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My Madam And I-Episode20




My Madam And I-Episode20

At the park, I got my ticket, sat at the back sit close to the window at the extreme end waiting for the bus to get filled up. So a beautiful young lady joined in sitting beside me.

” hello handsome ” she greeted. Smiling seductively at me.

I returned her greeting with a shy nod.

” this park delays a lot, I need to be somewhere as soon as possible! ” she said in a troubled tone.

I looked at her and shrugged.

” my name is Lilly” she extended a handshake towards me smiling.

” I am Mike ” I replied.

” I love making friends with handsome guys, you are going to make my journey less boring “. She said, leaning on me.

I wondered where’s this all going to end up. But she was so beautiful and smart looking , clad in a pink handles chiffon top and an official skirt, a very simple makeup upon a neatly packed braid. These attributes made her look corporate, decent and attractive.

She talked about anything, and everything around the park. I joined in the discussion not long. We we both laughed once in a while heartily. She is a good talker and a humorous one too.

Passengers where beginning to gather. Within a short while the bus was almost full save for two passengers. Manifest was given to us to write our names. Then suddenly a call came through her phone.

” uncle, good morning…. Yes… Oh!…. Am still at the park… OK sir. ” she hungup and immediately started leaving . ” sweetie I gat to run” she said as she hugged and came down the bus without waiting for me to say a word.

The bus got moving, my mind busy thinking of her. She got my attention with her beauty, gentleness and humorous character. Suddenly our bus stopped at a check point. Hawkers approached us, I wanted to get a bottled water and dry meat so I dipped my hand in my pocket to fetch my wallet, it was gone. I searched every inch of my property it wasn’t there. I then noticed that my Android phone beside my backpack was also gone too. I had them a while ago. So I raised an alarm.

” driver! Stop this bus! ” I yelled. ” stop it right now !”

Every one turned to me wondering what was happening. The person sitting close to me was an elderly woman and beside her was an average working class looking man. Definitely not them, put precaution measures must be taken.

” what is the problem ?” the driver shouted from the front.

” I have been robbed! I have been robbed!! ” I yelled louder.

The police men on duty heard me and pulled us over. They searched every one and everything in the bus nothing was found. So they ask me to retrace the last time I saw my valuables.

” right here with me! ” I said with all certainty. ” I replied a message with the phone when a young lady was with me, then I put it at a pocket beside my backpack here” I said pointing at the side of my backpack .

” and where’s the young girl? ” a police man asked.

” she alighted before we moved” . I said. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it could be her who took my stuff.

” the young lady took your things na, was she not the only person that came down from this bus?! ” the driver asked angrily.

Other passengers joined in, some where calling me names for wasting their time, while the raged driver wouldn’t refrain from throwing the abusive words at me. Others consoled me and advised that I be wary of women, not knowing what brought me here is because of one.

In the bus passengers accounted their experiences or someone else’s, or an article or news they read of similar event one after the other, until we got to our destination.

I was stranded and too shy to beg. But as soon as we got to the park I shouted.

” please ! I need assistance. Am stranded I don’t have a penny to continue to my destination. ”

To my greatest surprise, they started accusing me of pretentious act to extort them “that’s how they use to do !”. A lady shouted. ” criminals! ” . Another passenger, a man said. ” and they will look all gentle and decent, they are wolves in sheep clothing “. others said their own bit while some just kept quiet . The driver didn’t waste time to drag me out of the bus, and asked me to leave else they’ll burn me alive.

I felt greatly trodden upon . My shoulders droopy same as my pathetic looking face. Then the elderly woman beside me called me and asked me to tell her the truth. I swore with everything I held dear. Then she asked how much will take me home. I told her. She dipped her hand in her hand bag ,gave me the money and said.

“It is between you and God”.

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