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My Madam And I-Episode38, 39, 40



My Madam And I-Episode38

On my way to Amaka’s place. She called and instructed me to wait for her some distance away from her house. So when I got there I called to inform her that I was waiting. She kept me waiting for three hours, and when I was frustrated and made up my mind to leave, then I saw her car driving towards my direction.

” hope I didn’t keep you waiting?” she asked smiling as I entered the car.


” where are we going to? ” I said ignoring her question.

She looked at me and smiled without saying a word. We drove a lot long distance and eventually she made a turn to a guest house.

It was a very simple guest house far away from the main town. I wondered why she chose here of all places. So I hinted her that I had told a friend of my coming to see her,( just in case she plans something funny ) she just smiled and said nothing.

She booked for a night and ordered for a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. . We entered the room, a simple one with everything in it as simple as possible.

Amaka laid on the bed still not saying anything to me. I put on the box TV and sat beside her watching a local chanel news. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, I went to get it. It was the receptionist with our drink and glasses. I took it from him and dropped it on a small table beside the bed.

” please help me, a full glass.” the first word she spoke since we got there.

I poured her a full glass, and poured for myself, gulped it in one swallow and poured another one again, this I also gulped in two swallows. Then took the third glass gently.

Amaka was clad in a long traditional flowered maternity gown. She sat up, took a sip from her glass, then took off her gown. She was bare under, no bra or panties. She laid back on the bed and said .

” I want you to s--k me boy. I just want you to eat my honey pot. ”

I looked at her, already I was tipsy, I knew I came for a dirty job so I was prepared for anything. I didn’t forget my traditional herb that gives me the go. So I was sure to leave an impression.

I took off my top, threw it on the floor, loosened my belt, pull off my jean and boxers together. I noticed Amaka was looking at me seductively.


” oh my gosh! You have really added weight since we last saw. And you seem to be working out. Wow! ” she said, biting her lips fixing her eyes on me seductively.

I went straight to spreading her legs, in my drunkenness I supposed her honeypot became as sweet as candy coz I almost chew every piss of it. Amaka moaned crazily jerking herself up and down. I deep my fingers as I ate her simultaneously. One in her joyhole another in her butt hole with my face buried under her visiting the holes I drilled and back to its station.

” bleep me!! Bleep me!!! Please… Bleep me! ” she said through her loud moaning.

I positioned her and dug my joystick in her. I was crazy this time coz I was drunk. I pounded like never before. She cried, bite, fart , hit, moaned her loudest I didn’t care, I just kept doing my thing. Eventually I came. She rushed my joystick and started s-----g. She s----d for a while until life came back into it.

I took a long drink from the bottle of whiskey and went back to pounding. I kept drinking as I drunkenly gave all my weight in each t----t. We visited every position we can think of.

She suddenly jumped off me jerking on a side of the bed. I didn’t know what that meant I just went to her, laid on top her and tried to pound her again. She then pushed me away asking me to stop. I was terribly drunk, I just laid on the bed resting. She remained that way for some time then came to cuddle me.

I began feeling nauseous, then I pushed her aside ran to the bathroom and started vomiting in the toilet. She ran after me ,stood behind me as I offloaded all in my tummy into the toilet.

” take water ” she said, handing me a bottle of water.


I took it from her, rinsed my mouth, stood up, she supported me to the bed. I laid facing down, the room started turning crazily. She poured some very cold water on my head and asked me to drink. I did and laid back. After a while i dozed off.

I woke up to find her sleeping beside me. She laid under the duvet as so was I. I looked at the time it was 9pm. I rushed to my phone to call home, but discovered it was on a message. I read a sent message that was on display and it read:

‘hello mum, I can’t make it back home today. Don’t worry about me, am fine, am with a friend.’

I saw four missed calls from Ruth. I quickly returned the call.

” hello” I was careful not to mention the name in front of Amaka so as not to put Ruth in trouble.

” hello Mike. Where have you been?! Mum said you sent her a text that you’re at a friends, which of your friends?! ” she said sounding worried.

” I am at a friend of a friends party. We just went there unplanned . ” I lied.

” you should have called to tell me at least. Have you had something to eat? ”

” yes dear. ” I lied so she won’t have to worry herself.

” can I see you tomorrow morning before going to work? ” she asked.

” don’t wait for me please, If I can I will come on time, but don’t wait for me. ”

” I miss you so much Mike ” she said.

