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My Madam And I-Episode23,24,25



My Madam And I-Episode23

A week has passed since I last spoke with Amaka still no reply from her. She made me take good care of my phone so as not to miss her call.

I was becoming frustrated, especially as she bared my number and any number I called her with. All ideas in me became dormant save Ruths ridiculous ones.

Candy on the other suddenly started attending church services and changed her name to Grace. This greatly surprised I and Ruth and this latest development refined her overnight. She now speak reasonably and dress decently. I am still trying to understand how situation transforms people overnight.

I have been putting up with Ruth since I arrived. We have been in best of times, more of lovers now than just friends. Her love for me grew frighteningly that I fear what she will do to any girl who crosses my path. I also retrieved my line so I be in contact with friends whom I unscrupulously hid my location from. But family knew where I was.

The threat on my life has been reported to the police since the death of Prince. But caution can not be over emphasized. I long to visit home but the fear of the unknown glued me down.

One hot afternoon, I was bored to death. Candy focused on her bible leaving me to my lonely self. Worse still their was no power, the heat can be compared to an oven. I was without a top, Candy who is now self conscious was clad in a pitch handless top with a wide round neck and three quarter black short.

Suddenly a call came through. I jumped thinking it was Amaka, suddenly it was a strange number. I quickly answered still hopping it was one of Amakas gimmicks.

” hello,”

“hello” a female voice responded. The voice sounded familiar.

” good afternoon. Who’s this please? ” I enquired.

The voice giggled and said ” so you don’t recognize my voice? ”

I placed the voice in a split second. It was Sande’s. My heart sank immediately, the feeling grew back.

” wow! Wow! Wow!” that was all I could say.

She laughed out loud. ” Mike! You haven’t changed ” her voice made me hard immediately.

I quickly remembered Candy was near by, so I went out of the room, ignoring her piercing eyes behind me.

” I miss you so much! ” I said, the moment I was away from the room.

” I miss you too Mike”

” where the hell are you?!” I asked.

” I am around ”

” you mean in town?! ”

” yes in town” .

I almost threw my phone on the floor as I jumped in excitement.

” where are you exactly ” I asked excitedly like a child who has been promised to visit Santa.

” the apartment you know ” she said lightly.

” are you there right now? ” I asked half shouting.

” yes I am. Come over if you can. ”

” am on my way! ” I said as I hungup immediately, ran into the house, fetch my top and was about to leave when Candy called.

” where are you going to? ”

I now remembered she was there. ” em… Something came up. Very urgent! I have to attend to it pronto. ” I said jetting out, ignoring another question from her.

Few minutes later I was standing at Sandra’s door. She opened up and hugged me passionately. I kissed her and made love to her right there.


Few minutes later after a very hot sex, we discovered we didn’t bolt the door while we both laid on the floor completely unclad.

During our catching up I told Sandra about all that I have been going through, leaving nothing out. She listened silently as I talked. When I was done, she said:

” and this Amaka lady thinks she can get away because she got money? ”

I just shrugged and said nothing. And she continued.

” don’t worry sweetie, I will take it up from here. ”

I looked at her in surprise. ” please baby. I don’t want you to get involved”

” don’t worry sweetie I am already involved ” she said smiling.

” no no no I don’t want you to get hurt” I pleaded.

” boy..you don’t know anything” she said smiling.

She leaned closer to me from my chest, kissed me and said. ” I won’t show my face, someone will do a clean job for me. So don’t worry yourself. Just come and do to me what you know how to do best” she said as she continued kissing me.

Sandra dropped me off at my place. I kissed her as I came down. My immediate elder brother was standing at the gate as Sandra drove off.

” guy! Who’s that damsel! He screamed.

” she’s a friend ” I answered casually, walking pass him into the compound.

” just a friend and you are kissing her? ” he said working behind me.

I ignored him, went straight to my mom’s shop that is attached to our building. But I took the compound to avoid preying eyes.

” Ha! Mike! What are you doing here?! ” she asked startled.

” I came to see my mother” I said sitting on a bench in the shop.

My mom scolded me for coming and especially for leaving the village then eventually we discussed other things of importance.

I finished with my mom towards evening hours. My brother saw me off to the gate, we stood there discussing when a guy came to ask for an adress. I was about pointing the direction of the place to him when suddenly he brought out a gun. My brother who was half inside the compound ran inside shutting the gate on me.

I heard him shouting ” thief! Thief! ” I wasnt given the opportunity to think of anything when suddenly an Audi car swung in front of me. Two heavily built guys jumped out of the moving vehicle and dragged me in before I could scream or drag with them. I was barely in before the car zoomed off . All these happened with seven seconds.


My Madam And I-Episode24

In the car their were three guys and a driver . Two shared the back sit with me while I stayed humbly in the middle. And one sat in the front ( the guy who first approached me). The car drove madly out of our street. And when we got far away from where I was adopted, they minimized the recklessness.

I sat thinking of what to do, how I was going to get away from this mess. suddenly impulsively I jumped on the drivers neck with one hand and covered his eyes with the other simultaneously . Due to the high speed of the car on the highway, he swerved off the road ran into a slab, the somersaulted several times and landed in a bush.

