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My Madam And I-Episode7




My Madam And I-Episode7

I went home straight from work. On my way home in a public transit, I sat reminiscing over my actions. I suddenly felt bad and regretted not giving her the rough sex of her life pumping my anger in every t----t, and walk away before she asked me to. I shouldn’t have allowed my emotions get the best of me. Now it seems too late, I may as well start looking for another job. I laid my head on the seat head in front of me and wept silently for my job.

The next day was Sunday. We usually kick off business around 1pm. So I utilized my leisure to tidy up my laundry. Then had a snappy bath and hurried off to church where I participated wholeheartedly because I really need God’s intervention in my life especially now I may be back to joblessness.

The next morning I had to encourage myself to go to work and see what she will tag my offense to.

Work went well as usual, but with butterflies rumbling in my tummy as I struggled to act normal. My heart skipped a beat each time any fair, chubby , short lady walks in. I keep telling myself that the worse is not the end of the world, rather an opportunity for a better job .

Suddenly my phone startled me as it rang. It was a new number calling.

” hello, good afternoon. Mike on the line “.” it’s Sandra ” the voice said.

” oh my goodness! You called! ” I said, half screaming.

” of course, what do you take me for? ”

” am so so happy to hear from you, just the right timing. ” I said, as I gave a funny grin out of excitement. I forgot all about my madam in a jiffy.

” you are very funny! How is work? ” she enquired.

“Work is splendid” it just got better right now hearing from you.”

” I see… Now you have my number, call me whenever you like, I don’t mind answering as much time as possible. ”


” wow! I will call you every split second ” I jokingly said.

” Ha! Please oo.. Don’t! ” she laughed hysterically .

” I hear you ma! I won’t. ”

“all right boo, later “. I felt my cheeks bursting out of my face when I heard her call me boo, but I had to subdue it and said. ” later then. ” and she hung up.

Wow, my day took a swift turn from sour to sweet. I smiled and whistled a song as I immediately regained my vigour and attended to anyone who cares.

My Sunday was well spent afterwards forgetting all about all about my paranoia. Sandra called me the evening of that day just after I got a reasonable amount of airtime to call her with. We spent ample time having a hearty discussion. She mostly Laughed and made fun of my flaws. While I enjoyed her voice and the fact that she laughed at my lame jokes. She eventually hunged up after exchanging our goodbyes.

The next day at work we were just going about our duties, while I was helping an old lady with a list of items she wanted, when my madam Stormed in her usual cocky demeanor. She walked pass me and went straight to her office. Few seconds later the manager joined her with files and laptop in hand. I watched from the side of my eyes to know if it has anything to do with me.

Her office is opposite my station, with a transparent glass she uses to observe the happenings around even though she has a CCTV in the same office.

She came out of her office, called a staff who was new and still working on getting use to my madams hostility. As a result dropped things on the floor she was supposed to put in a shelf.

“that stuff you are dropped, does it belong to your wretched father or mother?! “. The girl shook head , then stood motionless, looking at the floor.

” now pick it up and bring it to me! “. She went and brought the item which was a pack of cornflakes. Extended it to my madam with a tremulous hand, she took it from her and critically observed to know if there was any dent on it. Then handed it over to the girl without saying a word.

She walked around looking for the slightest opportunity to jump on anyone who was careless enough to be caught in her web. While on the other hand I was waiting for a reward for my bravery, which will definitely be served cold . But it seem like she has forgotten all about it.

So the moment we drew the curtain for the day has almost come and my Madam was still around. Very unlike her who doesn’t spend much time in the mall. From the moment she came, hostility pervaded the atmosphere. Everyone was stretching their best to the limit so as not to be found wanting. Another thing, the day seemed longer than usual.

Then we closed for the day, after observing the preliminaries. My madam stood outside beside her car operating her phone when I came out with Ruth. We were surprised that she was still around. Ruth bid her farewell, while I followed. She just muttered something we couldn’t make out without looking at us.

Just few yards away from the mall, a text came on my phone. I opened it was my madam, it read : Am sorry for yesterday. Let’s see at the spot tonight, I have something for you. Please don’t disappoint me am waiting for you. Before I could finish reading, she drove pass.

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