” I miss you too”

” alright baby, I love you ” she said.

” me too, sweet dreams” avoiding the love word coz of Amaka. Then I hung up to avoid another implicating comment from her.

Amaka was already up. So I went to her, sat on the bed beside her. My intention was to discuss why I came there in the first place. But she spoke before me.


” I want you again Mike ” she said touching my thighs.

I looked at her in disgust, gently removed her hand and said.

” please can we discuss why we came here in the first place? ” I said.

” you mean the one million? I haven’t forgotten about it. Just come and do it to me again “. She said and started kissing my thighs up to my joystick.

I moved back a little from her.and said.

“Please can we just talk a little?”

She looked at my face, kissed my tummy, up to my chest and held the back of my head putting her forehead on mine and said.

” Mike, do you know you are so handsome? ”

She kissed my lips gently. I tried to free myself but she held me tight, my bleeping rod this time refuced to respond. She just ignored it continued kissing me. I finally gave in, perhaps when we are done she may listen to me.

After kissing for a while, she bent down and gave me head. Yet my bleeping rod refuced to respond. She bent under me, licked from my balls to my anus and back to the rod. Gradually life entered it again. I went on for a long time pounding but slowly and erotic. She held me tight with her legs moaning gently, kissing me as I went on missionary. After a while she held on me tighter jerking, as she jerked liquid like urine poured out from her private part. (squirted). she screamed and bit her lips jerking. Then suddenly she sagged on the bed breathing.

I left her, went to get water to drank. My bleeping rod still stood at attention,but that didn’t bother me. I have done what I came for, at least she has squirted four times today.

I sat at the edge of the bed looking at her as she laid quietly on my side. I didn’t bother to disturb her. After a while she came back to me, rested her head on my thighs.

” how do you do it? ” she asked.

” do what? ” I replied.

” make me feel this way, it’s very hard for anyone to make me feel this way, even now I just put to bed, am supposed to be loose but you satisfied me still. Mike, I can’t lose you ” she said resting her head on my thighs.

I felt my ego flying higher into the sky. But I just kept my cool. Now it’s time to talk about my business.

” how can you help me? I really need that money to help my brother, he is in a critical condition right now . I can pay you back some how, just tell me how, anyhow I’ll do it. “I said .

She raised her head from my thighs and said said:

” can we discuss this in the morning? Am tired I want to sleep. ”

she moved away from me, covered herself with the duvet backing me and slept off.


My Madam And I-Episode39

Someone tapped me on my buttocks severally, I woke to see it was Amaka. She covered her chest with the bedsheet.

” it’s morning ” she said.

I looked at the window it was already very bright outside.

” what time is it? ” I asked, feeling headache on one side of my head.


” I don’t know, you check ” she said, returning to the bed and quickly covered her unclad back and buttocks with the bedsheet she used on her chest.

I reached for the phone, it was 8.30am. Ruth left four missed calls and a message,I didn’t bother to read it and flung my phone to a side of the bed, laid down facing the ceiling. I was still unclad and my bleeping rod rested comfortably on one side of my thighs.

Amaka stood up sluggishly, staggered to the bathroom covering her chest and trying with futile effort to cover her butt.( Perhaps a hangover made her staggered ). She dropped the sheet on the floor at the entrance of the bathroom, went in, did her peeing on the floor , brushed her teeth and showered with the door open.

I occasionally looked her direction, then back to the ceiling where my gaze was reminiscing about the previous night.

She came out with a towel tied to her chest. She looked much better covering her unclothedness. I stood up and went to the bathroom.

” why didn’t you join me? ” she said applying her lotion.

I just shrugged and went in. Brushed my mouth with the toothbrush she used without seeking her permission and started having my shower. I noticed she was just looking at me when I turned towards her. I ignored her and finished with my business, came out unclad and wet since she was still wrapped in the towel.

We both got dressed chatting casually at intervals. Amaka was already set to leave when I brought up the topic again.

” can we discuss now? ” I asked.

” discuss what? ” she said sounding completely aloof of what I meant ,already standing with her car keys in hand ready to walk out of the room.

I almost got pissed and raise my voice, but I applied caution and tamed the anger that threatened to erupt.


” about helping me help my brother. ” I said very calmly.

” oh! That? I’ll think about it. ” she said and started walking out of the room.

I quickly intercepted her and shut the door. She looked at me as though I had lost my mind. I knew this was trouble and I know how stubborn Amaka can be, so I played it wisely trending softly.

