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My Madam And I-Episode35, 36, 37



My Madam And I-Episode35

“Isn’t that Sandra?” Ruth said trying to conceal her jealousy.

My mind ran 360 as I perused through my archive of lies but found non, so I had no choice but to admit it.

” yeah, she picked me up on my way here” I said casually, walked to her and held her hand. ” sweetie you look stunning! ” I said trying to flatter her.

She blushed and looked at me.

“you look tired. Did you sleep last night? ” she said, her tone depicting worries. ” or have you been engaged in a sex rump with Sandra?” Her tone gradually changed into suspension.

” my dear it’s hangover. you’re late for work! Why are you still home by this time? ” I said, changing the topic

“yeah… I was waiting for you. ”

I felt so horrible , my conscience pricked me so bad, but I tried to hide it.

” lemme see you off dear”. I said.

” you think you are smart? ” she said smiling suspiciously at me.

” how do you mean? ” I asked.

” you know what am talking about Mike, stop playing smart its not working “.

I didn’t know how to defend myself, so I decided to play the blame game.


” so that’s why you refused to call to know if I was dead right? You didn’t do well Ruth”

She looked at me in a very annoying way and said.

” what’s that Mike?! The blame game? ”

I tried so hard not to reveal any guilt or feelings that will sell me out. So I said.

” what do you mean by blame game? I expected you to call me this morning Ruth, I wanted to see a missed call from you to show me you care. ”

” and me waiting for you is what Mike ?!” she said looking in my face as if to get a clue.

” yeah…. That was… Was cool”. I said confused, She placed me off balance with that last question. My guilt poured out like a spilled milk.

” admit it Mike, you were with Sandra ” she said in a pathetic way.

I didnt say anything, I just kept pacing into the sky scratching my beards.

” Mike I love you. I love you, why do you keep doing this to me?!” she said as tears clouded her eyes.

” I told you I wasn’t with Sandra!” I screamed. “Alright wait, lemme call philo. ” I said scrolling through my phone looking for philo’s number that hasn’t been in use for long. ” here ” I said, giving the phone to her. ” dial it to confirm. ”

She just looked at me for a while and said.

” I don’t need to confirm anything, I was just praying you didn’t tell me you were with her, it’s okay, I believe you. Am going to work. “.

After seeing Ruth off, I stopped to get energy drink from a store when my phone rang. It was Amaka calling. I wandered what she wanted.

” hello” I said.

” hello Mike. Long time. ”

” what do you want?! ”

” come on Mike! Dont be a boy! ”

” boy you said?! After using me and sacking me you are calling me a boy?! ” I said.

” come on Mike. Let’s put the past behind us.”

” I am not! You did a lot to me, you don’t expect me to forget it easily “.

” I know, am sorry. Please come to my place am alone today “.

” like seriously?! Are you high or something?! ”

” am not ” she laughed and continued. ” I miss you Mike . I love how you handle me”

” please am not in for games. ” I said and hung up.


I was so angry that I started cursing. The little boy selling looked at me as though I have lost it.

I collected the items and started strolling back when a text rang on my phone. I opened it, it was Amaka, and the text read :

Mike am sorry, please forgive me, I was being childish.

I looked at my phone and let out a loud laugh. I put back the phone in my pocket and headed home.

I sat in the sitting room watching a movie trying to catch a sleep. When suddenly my phone rang. It was Amaka again.

” what do you want?! ” I said in a tired voice.

” I want you Mike. I thought I could replace you, but I discovered no one has the capacity as you do. You are a gift to women. Please just forgive all I did to you.” she said sounding really apologetic.

This really shocked me. What happened to the ever ranting, abusive arrogant Amaka?.

” are you ready to acknowledge that the child is mine? ” I said, trying very hard not to mention that I know anything about the baby .

” about that, we can resolve it when you come. Please Mike, I need you. I feel as if I am under a spell or something. But I have investigated it, it isn’t spell its natural. Please Mike. ”

I was too tired to argue or think. She meant nothing to me now, Sandra gives me enough money and sex but I need my sleep at the moment, so I said.

” alright. Am about to sleep, I went for a vigil last night, talk to you when am up. ”

” OK. I will be waiting for your call. Sleep well ” she said and hung up.

Three women on my neck. Now Amaka has fallen for my spell too. I don’t see any need for investigating her anymore since she has yielded. So I made up my mind to visit her when I wake up.


My Madam And I-Episode36

When I woke up it was already 2pm yet I felt very tired still. I reached for my phone and saw 15 missed calls. 5 from Ruth, 2 from Sandra and 8 from Amaka. There was also a text message from Amaka:

Hello Mike, I am waiting for you at home. I guess you’re still asleep or ignoring my calls. Please call back.

