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My Madam And I-Episode6




My Madam And I-Episode6

I was busy attending to a customer when someone touched me from behind. I turned to behold an astonishing stunning lady smiling at me.

” hello Mike ” she said displaying joyfully her fine set of teeth.


” hi…. ” I muttered, trying to place the face amongst a thousand similar faces in my head .

” have you forgotten me so soon? Haba! She said. I looked pass her makeup and hair do, then I saw the face of Sandra, the girl who made my madam jealous, that I escorted to our accessories section to get a watch. How I have longed to see her again, her beauty sends the chill down my marrow.

Today she was looking different in a bridal makeup that enhanced her look, making her more of a billboard model than an innocent beauty she looked the last time. A stylist fringes hairstyle adorned her, which made it difficult for swift recognition. She was clad in a purple fitted jacket and a black inner, upon a black leggings.

“Sandra! ” I shouted! “Wow! You look… I mean…. I… What…wow! ” I fumbled due to the effect of her hypnotic charming presence . She just giggled and pointed to my mouth

” you will catch a fly Mr man”. I quickly shut it. From that moment , I knew I have found her. Irrespective of the nature of my job, I must have her. So I regained my composure feebly and hurriedly rounded up my with my now impatient customer.

Few seconds later I had my full attention on Sandra, ignoring the next customer who came over to me, I just pointed towards Ruth who was struggling with an insatiable customer. Right now standing with Sandra,i cared less for anything, the world could burn to ashes for all I care, after all she’s a customer as well, not just a customer but the angel of good luck.

” please what can I do for you? ” I said, as I gave a boisterous smile. ”

I need groceries, but I can find my way with that, just came to say hi, and thank you for the last time”. she flaunt her wrist watch in my face ” very beautiful, everyone loves it” she said and smiled.

” I love helping rare angels as yourself anytime”. I said amusingly. She chuckled and made to move, I spontaneously held her wrist. She looked startled, but said nothing.

” Please, if you don’t mind I will like to see you again” I said apprehensively. “If I can’t speak with you this evening I will run mad!! That’s why I will love to have your number pleaseeee it’s more important to me than silver or gold, I won’t mind washing your underwears just to have it”. I passionately pleaded.

She gave a loud laughter that called attention to us, but I cared even less. ” Mike!! You’re very funny! Lemme think about it as I shop, pray I find reason to give you”. She said as she loosed my grip and went to shop for her groceries.

I waited expectantly for her, and eventually she emerged struggling with two full bags of groceries in both hands. I briskly went to offer my assistance, which she gladly obliged with an appreciative smile. She led me to her car at the parking lot. I put the bags in the back seat of her Toyota SUV. Then looked expectantly at her with a boyish nervous smile. She hesitated a little then smiled and asked.

” what?! “.

Your number !” I replied .

“I know your type, you are the kind that drains ones battery life. Until am certain you are not that kind of guy…meanwhile, thank you for your help, you’re so sweet”. She smiled and headed for her car door.

” I swear by everything I hold dear that I won’t call you more than twice a day, please don’t render me useless by not obliging me, please… ” I emotionally desperately pleaded. She smiled and took a few judgmental look at me before saying.

” let me have your number, I’ll give you a call”. She took out her phone and collected my number. Afterwards jumped into her car and drove off.

Ruth took notice of my shenanigans with the customer and pretended as it wasn’t her business, but when she saw me smiling hysterically walking into the mall, she let out a nonchalant jealousy. I rarely took notice of her coz I was dwelling in my moment of great achievement Suddenly, a call came through my phone, it was the devil , ”what a wrong timing!” .I stormed.

” hello ma” I answered. ” come to the house right now! ” she ordered and hung up before I could say anything. ” not today! ” I said to myself, I had made up my mind after Sams episode not to be her bleep boy anymore. So I intentionally ignored her.

Few hours later, she called again.

” where the hell are you?!” she shot into my ear.

” I have been busy ma” I said.

” what bloody kind of busy is that?! Tell that good for nothing manager that I want you at my place right now! I don’t want to wait any longer than thirty minutes for you! “. She said and hung up.

“She hasn’t started waiting ” I said to myself, ” she will wait today till she’s tired “.


I went back to attending my duty when the manager, a young lad, in his early twenties, chubby, dark and of average hight. Walked up to me, I could guess what he had to say.

” Mike! Madam said you should leave everything you’re doing and come to her place right now if you value your job. I will advise you, you better get going right away for the good of both of us. ” he said.

I was greatly troubled. I have sworn never to be her bleep boy, but this, I hope I can withstand.

Ruth came to me, perhaps she noticed my dilemma from her station.

“Boy how far?!” she said as she approached me.

” it’s your Madam o, calling that I should come to her place to do her dirty job.( I meant bleeping job).

” boy! You are in for the real poo. You’re not the first that she prefers to come over. I suspect she has something up her sleeve coz she only asking good looking guys as yourself over. She smiled, took a mocking look at me and continued. ” for your mind now, you think you’re fine abi? ” she teased.

“stop that Ruth, this woman knows how to use somebody”( I meant sex ).

” yeah.. Then resign if you have option” she said.

” if only I could” I wistfully said.

” oh boy, you better go now, don’t keep your Madam waiting, who knows today might be your lucky day to bleed that gigantic buttocks of hers “. She jokingly said as she laughed and walked back to her station.

I walked into my madams masters bedroom upstairs an hour thirty minutes later, following her invite after a knock .

The house was empty, it was a Saturday, perhaps the kids must have gone to their granny’s. So the house seem to be ours. Checking my time it was almost 5pm.

She laid down, watching a movie showing on her massive Philips TV on the wall and a glass of wine in her hand. As I walked in she looked at me and smiled.

She was clad in a black pink doted spaghetti top that reviewed her massive pawpaw like breast with huge nipples and a to match thong underwear.

” so you have grown wings em? You kept me waiting for a small rat like you , I think this privilege you are enjoying has made you grow wings to challenge me”. She said in a cold tone, smiling ominously. Now come over here! I just want you to s--k me “. She commanded.

” not today! ” I spoke out what I have been reciting in my head all the way to her place. Still maintaining my position.

” you said? ” she shouted, not believing her ears.

” I said I am not going to do any of that today! I am not your bleep boy, I….”

She cut me shut with a loud,” shut up! Shut that hole in your face before I make you regret ever being born! Let me tell you incase you don’t know , as long as I pay you, I own you, you don’t tell me what I can or cannot do”. She said maliciously.

I could sense the alcohol speaking most of the time. But I didn’t mind, I have had it up to my neck and I couldn’t pretend anymore for the fear of being sacked.

” madam if there’s anything you want me to do for you, just tell me. This!” I pointed to her in disgust. “and any other house chores isn’t what I signed in for when I took this job. If this is what you are calling me for ? good bye! ” I said as I walked out, neglecting her yelling and swearing behind me.

( I meant se,x )

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