” please! Don’t do this ” I said, looking down at the short lady who wasn’t as tall up to the level of my chest.

” Mike! Did I promise you anything before we came here? Didn’t I tell you to follow me here so we can discuss it? ” she said sounding as though fighting to subdue an uprising venom.

” so can we discuss it now? – please! ”

She looked at me for a while and said.

” Mr Mike. One million isn’t a small money. If I part with such amount of money it will take me four good months to recover ! Am a business woman, as such I don’t spend money anyhow, save what will yield income. ”

” then why did you bring me here if you weren’t going to help me?! ”

” I never said I wasn’t going to help you, did I Mike? I said give me time to think of it. And…. ” she paused, smiled and continued “If you continue to do my bidding, perhaps you can get more than a million. ” she said biting her lips, looking seductively at me, stroking my tummy and chest with a finger.

I gently removed her hand from me and said, suppressing an almost outburst of anger and violence.

” after today, I won’t ask you about it, and this…. ” I looked around the room in contempt “…. will never happen again, I promise you “. Then I said to her. ” let’s go! ” walking out of the room.

She just looked at me without moving for a while, then smiled and followed me out.

We drove in silence, my mind was on Sandra. Only if she was around I won’t be going through this stress.

She dropped me off at my junction. Dropped a bundle of cash she took from her hand purse on my thigh.

” use this to get yourself something nice. ” she said smiling.


I looked at the money and at her, took the money, dropped it on her dashboard, came down from the car without saying a word.

” Mike!” she called.

But I ignored her and walked straight home.

I felt used again as I sat on the couch brooding how easily manipulated I have become. I needed a distraction perhaps someone who isn’t afraid to say the truth. So I took my phone, scrolled through, then got the number I was looking for, an old friend of mine whom I constantly avoided because of his smoking habit.

” hello jackisula” I said.

” who is this? ” he asked, sounding sleepy.

” it’s Mike ”

” which Mike? ”

” Mike nah. Amigo. ”

” who’s amigo? ” he said still sounding really dozy.

” number five street nah Jacky ”

” who knows my name ?” he said sounding a little more active.

” stop this na, it’s me, mike blacky amigo ”

” oh! Oh! Mike! Mtcheew… Why didn’t you tell me its you?” he said fully active now. ” how have you been? I heard they sacked you from your job, that you are as jobless as I am. It’s a good thing, at least we can be smoking together now. Am so happy you’re sacked ” he said laughing hysterically.

” please, where are you ” I asked smiling.

” where can I be by this time if not my bunk? Are you around? ”

” yes, I am”

” you are very stupid! Infact in stupidity you were conceived. So you are at home and you allowed me to fry my brain alone with no one to reason with. Boy! It will not be well with you, you are very wicked!!! ” he shouted.

” don’t worry, am coming. ” I said and hung up.

We both sat on the couch of Jacky’s sitting room in front of the TV watching a cartoon movie and smoking weed with a bottle of soft drink by our sides.

” are you telling me that you have three chicks on your balls? ” he said puffing out a smoke. ” and you are telling me you are not a lucky bastard. How many jobless and useless youths can boast of a girl? and you have three!” he looked at me in unbelief.


” men! It’s twisted.” I said, dropping ash on the ash tray.

” untwist it nah. You got yourself twisted inbetween three rabbit holes. ” he said, dragging smoke into his lung.

” I need advice on this rich lady that is very stubborn. She never agrees anything I say save hers, I end up being used by her each time I try to be smart. ” I tried not to let him know it was my ex boss I was referring to because of his loose mouth.

” hmm… Listen my friend. You are very stupid for allowing a woman use you, and you have the guts to open your dirty mouth to tell me. Don’t you women are like children? They expect you to be an adult in handling them. My advice? Get a stubborn child, study him or her then you can handle her. Concerning her being a smart kid. Hmm….You have to be a fool to fool the wise. In another sense, play to her tune and foolishly decline her ignorantly. …”. He stopped to drag in another smoke.

” now, what about the girl who loves me?how do I handle her, coz Sandra has taken over my head ” I asked looking at him.

” do you love her? ” he asked taking a gulp from the bottle of soft drink.

” I like her ”

” you did not answer my question, do you love her? ”

” I don’t think I do, I love another ”

” the married one you mean? ” he asked molding another wrap.

” yes”.

