(Carol P. O. V)

Wow, Alex is so sweet, how did he know, I loved chocolates ?, oh well, that was kind of him, I still feel bad for slapping the daylights out of him! Thinking about last night still makes me ? laugh! I was laughing, Jessy called my phone!

Jessy➡ Morning, geek, did he give you the presents?

Carol➡ Yes, and he gave me chocolates?! Crazy right?

Jessy ➡ Wow, chocolates, so how are they?

Carol➡ Girl, they are delicious!

Jessy➡ Keep my share oo

Carol➡ in ur dreams! Ehn! I have a funny gist for you!

Jessy➡ Gist me.

I told her everything that happened last night, Jessy laughed so hard on the phone!

Jessy➡ Poor Alex, but Carol that was wicked oo,

Carol➡ I didn’t mean it, you know a woman’s nature!

Jessy ➡ Oh well see you later, and keep my share!

Carol➡ in ur dreams oo!

(Alex. P. O. V)

Several hours, later, I was in my quarters, listening to music, I saw a missed called on my phone! It was Jennifer! These women! What’s their problem? I didn’t call, I went out and I saw Carol swimming in her pool, D--n, she was sexy and I could see her clearly for the first time! She wore a black bikini, her waist was slim and her ass, Double package, her boobs were so refreshing and ripe! Kai, I started imagining, handling her in bed! This lady is so bewitching! She had a small tattoo behind her neck and her back! She noticed me and continued, She was an excellent smimmer! She later came out of the pool, She was wet and sexy, i went to her place and gave her a towel, She collected it and smiled, She sat on her beach Cabana, as I was about to go back to my post, She called me back!

Carol➡ Alex

Alex➡ Yes Mrs Lovette?

Carol ➡ Have a seat, today is a public holiday, you deserve to rest as well!

Alex➡ Thanks

I sat opposite her and stared talking, she asked about my family and I told her they were in Jos! We talked about alot of things, To my surprise, she also liked football, She talked for long about it, it was fun, Finally we’re getting along! But she was in a different team.

Carol ➡ I’m telling you Madrid is the best team in the world!..

Alex➡ I doubt it, Mrs Lovette, Barcelona is a better team!

Carol➡ I bet ? that we would win tonight’s match against Atlentico Madrid!

Alex➡ and I bet you’d lose tonight, the odds are against you!.

Carol➡ Okay let’s make a bet. If we win! No salary for this month!

Alex➡(what! she dey craze?) Okay, if you lose! Then you’ll allow me to cook foe you, no more buying food packs and whenever I want to shop for groceries, you’ll tag along!

Carol➡ Agreed!

We shook hands and the deal was on! D--n! I made the right choice since I can’t ask her out, then I’ll make her go with me, this way, I can win her easily!

Carol➡ Alex, take this car to the mechanic, it needs some repairs.

Alex➡ Okay, Mrs Lovette, can I stop and buy the groceries in the market, in case you lose tonight?

Carol➡ Okay fine, okay now go!

She gave me the keys to the car, this was an opportunity for me to visit Sandra and drop off the cake, After a while, I drove the car, straight to the mechanic!

To be continued

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