I looked at it in disgust. Then called Sandra, the phone ranged out, I tried again, yet she didn’t pick up. So I decided to call Ruth. It rang not up to twice and she picked.

” hello Mike ” Ruth said.

” hi Ruth. I saw your missed calls. ”

” just checking up on you. I wanted to know if you have had breakfast and I also wanted to tell you that I left some change under the television for you, just incase you need anything. ” she said.

” oh… ” I felt horrible that I love Sandra Instead of Ruth. And Ruth has but kind and supportive since we met.

” have you taken anything? ” she asked.

” not yet ” I said.

” please take the money and get what you need ”

” why do you have to do that Ruth? I have some money ” I said.

” I know, but you have been out of job for a while now, you will need money. ”

” please dear, I am fine. ” I insisted.

” Mike, please accept it. I beg you. ”

” OK. But please don’t do that again. I don’t want you giving me money” I said surprising my pride.

” thanks dear. I have to run. ” she said and hung up.

I am richer now than when I worked. Sandra sends me alert almost every week. And now Ruth is trying to add to it. I wasnt comfortable with Ruth’s gift, her salary isn’t much and she doesn’t have any other means of income.

I went to the shower, had my bath wore something casual like a T-shirt and Jean and went to mum’s shop.

” good afternoon mum. ” I said sitting down on a bench behind her.

Mum turned, left her sawing on the machine and faced me.

” you this boy, I think joblessness has affected you crazy. Instead making a fool out of yourself drinking and getting drunk why not make yourself useful by selling for me here”. She said.

” me, here? I will spend up your money o ” I said laughing.

” this is not a laughing thing, you are becoming something else, always entering one trouble or the other, now your friend is dead because of you and you were almost killed by those low life soldiers. Isn’t it time you think of learning a trade? I and your dad will join heads to together and see how we can raise you some capital. Think about it my son. ” she said.

” I think I like the trade thing, but I can’t do any petty or roadside business o ” I said frowning.

” look at this stupid boy. How old are you? Sit down there and suggest for Mr President to close down the country’s account for your sake. ” she said, turned to the sewing machine and continued her sewing.

I stood up and said.

” mum, I want to see a friend ”

She turned to me and said.

” hope is not your team of drunkards again? ”

” no. It’s about a job ”

” now wait! ” she called me back. ” what about Amaka and my grand child? ”

” she is trying to reason with me, she called earlier. ” I said.

” are you serious? Finally. What got into her? ” mum’s eyes widened and her lips pressed together.

” I don’t know o. I may drop by at her place and see why she called. ” I said walking out.

” please be careful o. And don’t eat anything from her so she doesn’t bewitch you, I don’t like that lady ” mum said frowning.

I tried Sanda’s number again and it was switched off. That seem strange because her number hardly goes off. I wanted to tell her about my intended visit to Amaka’s .So I left a message.

I was at Amaka’s place. The house seem deserted. I felt conscious. I sat in the sitting room waiting for her. My phone rang, it was Amaka calling.

” hello” I said.

” come to my room ” she commanded as usual.

” no! You come downstairs ” I said.

” please Mike, I am Unclad, I can’t come that way, come please. ” she soften her voice.

” look. I am not here for your games. I had important things I was doing before I came here, if you plan on wasting my time I will just leave!” I said and hung up.

Few minutes later a short fat fair lady was walking down the stairs. She was clad in just a mini transparent pink cover upon a mini transparent light milky night gown, and a red thong underwear inside. Her mighty boobs dangled on her fat folded tummy. And her big thighs robed on each other as she walked. I looked at her, she was so not appetising. ” so this is what I have been bleeping? ” I reasoned.

” hello Mike. ” she said smiling.

Her face is beautiful, and she has a lovely smile too. Her lips are thick and reddish from a red lipstick. Her eyes are bold and charming. She has a full eyebrow that were well groomed and fat cheeks. Her nose is pointed and small with also a small jaw and thick neck.

” hello” I said.

She walked and sat on the hand rest of the chair where I sat.

” you look well. like you have been walking out. Look at that biceps so strong .” she said touching my arm. ” wow, your chest are broader than the last time we saw, I’d love to see you Unclad” she said in a very sexy voice touching my chest.

” please I am here for the baby ” I said removing her hands and moving away from her.

She looked at me as if to get angry, then smiled. She walked to the bar. Her buttocks were so big and folded, I was surprised that I was fascinated by it.