” hmmm” he said, sealing the molded weed up with his saliva. “you can’t marry a generals wife Bro. Do you want to die? . My advice. Gather as much cash as you can from both women, don’t listen to their gibberish talk about love. Love is an excuse of the weak. Get your head straight, you are jobless and useless, use  you have Bro to gather what you need. I don’t know why fools get the best stuff. ” he said lighting it up with a lighter.


My Madam And I-Episode40

I refused to call Amaka and so deleted her number so I won’t have to dial her number by mistake.

Mum still didn’t get her solution from her prophet after two weeks. Nobody felt joy in the house, every one seem to be gloomy because of my elder brother who was still detained in the police custody .

Ruth made sure I didn’t bother much, she always comes back from work with 3 litters of ice cream and meat barbecue. She knows how to make a man feel loved, and a submissive partner in bed. She is just an ideal woman for a lucky dude. But its crazy that in all, I still loved Sandra who is married to a general.

I went to the bathroom after a romantic sex with Ruth at her place . On my return I saw my phone in Ruth’s hand, and her countenance portrayed trouble.

” Sandra sent you a text ” she said handing my phone to me.

I collected the phone from her wondering what could have been the content of the text. I opened it, and it read thus :

‘ my sugar sweet Mike. Words can’t tell how I have missed you. Sorry I haven’t called, my husband has been too childish of late. My honey pot craves for your sweet pipe…. ‘

Then I stopped reading. I looked at Ruth whose eyes were clouded in tears my heart dropped. I put the phone aside thinking of a lie to defend myself.

” so you are still seeing Sandra Mike? I thought you said you don’t want anything to do with her? ” she said as tears dropped down her cheeks.

I went to her reeking of guilt and tried to hold her but She pushed me away.

” am I not good enough for you? Why are you doing this to me Mike? ” her voice shook in a suppressed sob.

I felt helpless, but her tears hurt me so bad. Ruth has been nothing but good to me and right now I am hurting her. So I came closer to her again and said in a low pathetic tone.

” I reconciled with her because of my brother. We need money to bail him and we can’t raise that amount of money from anywhere. Please baby, understand, it’s a sacrifice I had to…. ”

” Sandra is every Mans fantasy she’s not a sacrifice !”. She interrupted in a low shout. ” stop this cheap lies and accept that you’re cheating on me with her “. She said crying bitterly.

” am sorry. I left Sandra because of you, I came back to her because of my brother. Please understand, she can be our only redeemer “. I said, trying to cuddle her, but she moved away from me.

I bent in front of her holding her hands begging for her forgiveness and for her to stop crying. Her tears tore my heart in shreds.

She raised her head and looked at me, her face was covered in tears and catarrh. She tried to control herself before saying.

” Promise you won’t see her again. I don’t want to loose you Mike , Sandra is more than a competition for me ” she said and started crying again.

I held her, hugging her tight to myself.

” I am not going anywhere baby, you are not going to loose me to anyone and always know that you are twice more attractive than her. ” with these words kissing her hair.

She held me tight and sobbed on my bare chest. I kept reassuring her and kissing her hair.

Later that day at my place, I read the rest of the text. Sandra was coming to town in a week time. I felt so happy inwardly but kept my cool coz of what happened earlier at Ruth’s. I still felt a little guilt in me.

My mum had told me the previous day that we were going to see the prophet who collected money from her. I knew this was going to be trouble. But I followed her all the same.

We got there, as usual a large crowd waited for him. Judging by the snake like queue, we were not even going to see the prophet next week. So my mum took her chance by force. She went straight to the entrance of the prophets office, while I followed behind. Two guys who were not up the kind that can pose as a problem to me stopped her.

” Madam, please wait for your turn” . One of them said, gently pushing her backwards.

” it’s urgent, tell your prophet that Mr’s Angela is here. He knows me very well. She said, still trying to push herself in.

I felt slightly embarrassed, I wanted to suggest we come back the next day to get a number, but mum wasn’t in the mood for any rational reasoning.

” Madam, please go back! ” the second came and pushed her in a way she almost fell.

This got to me that I spontaneously pushed him in a swift reflex. He fell on a chair and both him and the chair fell on the ground.

I went to my mum, trying to reason with her to leave and come back the next day, but she started moving in to the office again ignoring anything from me . The other guy intercepted her, closed the entrance to the prophets office with his body, still resisting my mum with his hands, though cautious of my presence.

