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My Madam And I-Episode29, 30, 31



My Madam And I-Episode29

I was left all alone in the office for an hour. Throughout the time I spent there I brainstormed weighing every options whether to give in or not. I brooded around the office muttering out my thought to myself.

Then suddenly the door opened. I was expecting to see the bulky man but saw a young soldier who asked me to follow him. I followed silently beside him. I weighed him he was not enough to challenge me even in my weak state. I also fancied the idea of running away through the fence which we were walking along, but I can’t tell why didn’t execute any.

He opened a dark room with just a small opening at the top where little rays of light penetrated.

” go in! ” he commanded.

I obeyed. I was surprised that I was so grateful to be in the room. My tummy cried bitterly for food. Few minutes later the door opened and they threw in a sachet water and a loaf of bread , closed the door almost immediately it opened letting out a banging sound.

I spent the whole evening and night there, nobody came to check in on me . At least I slept well. My whole body ached seriously I felt feverish.

The noise from the door woke me. A very ugly looking soldier walked it. He looked really frightening. Everything about him was huge. His boot, legs, hands, chest, nose, eyes.

I stood up immediately I saw him.

” come with me! ” . He said.

Surprisingly he has a very tiny voice. I almost let out a giggle but cautioned myself and quietly followed him.

We got to the office of the bulky man who wasn’t around. The soldier ordered me to sit. I did. He stood at the door looking ominously at me. I just kept my cool.

The door swung open after what seem like forever. The bulky man walked in with a cigarette in his hand. He was clad in suit. The tummy part of the jacket looked so ridiculously protruded and the trouser was big as usual.

The huge soldier guy saluted and walked out.

” good morning sir” I greeted standing up.

He just waved his hand. I sat watching as he enjoyed his cigarette.

” hope you enjoyed your comfy room? ” he said looking at the stick in between his fingers and dragging another smoke into his lungs.

” thank you sir, it was so very kind of you ” I said humbly.

” are you ready to confess? ” he said looking at the ash tray on the table as he dropped ash from the cigarette in it.

” sir, to god who made me, all I told you is the truth. ” I said in a very pathetic way that I was shocked to know I can be.

” I heard you have started liking corporal Vicky ” he looked at me and smiled.

I wondered who corporal Vicky is.

” who sir? ” I asked very slowly.

” the lady that love balls “. He said grinning.

My heart sunk into my tummy knowing what he is up to.

” please sir, not her, feed me to the dogs instead. ” I said with a knee on the ground.

He let out a loud giggle that shook the room. ” I heard she is in love with you….. Who am I to separate what god has joined together “. He said grinning. ” Sargent Joe! ” he called.

The huge guy came in briskly, saluted and stood at attention.

” take this kind young man to Vicky, she’s in love with him. ” he said, lighting another cigarette.

I knelt down begging, but the huge guy bundled me out with little effort , I was too weak to struggled with him which made it easy for him to drag me out.

Luckily for me Vicky was not available at the moment, so I was made to wait for her lying facing the sun.

” get up of there! ” a very huge voice called.

I hurriedly stood up to see a very smallish soldier in company of three other soldiers . They seem to be senior officers judging from the star on their uniform.

” see as he is enjoying himself” one of them said.

I recognized one of the soldiers. He was my very good friend during my primary school days. But he didn’t recognize me. He was just looking at me as though he knows me from somewhere. I struggled effortlessly to remember his name.

” Stand, put your hands on your back and place just your head on the floor ” he said, bent over to demonstrate it to me. Stood up dust himself and said,” like that”.

I was hungry, thirsty, weak, tired and feverish. I struggled with futile effort to remember his name. If only I could remember his name.


My Madam And I-Episode30

My head ached so bad and my body couldn’t carry my weight anymore which made me fall at every interval. The smallish one booted me severely on my rip each time a fell. Suddenly the familiar guy pleaded for them to pardon me. When i stood up, i couldn’t stand still, I felt woozy and passed out .

I woke up shortly after several water was poured on me. It was indeed hell! I don’t wish it for my worse enemy, at least my balls wasn’t trodden upon, it would have been worse.

The familiar guy acted as though he doesn’t know me, he was casual all the way through save that he had a good heart. I finally felt perhaps he may not be who I thought he was.

Two younger soldiers helped me to my cell. I laid on the cold cemented floor, my head ached as though it was banged on a wall. The fever grew and my temperature rose tremendously. I folded myself shivering in my wet cloth. Suddenly the door opened the bulky man walked in. He came a. closer to me and squatted in front of me.

” are you ready to tell me the truth? ” he said in a very gently tone.

” I didn’t sleep with her sir ” I said .

” I am going to ask them to make you confess if you don’t want to be wise. You know those boys are ruthless? ” he said in a kind tone.

” I swear sir. I swear I haven’t slept with her. ” I said struggling with the fever.

” boys! ” he shouted.

Four young soldiers walked in.

” take this stubborn man and make admit his mother is a LovePeddler “. He commanded.

Two dragged me up and pulled me out, holding me on both hands. They pulled me till we entered a room that reeked of death. It was dark, dirty with table and chairs stained some dark stains I imagined to be dry blood.