She brought out two glasses. Poured full from a whiskey in them. Then walked to where I sat, handed me a glass smiling and looking into my eyes. I took the glass and dropped it at a side of the chair.

She went to the home theatre in front of me , bent down to operate it. Her massive butt was facing me and her clothes rose , so that half of her buttocks were unclad to my view. My rod responded rapidly, I just felt stupid feeling this way towards this lady. Maybe I have been bewitched or cursed.

She spent time doing what she was doing. Finally, the music played. It was a song by Brian Adams ‘please forgive’. She stood, slowly turned and started dancing erotically towards me. Her dancing felt awkward because of her size but sexy at the same time. I didn’t know why I was beginning to find her attractive.

She spread her legs and sat on my thighs. I imagined that since she is a lactating mother her boobs must be filled with milk. This some how brought me back to my senses.

She crossed her hands on my neck, her perfume were so sweet and seductive. Her head rested on shoulder as she gently started kissing my neck and ears. The music, her Perfume and her big buttocks completely paralyzed me. All I would do was say. ” I want to see the baby ” and she kept replying ” I know, you will ” still kissing me. Her kiss felt sweet and relaxing. So I just laid back and enjoyed it.

Then suddenly, the baby started crying. My savior! That quickly awakened me.

” the baby I said ” jerking up and pushing her slightly away from me.

I stood up and demanded to see my baby. She hesitated and finally agreed. Few minutes later she came with the boy. He looked so much like me. She handed him over to me. I felt so happy and fulfilled. She stood beside me hugging my neck from behind resting her cheek on my on mine . I didn’t bother because I finally have my baby.

” mike” she called. Still resting on me. ” I want you to make love to me today! ” she commanded.

” not today my dear ” I said still cuddling the baby.

” you can always come around if you want, but I want you to make love to me now ” she commanded, sounding more like the Amaka I know.

This got me so angry that I stood up with the baby. Looked at her with a boiling eyes.

” even if I wanted to, right now you commanded me I won’t. I thought you said you can get any guy you wanted? Go get any guy you want and leave me the hell alone! ” I yelled, still carrying the baby.

She fixed her eyes on me as if she was planning to attack. Then she smiled and said.

” this is why I fell for you. You are a man! I love men who are good in bed, strong, smart and one not easily controlled by a woman. You are all of them, that’s why I want you badly, you bring out the woman in me. ” she said in a submissive tone that felt strange to me.

” please ma.. Amaka, I am very tired. I barely slept last night, can we keep this some other time? ” I said.

She looked at me for a while as if deciding on what to do. Then sat on one of the chairs and said

” OK! ”

” do you admit now that he’s my boy? ” I said still cuddling the baby standing.

” you think he’s yours? ” she said, looking at her nails.

” of course I know “. I replied in shock.

She looked at me and said nothing.

My phone rang, i handed the baby over to her and answered.

” hello ”

” hello Mike, my husband is around. I have to run back. He’s asking after me.” Sandra said.

” when? ” I said.

” this morning. Am on my way right now. I called earlier but I guess you were asleep”

” poo! ”

” don’t worry, I will call you as soon as I resolve issues with him. I know it’s about you and I. But don’t worry, I can handle him. ”


My Madam And I-Episode37

I heard nothing from Sandra since she traveled It’s about two weeks now. Even though I miss Sandra everyday Ruth crept into my heart in a subtle way and dominated a reasonable portion. We had best of times together, she’s both submissive and a good lover but I can’t tell why I still can’t get over Sandra.

Amaka isn’t the type that gives up easily. She conditioned my coming to see the baby whom she still insisted isn’t mine to me sexing her. Since the last time we saw I haven’t been to her place and she on the other hand hasn’t bothered to call.

I was watching the news one afternoon when I heard mum shouting downstairs. I rushed to know what was wrong. She told me that she just got off a call, that the caller said my elder brother has been arrested.

” what did he do?!”. I said, trying to hold the woman who was being overly hysteria.

” one million o-o, that’s what they said your brother stole! ” she said scattering her hair.

I was paralyzed hearing the amount involved. Even if they close the whole family account we can’t raise half of it. I sagged on the floor ignoring my mum who was throwing her self on the floor.

” how did it happen? How sure are they he stole it?” I said, half talking to myself.

” my son is not a thief o-o ” she kept repeating as she wept.

I and mum later went to the police station to hear firsthand what happened . We were told that a client left a briefcase of money in the room my brother attended to. And when the client came back he discovered the money in his briefcase was missing. So investigation was carried out and it was discovered that my brother was the only one who entered the room after the man left.