The second guy stood up, came to me as though to fight. I wasn’t ready for a fight so I cautiously avoided him. Mum rushed infront of him and said.

” you want to beat up an old lady right? Alright, go ahead! Beat!! ” she said shouting and pushing the guy with her chest.

I felt terribly embraced, people had gathered already, the place was in a frenzy. Mum wasn’t making it easy for me as she was screaming on top her voice.

Finally the prophet asked to meet with her when the news got to him that mum was creating a scene outside . Perhaps he did it so that my mum doesn’t say what he did to her, and so indirectly discouraging the new comers.

” why is my son still in prison?” my mum said the moment we entered the prophets office .

” Please have a sit” . The bulky man said relaxed in his chair.

She hesitated a little then took a sit and sat down, I followed.

” why is my boy still in prison prophet? Please tell me ! I cant be sleeping in my comfy bed while my child rots in cell after giving you such huge amount of money.” she said obviously trying with all her will power to suppress venomous words.

The prophet adjusted himself, sat up to rest his hands on the table. He looked at both I and mum, smiled and said.

” people of little faith. Why are you questioning god’s ways? Don’t you know that your current action may have provoked god to take back his favour? ” he paused, looked at us to see if his words were sinking, then continued. ” I saw god discussing with an angel last night in a vision concerning your issue, the angel has been sent already, I don’t know if the angel will carryout the job anymore because of what you just did”. He sat back on his chair looking at us with a hand stroking his long goatee.

” you mean the angel was going to deliver the work? ” mum said, looking bewildered.

” of course! ” he said. Adjusted his sit, then continued. ” now we have to appease the angel. Moreover it’s not even up to 20 days yet and you’re complaining . I told you 20 days fasting will be conducted for your son. My fasting group are still on the fast and you came to spoil it. The blame is on you ma ” . He said and started operating his laptop.

I felt all these drama was becoming too childish and the annoying thing was that mum was buying all the craps. So I said in anger.

” my guy! Please, tell the angel not to worry, we are no longer interested. Please return back our money. ”

Mum looked at me in shock. The prophet couldn’t believe his ears, his jaw dropped as he looked at me stunned.

” shut up boy! Mind how you talk to a man of god ” . Mum said, pushing me. ” please sir, forgive him. He’s just a boy”. She pleaded on my behalf.

The prophet, was still looking at me with an opened mouth. As soon as mum finished begging, he got hold of himself and said.

” do you want to die boy? Don’t you know you can go mad right here for insulting me? ” he rose from his sit as he talked.

” you can’t do anything!” I said standing to meet his gaze. “Better bring our money now before I turn this place upside down. ”

Mum who was afraid started begging me to stop.

” woman talk to your son!” he said pointing at me. ” Does he know who I am?”

” who are you?! ” I said walking towards him.

I was completely ragged. How mum sold up things at home to gather the money this fat man is trying to fool us to collect removed a nut from my head. And when I get this way nobody can stop me. I held the prophet on his white long caftan. Pushed him to the wall. He started shouting, calling security. Mum was busy trying to pull my hands away from him but it was a wasted effort.

The two security men outside came in. I left the prophet, picked up the chair prophet sat on. Descended on the first guy that came to me ( which was the one I pushed earlier ) he moved backwards in a hurry. I flung it at him and the chair landed on his head and immediately blood started poring out. The second guy was too afraid to attack, so I turned back to the prophet who tried to run away. I held him on his neck hard, pushed him on the table. The laptop fell on one side and the books scattered.

” give us our money today” I said. With my hands on his neck and his back on the table. He struggled in vain trying to get me off him by pushing my face.

” call the po -po-lice” the prophet struggled to tell the guy who was afraid to approach me.

He immediately started dialing. Mum hearing ‘police’, started crying, begging me to stop. By now the entrance of the office was crowded. Some able bodied guys rushed in and pulled me off the prophet.

” tell him to give us our money, he’s a fraud this man. ” I screamed as they dragged me out of the office. Mum followed behind, crying and shouting :

” you people should leave him alone!”. Mum yelled as they dragged me out of the office.

I freed myself from their grip, quickly picked up a stone from the floor and stood ready to fight anyone who attacked first .

Mum intercepted, stood in front of me yelling. ” leave him alone!”.

The whole place was in a complete brouhaha. Everyone shouted on top of their voices. As they were about lynching me a gentle middle aged man stepped in to my defense, he pulled me to a side in company of two elderly men

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