They force me on a table lying tummy down. And started tying me up with a solid rope on the four sides of the table. I was so weak to resist so I laid still praying that my death be quick.

Few minutes later I was fasten to the table. My tummy laid on the flat surface, my hands tied on both sides and legs that were downwards were tied to the feet of the woods. They pulled down my trouser as one started tapping my ass and laughing.

” after we finish with you, you won’t be able to sit again in your life. You better confess before we begin.” the youngest said still tapping my ass. He seem to be enjoying what he was doing.

One of the guys brought three kobokos with three layers and showed it to me.

” this is going to go to your back and your buttocks.” he said grinning devilishly.

” and when we are done, we will help redecorate your fingers ” another said.

They all laughed as they started smoking and passing a bottle of dry gin across.

Not before long three started flogging me. One took my buttocks, thighs and the back of my legs. While other two took turns on my back and shoulder. They must have flogged for few minutes or more before I passed out.

I opened my eyes to see I was in the hospital. Sandra standing beside me. As soon as I saw her I made run away, but she resisted pressing me down.

” hey baby, calm down ” she said pushing me to the bed.

” what are you doing here? Please go! go! I don’t want trouble please! ” I tried to scream but my voice was too weak.

” you saved us both sweetie ” she said smiling. ” you stood your ground , am proud of you “.

” please leave before they take me back there. ” I said looking round the room in search of a soldier.

” no one is taking you anywhere anymore. They believe now we are just friends. ” she said smiling. How her smile use to melt me down, but not this time.

” how? Who asked them to free me? ” I asked peering at the door, expecting a soldier to walk in anytime.

” I did. I threaten to leave my husband if he doesn’t allow you go. So he ordered that they let you go since you didn’t yield during the torture “. She said kissing my hands.

I spontaneously pulled my hands away from her.


My Madam And I-Episode31

My mum came to see me the next day, along side my elder brother and Ruth. She was so overwhelmed that she started inspecting every part of my body as if I was a baby. Ruth sat close to my mum on the bed while my brother took a plastic chair opposite me.

Mum told me how she became worried when Ruth came the next day looking for me, they were about going to file for a missing person when someone called in that I was at the hospital.

I was grateful that I was better when they came, I wouldn’t have liked her to see me in the condition I was.

My mum pressed to know what happened, so I told her how I was mistakenly arrested by soldiers on my way home. And how they let me go when they discovered it was a case of mistaken identity.

” You were mistaken for what? ” she asked.

” a guy who slept with a generals wife ” I said watching how Ruth who just sat on the bed beside me silently gave me a questioning look.

” and who is this generals wife? ” she asked folding her hands across her breast.

” I don’t know her o. I have never met her”. I lied.

” why should it be you?! Out of all the low lives out there it’s my son who hardly keeps girlfriends. ” she said, tapping her laps with both hands and burying them inbetween her thighs before saying.

” who was the lady that called? And how did she know about it? ”

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to bring Sandra into it. I never wanted to let Sandra into my family because our unscrupulous relationship. So I had to look for a way not to bring up her topic.

” perhaps one of the soldiers ” I said shrugging.

I took their mind off Sandra’s case with the talk about soldiers drilling. They listened attentively while mum shouted and slap her thighs at intervals in the discussion. Suddenly the door opened and everyone turned towards it. There Sandra stoowith a bag of fruits.

They all gave her a questioning look except my brother who adjusted himself. She gently closed the door, greeted every one, dropped the bag at a table beside me and stood beside me . Ruth and mum fixed their eyes on her, especially Ruth whose countenance fought a rival.

I was so shaken that I didn’t know what to do. Mum’s action was for me to introduce them. Moreover Sandra was looking very elegant and beautiful in a black round neck body hug top upon a green skin tight jean that revealed her beautiful curves and a black pencil hill shoe.

Ruth obviously was intimidated by Sanda’s looks. She kept looking towards Sandra’s direction and tried with futile effort to look away. I guess she recognized her from the last day she dropped me off at work. I was drowning very fast but Sandra seem to be enjoying herself.

” hi everyone, I am Sandra, Mike’s friend. I guess you’re his mummy? Good day ma ” . Sandra said smiling at my mum.

Her voice startled me as I jumped towards her when she started speaking.

” yes I am” mum responded smiling heartily.

” he says only good of you ma ” Sandra said humbly, still smiling.

” he does?” my mum responded blushing.

” i just came to see how he is doing” she said touching my head. ” Mike, hope you’re getting better? ” she asked looking romantically at me.

This must have gotten to Ruth judging from how she responded my gently removing her hand adjusting the pillow under my head .

” he’s fine now, the doctor said he can leave soon. ” Ruth said suppressing her jealousy.

Sandra just smiled, turn to my mum and said.

” mummy, I have to be going now, I have things to do at work ”

” oh my dear. Please do come visiting okay? ” my mum said.

” okay ma.” she said and waved me goodbye before leaving.

Ruth was evidently boiling, especially the way mum welcomed Sandra. Who wouldn’t love her, she is so beautiful and charming even my brother couldn’t stop himself from looking at her behind as she was leaving.

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