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My Madam And I-Episode9




My Madam And I-Episode9

Something happened to me after the slap. I imagined that I slammed her head on the wall and strangled her watching as life leaves her body. But it took a great deal of effort not to execute my plans. So I jumped on the cause and left the effect.

I landed all my weight on him and he fell over scattering a provision shelf, while I rolled to the other side. I sprang up immediately and landed my knee on his face exerting my whole weight on it. He screamed fell back again and tried to get up, but I quickly elbowed him in the neck before I was dragged away.

He rolled on the floor grabbing his throat, he coughed and a red substance spattered out. I was suddenly became aware of the gravity of my actions. We were all engulfed in fear until eventually he stood up. What a relieve. He washed his face with the water provided, staggered off refusing any assistance or uttering any word to anyone. We were all worried for him include myself.


My madam whose voice was echoing faraway while I was descending on the guy, was now audible couse I have regained my sanity.

“Mike! You want to destroy the image of this establishment ha?! God oooooo Ha! What if he died in the process?! ” she sat down shivering at what just played. Most customers were scared to the bone. Some of them ran away to avoid being implicated, many were shocked to see the other side of me.

Ruth who seem to enjoy the whole episode appears to be the only one smiling. I couldn’t believe that she could smile in such a bizarre scenario.

I was summoned to the office perhaps to be fired eventually for going against the malls conduct of ‘ no fighting ‘. When I arrived, my madam started with her usual insults and blames without hearing me out. She was about to walk me out when the manager suggested that the CCTV should be consulted first before drastic measures is meted. Surprisingly she agreed.

The CCTV showed how he tried to steal the item and how I accosted him. How he dropped it and held me. I was vindicated after that. She started fuming about arresting the guy, how I dealt with him right, and why didn’t I explain myself?. I just stood there accepting the accolade with a concealed smile.

I had a date with Sandra the evening of that day. So I hurriedly went home to prepare for it. Some few hours later I was with her, sitting together at a lounge. She sitting beside ( her choice ) . She looked so beautiful in her brown flowered jumpsuit and a light makeup with her hair held in ponytail.

We ordered for drinks, sat and was watching the display of a drama on the huge plasma TV on the wall, while the loud hip-hop song monopolized the air.

” Mike you are so funny ” she said laughing at a joke of mine. We had a swell evening and was about leaving.

At the parking lot, I walked up to her and hugged her. She responded and held me so tight. I later broke free, moved my face close to hers, she smiled and closed her eyes. I planted a kiss on her lips, we remained that way for awhile before she broke it, smiled at me and entered her car. She has the loveliest smile in the whole wide world.

We drove in silence, no one has said any emotional thing to anyone yet. We were just keeping it cool. Then she arrived at the front of my house. I just sat back, thoughts running through my head. She looked at me and asked.

” Mike what is it?! ”

” I can’t hold it anymore ” I said.

” hold what anymore ” she gave a concerned look.

” you! ” I said, looking at her in an emotional pathetic way.

” me? What did I do” .

” you dey burst my head! ” I screamed! Not intentionally but it just happened.

She burst out in a hysteric laughter.

” Mike stop being a clown for once” she said trying to control herself.

” I am no clown Sandra, you are driving me nuts. I can’t keep it to myself anymore. You’re the first girl that has made me feel this way. I just can’t help but imagine how perfect my life will turn out if you were mine. I will literally worship the ground you trend upon. I will adore you till am six feet down the grave. ” I said with all seriousness I never knew I had.

She just remained motionless for awhile before saying:

” wow, I love that. I saw this in you the first day we met, that’s why I came back for you. ” she said in an emotional tone.

I impulsively drew near and kissed her, she responded abruptly. It was an emotional and heartfelt rumble, we tore each others lips and necks. She suddenly stopped.

” I have to go ” she said.

” it’s okay dear, goodbye then, I will give you a call “. I said and made to open the door, she held me back and kissed me again before you let lose.

I managed to get down not to over do things on our first date. All I wanted was to go home with her, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it, and I noticed her vivid body language telling me to ask for her permission to follow her home. But I just waved her goodbye and she drove off.

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