When the car stopped, I noticed that I was still alive, but was compressed with bodies. I struggled with all my strength to push myself out. The door seemed jamed. So the only leg that was loose I used to hit the door several times, yet it refused to give way. The bodies were now making me uncomfortable. Suddenly, one of the guys lying on me started moving. I pushed him aside and went for the window.

I slide through and pushed myself out. On my way out i noticed that the driver was dead with his eyes open bleeding profusely from his nose and from a deep cut on his head. The guy in the front started moving when I was out.

I wiped off a wet substance on my face thinking it was sweat, to my surprise it was blood. It kept flowing dripping on my shirt. My leg hurt so bad I struggled to stand erect.

The guy in the front struggled out, he was bleeding from his leg, it looked really damaged. His milk trouser was badly soaked in blood.

Gradually cars started stopping to see what’s going on. I immediately ran to the driver of a car that swung over. A bulky man and a young lady came down from the black Mazda car.” help me, they’re kidnappers. They have a gun.” I said limping towards them.

The man moved backwards away from me. The lady ran into the car calling the man to join her. Two other guys approached me.

” you said they are kidnappers? ” one of them asked.

“yes, they kidnapped me and was driving before the accident. ” I said.

The guy in front was already out, calling for help.

” check the car there’s a gun with the guys at the back ” I said.

” I am not with them” the guy in the front said frowning in agony from pain. ” I am not part of them”.

Police came, called ambulance. While we were waiting for the ambulance I was interviewed and the other guys were dragged out. The driver was already dead and the guys with me one would barely speak , the other was unconscious. The gun was recovered as well confirming my my statement .

The ambulance came and we were rushed to the hospital. The case was investigated and it was discovered that they were gang members of the guy I fought with (the one I killed in an uncomplicated building. The same guy who fought with me at Amakas mall).


My Madam And I-Episode25

I was discharged from the hospital, the following day. Ruth followed me home helping all the way. She was with me serving my every need. Mom took a liking to her. They both laughed as they chat the whole evening. She slept in my moms room. And came to my room to inform me she was going to work early the next day.

I had just a fracture on my leg and a cut on my head which was professionally handled. I was all alone and decided to fix noddles for breakfast when Sandra called that she was around. I asked her in.

She brought provisions. Took over the cooking and helped with water to to bathe. We had a beautiful day together until she left later in the evening.

Ruth kept passing the night at my place after then, and mom got usually used to her. She took good care of me during the night and Sandra took off where she left during the day .

I considered myself a very lucky guy, having two beautiful girls tending to me. Mom never met Sandra throughout her visit which made it safe for me to avoid her nags.

Few days later I was okay to walk around, so I followed Sandra home. I just finished having a romantic sex with her when

Candy who has been on my neck to follow her for a church program which has been on, called to remind me of the last day which was that very day.

” hello Mike “.

” yes Candy? ” I said.

Sandra was resting her head on my chest, on hearing a name such as ‘candy’ raised her head, looked at me then laid back.

” it’s starting by four o, please endeavor to come. ” candy said.

” I will try, ” I said nonchalantly and hung up.

” who’s Candy ” Sandra who couldn’t wait for me to end the call asked.

” Ruth’s sister” . I said stroking her hair .

” what does she want? ”

” she is inviting me for a church program by four ”

” church program? ” she said.

” yeah, exactly. I will try to attend. ” I said.

I left Sandra’s place around 5pm and went straight to the church. It was a very crowded place. I called candy just to tell her that the place is full and I can’t stay out side. My excuse to leave. But she ran outside and took me to the front where she kept a seat for me. I sat grumbling, regretting why I came.

The choir were singing and the place was in a frenzy as people danced with reckless abandon. Few minutes after that, a man of God came, preached and prophesied. People echoed ‘Amen!’ to every prophecy.

The prayer section followed after the preaching. I just followed the prayer instructions when suddenly I found myself at the floor of the alter along side others who some were rolling , while others lying still. I woke up immediately wondering how I got there.

” how do you feel now ” the preacher asked me.

A man pointed the microphone on my mouth. But I looked at him, and to the preacher wondering what he meant.

” how do you feel now? ” he asked again.

” I feel light ” I said.

” so you have been bedding your boss? ” he asked again.

I looked at him in shocked. How could he know about it? Has candy been discussing me with her pastor? Such were the thoughts on my head.

” she has a familiar spirit that destroys anyone who beds her. You have been encountering problems since that day right? ” . He asked but didn’t wait for my reply as he continued. “You would have been dead if not for grace that saved you ” the preacher said.

I wondered how he got to know about it. As soon as he started praying for me again I saw myself on the floor.

I got home with Candy who told me how I manifested and confessed everything I had with Amaka . How I jumped up and down shouting. I really wondered how much of a display I put up and I was grateful for not mentioning Sandra, or is candy hiding that part from our discussion? If Candy knows about Sandra Ruth will skin me alive, even my mom will be very much disappointed in me.

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