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My Madam And I-Episode12




My Madam And I-Episode12

I was beaten to pulp emotionally that my demeanor was sluggish. I barely spoke politely to customers and colleagues. It was my will moving, my real self was somewhere crying its guts out.

Ruth was observant and of the know about the reason for my present state. She invariably checked on me but seldom showed any concern for my heartbreak, even though she felt my pain and wanted to help me with my cross, she only showed a nonchalant attitude but her frequent pops up sold her out.

I felt like a big poo. Nothing meant anything to me, I just managed to get by. Ruth forced me to accompany her home at the close of work, I hesitated initially, but after her constant preying I gave in.

We got home to meet a young beautiful dark girl sitting on the bed watching a movie. She was clad in a yellow very mini skirt. And a spaghetti top revealing her very firm but small boobs and nipples shooting from it.

I felt blood goshing fast into my g---n. I quickly took my mind off her to something displaying on the TV.

” hey sweetheart ” she screamed as she rose on seeing us. As she smiled her beautiful gap teeth melted my heart, I almost forgot about Sandra in a jiffy. ” who’s this fine bobo with you?! ” she asked looking flirtseriously at me.

” stop that Candy! He’s no one of your meals ” Ruth said jokingly as she pushed pass Candy dragging me in. ” this is Mike. He’s my very a good friend of mine. Mike this is my sister Candy.” she said introducing us.

I felt my life restored into me just meeting Candy, as she’s called. She is one hell of a stunning damsel, although not tall, and slim, but she is an aphrodisiac, so appetizing. Well fitted and curvaceous.

“Nice meeting you” I said looking casually innocent, not revealing my ample admiration for her.

” the pleasure is all mine! ” she said as she jumped on the bed, still looking at me.

” Candy! ” Ruth called her attention from me. ” will you remove your claws from him?”. She said laughing.

” am just checking a fine meat out, Ruth! You self !” she said as she smiled and resumed her movie.

I sat down beside the bed, facing Candy. All the while my gaze fixed on candy fantasizing how lovely it would be to bleep her. As I thought of it my bleeping rod threatened to embarrass me. So I diverted my attention elsewhere, while stealing a glance at every chance I got.

Ruth on the other hand was busy fixing dinner for me. Suddenly Candy decided to engage me in a discussion. Surprisingly she was as good as Ruth in keeping a gist lively but her sexual aura made it more interesting. She intruded severally, let out her privacy and slightly flirted which obviously is her trademark. But she was an interesting talker.

I got to know that she was not in a relationship, that she sleeps with any guy she likes, that she doesn’t like guys with small bleeping rob, hence the reason for her last breakup. She whispered anytime she wants to talk dirty and giggled out loud to call Ruth’s attention from the kitchen who tried with futile effort to know what we were up to.

Ruth came in with the food and we all ate and chat generally about the movie on display. Afterwards Ruth went to take her bath leaving I and Candy alone in the room.

“Have you bleeped her before? ” Candy said gesturing towards the bathroom with her mouth.

” Ruth? No oo! She’s just my colleague. ” I said.

She burst out in a loud laugh. ” co! What did I hear you say? You are funny sha this Mike. ” she said.

I looked at her wondering if Ruth has this side in her too. Suddenly Ruth walked in, clad in just white towel .

” what are you two gossiping? ” she asked as she made her way to the wardrobe . ” who has your time this one self? ” Candy shot at her.

” Oga go and take your bath “. Ruth said from the wardrobe. I stood up slowly, took off my sleeve shirt and went in with my singlet and trousers on.

Candy was asked to share the other room with a neighbour of theirs but she declined, saying that she has a quarrel with the person. So she slept with us.

At night, I felt someone touching my laps from my deep sleep I woke up, noticed that Ruth was fast asleep backing me. Obviously it was candy who voluntarily slept on the floor to give I and Ruth privacy which was not needed.

She stretched her hands upwards to my rod. I tried to stop her, but just rested my hands on hers without any resistance. She moved her hands on my bleeping rod, feeling it to and fro it’s length.

As soon as it was very hard, which took no time. She began losing my zip to bring it out. I wanted to resist but stopped. She brought the full length out, moved her self close to me, put it in her mouth and started s-----g. We were careful not to wake Ruth.

After s-----g for awhile, she moved upwards to my face and kissed me passionately, the noise from the fan in the room concealed the sound of our kissing . Then i moved my head downwards to be able to kiss her to her neck down to her nipples, she just held my head receiving it passionately.

Then she pulled me down a little from the foam, spread her legs across my face and pulled my head down on her honey pot. I s----d as though my life depended on it. Deeping my tongue into any hole there is. She tried so hard to refrain from mourning out. Suddenly Ruth turned. We paused waiting to see if she was awake or still asleep. Then suddenly she started breathing steadily again. I had to go back to my previous position because Ruth was facing me now, she could wake anytime soon and it won’t be nice to be caught with her sister.

So I adjusted. Then suddenly Ruth placed her hands on me. I thought she was still asleep, until she moved and rested her head on my chest. I pretended to be deep in my dream land.

She started touching my face. I then pretentiously wokeup. She didn’t say anything just continued touching my face, I tookept quiet but held her close to me. She suddenly moved to my lips and kissed me, I responded abruptly. We locked lips for some time and then she stopped. Looked at her sisters direction to be certain she was fast asleep. When convinced she continued kissing me.

Candy who was fully awake watching the whole smooching suddenly stood up. Ruth hurriedly moved away from me. Candy went to the bathroom, came back, switch on the TV and started watching a movie.

” this girl is a witch ” Ruth mutterd.

” and you are their mother ” Candy replied. Continued her movie.

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