My brother was brought out to us from the cell lclad in just boxers looking battered, guess from the police special treatment of torture. My mum seeing him in that condition started another phase of jumping. After her preliminary mother reaction subsided, she finally said.

” tell us the truth my son. Did you take it? If you did just tell us where the money is so we can retrieve it and pay the owner back “.

” mum, am disappointed. So you can’t defend me outside if someone accuse me wrongly? My brother said in a very pathetic tone.

” it’s not that I can’t defend you, I don’t know what to think ! The Allegation against you is so glaring. ‘ mum said.

” have I ever stolen from you before?” he said in an angered tone.

” am sorry, my son. Please tell us what happened ” mum said.

I just stood behind them, wondering how we are going to raise the money and praying that a kind of miracle happens.

” I went in to inspect how well the room was dressed, because the client complained about how poorly it was arranged the previous day, only for me to hear that his money was missing and I happen to be the only one that left the place.” he said as tears clouded his eyes.

” don’t worry my son. god will fight for us. We don’t have any means of raising that amount, but god will vindicate us. ” mum said hugging him and crying before the police men took him back to the cell.

My mum went to every spiritual house she knows. There was one both of us went to, one morning, a prayer house. They asked us to get a card for an expensive price. Since we were two visiting the prophet we had to buy two cards. We were number 500 to see the man of god. After waiting for ever, we were told to come back the next day.

We came back very early the next day as number 50. After a while, it got to our turn.

” good morning sir” we greeted.

” good morning, sit down ” the prophet said.

We sat in front of the prophet who was sitting at the other end of the table. One side of the table had books pilled up to two feet , a laptop in the middle and a bookshelf by his side while a black closed windowblind hung up behind him.

The prophet happens to be a fat man with a large tummy. His hair was bald, he a huge mustache and a long goatee .

“what can I do for you?! ” he said operating his laptop as though to find the solution of our problems there.

” it’s my son. He has been accused wrongly of stealing one million from a client, my son has never stolen from anyone before. Please prophet, I heard you can see very well. Please tell us who committed the crime. ” my mum said.

” hmm… This is somehow difficult o. ” he said looking at my mum in a weird way. ” I see two dark rats stealing from someone. ” his eyes closed, acting as though in the spirit. ” Hmm… Hmm…. I see a white rat being eaten up.hmmm….why? ….what has he don ” then opened his eyes. Shook his head ” woman, this is a difficult task. The person who implicated your son is very diabolical. He has been envious of your son. Your son is in a grave danger! We need to say very strong prayers for him.” he said, shaking his head.

I and mum has been watching him with keen interest all the while he was in the spirit.

” what should we do prophet?” mum asked. Worried because of what the prophet said.

He looked at his laptop, clicked on the keypad and said. ” 350,000″ still looking at the laptop.

” what is the money for?! ” I asked in complete disbelief.

He looked at me frowning his face and said. ” your brothers life is in danger and you are asking what the money is for? What can you quantify with life? Do you know how diabolic the man in question is? Do you know that he is a very strong occultist? The kind that sucks innocent blood. Can you fast for 20 days dry? ” he said, looking at me.

” who can?! ” I said amusingly.

” you see? But I have a team who can. This church is known for delivery, ask anyone who has been here, we don’t fail. ” he said, focusing back on his laptop.

” no problem sir, we are going to look for the money ” mom said.

I turned and looked at her in anger wondering where we are going get that kind of money from ? And how sure are we that this bulky man isn’t a phoney?

” you better hurry up, they have given him some few days to live” the prophet said as mum was about leaving. Still operating his laptop.

Mum suggested selling all our properties to raise money the prophet asked for. I was strongly against it, but my objections fell on deaf ears cause the first thing she sold was the only thing that keeps me company at home. The television and DVD player. She sold my dads old Cherokee jeep. Still we had 80,000 remaining. I had that amount in the bank but I refused to bring it cause I hardly trust the prophet.

I didn’t know how mum raised the remaining balance. She came back to tell me that the fasting has begun, in no distant time the culprit will confess and run made so the prophet said. So we waited.

Ruth made my house her main abode. She shared in our worries and ate whatsoever we managed to put together as food. She was also very supportive financially cause the house was empty after my mums irrational donation.

My mum called her my wife and she automatically started seeing her as my her daughter inlaw.

One day I sat thinking, I know fully well that the prophet won’t do anything concerning my brothers case, so I felt I should talk to Amaka, perhaps agree to her request. So I put a call across to Amaka, she asked that I should come over to discuss whatsoever I want to discuss at her place. So I got dressed and set out.

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