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My Madam And I-Episode16




My Madam And I-Episode16

My whole body ached the next day. I slept till 10 am the following day. ” what was that drug she gave me?” I wondered.

Suddenly I discovered that my phone was missing. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. I sat down, trying to retrace my steps. Perhaps I left it in the cab? Or did it drop on the way? I was still in my confusion when I heard a knock on the door. It was Prince my childhood friend.

” man! ” he said as we shook hands.

” what’s up? ” I said.

” am good o. I saw your kid brother who told me you have been around, I tried calling but you weren’t picking ” he said helping himself comfortably with the couch in the sitting room.

“I have been looking for my phone o. ”

He looked at me in shock ” how do you mean you are looking for your phone? ”

” yes, I can’t find it” I said.

” since when? ”

” since this morning ” , I said trying to hide my feelings.

” am sorry dude, next time be careful”. He said casually. “So what happened at your working place, I heard you were booted out by your evil madam ” changing the topic.

I narrated all that happened between me and my Madam to him and how Ruth set me up with her that led to my dismissal and how I plan to get back at her.

He listened silently, nodding his head as his mannerism when thinking deep. When I was done talking, he just looked at me and said.

” Ruth is a smart girl. But you’re a fool ” he said adjusting himself .

I looked startled at his statement and showed my discontent in my annoyance.

” what do you mean am a fool? Please I don’t welcome such jokes please ” I raged waving my hands at him.

” you should have asked me why I said you are a fool before rejecting my word of wisdom you this urchin ” he said consciously .

I looked angrily at him and said. ” what do you have to say block head like you? You know no one is wise in your entire kindred ” I said, trying to get back at him.

” oh yes I don’t doubt you, at least the dumbest from my kindred is wiser than the wisest from yours ” he said giving a loudprovoking laughter. One thing I hate about this guy, his mouth.

” say what you want to say and stop talking silly” I backed.

” OK o. Now listen to my silly talk and let it enlighten you. ” he smiled and continued. ” don’t you know you ought to save guard your job first? I have warned you about being a bleep boy, now it’s now clouding your masculine reasoning that a mare woman should tell you what to do” he frowned as he said, “I pity your generation!”

I looked absolutely angered and said ” your generation! ” pointing at him. He just smiled and continued.

“now, your stupidity can not be reversed so therefore let’s sought for a solution. ” he paused for awhile adjusted himself then continued. “you are going to go on with the threat ” he said, frowned and looked at my shocked face.

” you mean black mail?” I asked

” no! God forbid that I will advise my friend to condescend to blackmail. Am talking of money yielding threats ” he smiled at the sound of it.

” that’s blackmail silly! ” I stormed.

” I didn’t call it that, you did” he shrugged. Then continued ” now listen, you will have to compose the message like this: madam, since you decided to blank me out of my right to claim my child, and putting me off job after using me…” he looked at me and giggled. I returned a stern look, then he continued “… I will have to tell the world of our love affair ” he said and laughed boisterously then continued ” this is going to scare the poo out of her. Ruth is a devil! ” he said still laughing.

I stood up walked to the dinning ,wondering what kind of people am surrounded with, not a reasonable soul. He stood up and followed me, ranting about how interesting the plan is, how it’s going to make me rich overnight.

” haven’t you thought of the repercussions? She may hunt me down !” I screamed.

” yes, that’s why you will report it to the police first before taking any action. ” he said calmly as though my raised voice ment nothing.

” police? The ones that do her bidding or which other police are you talking about? ” I asked looking puzzled.

” haven’t thought of that ” he said putting a hand on his jaw, sat on one of the dinning chairs thinking.

” you see? You guys want to destroy me” I said tapping a hand on the table.

” relax! Stop being too paranoid, we will think of something!” he said, still touching his jaw.

The following day, mum called me from the sitting room that someone is looking for me. I came out, to see Ruth. She must have decided to drop in just to say hi I thought.

” hey Ruth, what’s up” I said wondering what prompted her visit.

She brought out my phone from her bag, and ATM card.


“This is a souvenir of your visit to my place ” she said, smiling and handing them to me. ” you came to see candy right?” she asked casually, still smiling.

I didn’t know what to answer ,so I just shrugged .

” it’s OK, you can have her if you like her, but candy is no keeper. See you am off to work! ” she said immediately and zoomed off before I could reply.

I felt bad cause I knew Ruth likes me. Though she rarely show her emotion but I knew she was hurting cause of me. I promised myself to call her later, but I had not the guts to.

I took my phone after a lot of persuasion from Prince ,and sent my madam the text. And waited patiently for her response. But nothing happened. We waited all afternoon still no reply. It was getting dark and nothing yet.

” resend it, perhaps she didn’t get the first one ” prince said in frustration.

I resent it, still she didn’t reply. It was now 8pm. Prince took his leave and asked that I should let him know as soon as she replied.

The next day still no reply, so I decided to call Ruth who didn’t pick up my calls. I felt so confused and childish at this moment. I felt all my plans was fast going down the drain she was never going to reply.

Suddenly Prince came in. Nobody was home, and no one will be home till later in the evening so we took the leverage till brainstormed upon the weed Prince brought . We needed to think of the box hence the weed. And eventually came to a conclusion that I confront her with the threat.

So I set out, high like never before . I walked into the mall boldly and confidently. Ruth saw me and quickly called me to a side.

” what are you up to? “she asked whispering.

” my pound of flesh ” I replied pushing her aside.

” don’t be silly, you can’t just walk in requesting for your pond of flesh” she said trying with great effort to constrain me.

” Ruth you better let go of my fine shirt, you are messing it up for me ” I said looking at her grip on my white sleeve shirt.

Just as we were arguing Madam walked in, she hardly took notice of us and went straight to her office. I shook Ruth off me and ran after her.

She was about to open the door to her office when I accost her, turned her around towards me aggressively that she almost tripped. She looked up at me in horror, perhaps she thought I have come to hurt her.

” what… What do you want?! ” she said trying with futile effort to shade her fear.

” Today! if you fail to tell me the truth about this baby” pointing at her tummy “am going to do something crazy here !!” I said still gripping her cloth from the shoulder.

Suddenly I felt what I was doing was wrong , I felt stupid. what evidence do I have to lay claim to the pregnancy. But I have already started, I have to see it to the end.

” You are not talking abi ” I said opening my eyes wide, trying to scare her the more.

Before long two security men rushed and dragged me off her. I struggled with them, hit one squarely on his nose with my forehead and gave the other one an elbow on his mouth. They both left me.

By now madam has ran into her office shut the door. I couldn’t control myself anymore. So I took a chair hit it on the glass wall of her office, it didn’t give way just a crack. Then gave another one, yet it didn’t give way, was about to exert the third when the security men bounced on me again, one of them used a teaser on me and I felt as though all my vains were being dragged off from electrocution . I couldn’t move a muscle. I laid on the floor shaking. I thought I was going to die I don’t wish that for my enemy.

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